EW Spoileroom

From the promo it looks like Chuck & Blair will kiss next week on Gossip Girl. I’m so excited. Details please. — @wrightst3
Fact: It happens at Sleep No More. Fact: It’s probably not what you’re thinking. (But the Canadian promo is pretty helpful.) Fact: There’s a scheme involved… possibly multiple schemes. And there’s an accomplice involved. Opinion: No one kisses like these two.

Sandra! We Gossip Girl fans, can always count on you for some good spoilers! Let’s not break the tradition! Anything CHAIR? — @nina_lux
Next week, you’ll understand just how well Chuck’s therapy has been working. And yes, the answer has to do with Blair.

source: insidetv.ew.com


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52 thoughts on “EW Spoileroom

  1. El says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I really did like spoilers. They just get you more confused!

    I am just concerned about the “just how well Chuck’s therapy has been working” part, because it could mean two things IMO:
    1) it has not worked, and he decides he wants Blair after all
    or 2) it has worked, and he gives up Blair for good

    I am leaning towards #2, because Chuck told Nate that he set Blair ‘free’. However, I am curious about the “schemes”. Maybe Blair had a scheme of her own, and the person watching is Louis (maybe to see his reaction).

    I’ve been reading comments online, and people think that the masked person is either Dan, Louis, Diana, Dorota, or Nate. Wow, we sure have this figured out lol.

    Ah, screw the spoilers. I’d rather just wait two more days! 😛

    • El says:

      Oops, don’t like* spoilers… yet they keep you speculating! haha Funny how it works.

    • Laura says:

      I know what you mean, theres just such a mix of spoilers and none of them are adding up. I just seriously have no idea whats going to happen, so ive decided to just sit back and watch/pray lol

      I think its the second one aswell, thats what i thought when i read it anyway. Plus i think you can cross dan off, as hes not there at all from the episode synopsis. Plus the spoiler from that site said Dan would be at home hiding in embarrasment.
      I think theres only two people who would keep it quiet (atleast for a little while) and thats Dorota or Nate. Plus Blair at the end of the last episode told Louis to gtfo (thank god).

      Btw is it just me or after every episode this season at some point Blairs been miserable because of Louis? and all the scenes with Chuck shes either happy or having a moment of regret/realising it?

      • El says:

        I forgot about the Louis part, but I’m not sure how they’ll factor in the time. Perhaps the days have gone by, and Louis returns. Hopefully not though!!

        I was thinking about it, and I have realized that I dislike Louis more than Vanessa, Dan, and Jenny COMBINED.
        Yes, it’s that bad. I literally have to keep my eyes open in order to watch his scenes.

    • maddtown says:

      I’m confused about everything, including how I feel about this. On the one hand, we finally have CB scenes and they look like they’re still SO in love it makes me giddy, but on the other hand, these spoilers make it seem like the CB scenes are of the season two/Nair crapfest variety. “I love her, but I can’t make her happy, so I’m setting her free” mumbo jumbo 2.0 (well, that scene was actually good, but the stuff before it was pretty annoying). When will our adorable, sexy as hell boy learn that there is no setting each other free? They’re inevitable.

      Speaking of Nair, El i responded to your question about B&N under Leighton’s set pics from the 9th. 🙂

      • El says:

        Lol at mumbo jumbo. Yeah, I agree, but like you mentioned, the scenes are always so good. These scenes always have the perfect music, perfect dialogues (well perfectly crafted even if we dislike the outcome), and Ed and Leighton always have the perfect facial expressions. All of the “goodbye” scenes have been on the top of my faves list.

        By the way, thanks so much for explaining Nair’s history, but I was never convinced of their relationship at all. Also, their relationship in season 2 was pretty unconvincing.

        However, nothing can top the “royal wedding” and Dan making the best-seller’s book. These have been the most over-the-top plots in a long time!

  2. teeting says:

    For the scheming, it all depends who is doing it. Is it Chair scheming against someone, some scheming against them, or B scheming against C or vice-versa. It’s a mess of confusion to me!

    As for therapy, I think I’ll feel better once Chuck knows who’s the baby-daddy. Whatever he would be feeling before that will surely change, strengthen or destroy those feelings or lack of them. Gah. I think I should just wait and see, my head hurts!

    • El says:

      Seeing how the last episode ended, I would find it hard to believe that it would be Chair scheming. I’m still leaning towards the fact that Blair might be the one who’s “testing” Louis in some way, but we never know with this show! 😛

  3. lw says:

    i would say it means that chuck’s therapy is going well. we are at the turning point in the series and it only makes sense for him to be growing up and overcoming his demons.

  4. Nichole says:

    I just watched the Canadian promo and not knowing what any of the spoilers have said, I think Blair and Chuck are scheming for a dual purpose. The first being to get Diana. There was some interaction with Chuck last week that didn’t set with me. Diana is up to no good and I think Chuck may know who she really is. The slap is all part of the scheme just like when Lily slapped Chuck to fool that former business partner of Bart’s last season. The second purpose could be in order to find out just what Louis is up to and why he bribed Chuck’s therapist. I came to the second purpose because of the part in the promo in which Chuck is talking to “someone” saying, “He did it to set Blair free,” and I really think that “someone” is Louis. Chuck and Blair really are the King and Queen of schemes on the Upper East Side and it wouldn’t surprise me that they are in cohoots on a dual scheme to take down multiple people. LOL

    This show is really not that complicated, but for some reason it confounds me and makes me crazy. Who knew? LOL

  5. CC says:

    I don’t think i am right but the ” I had to kiss her to set her free”, could that be part of their dress up game? Nate said something about the phantom of the opera….. I don’t know, its very unlikely:(

    • maddtown says:

      I see what you’re suggesting, but I think Nate’s reference to Phantom of the Opera just refers to the fact that CB were wearing masks and attending the theatre when they kissed.

  6. teeting says:

    El –
    That animation is F’ING THE BEST!!! Nice find, BYEEEE! lol

  7. teeting says:

    check out this one, funny. And I probably shouldn’t but LOL it’s funny and SO true

  8. maddtown says:

    Whatever the scheme is, I wish it wasn’t one. I was really happy about Blair wanting to kiss Chuck for no other reason than because he’s the love of her life and she can only deny it so much before she feels the pull again.

  9. By the way B provoke C on the promo (do u remember when we played dress up?) i think she wants to see if he has actually grow up enough to resist but C will take it as a sign that she hasn’t let him go yet that’s why he kiss her and says ” i kissed her to set her free”. Blair will take it as a sign that he is still immature,will break our hearts(again..i think i don’t have tears left) but at the end of all we all know that if these kiss each other there is no way back,they will start thinking the whole C/B/L situation and start having feelings again for each other soooo don’t worry 🙂 🙂
    (•̪●)==ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ Louis

    • Je t'adore says:

      I agree. We saw in the last ep that aired that she wanted more from him. I think she wants to know if he still loves her, so she indeed provoke him or that is what I got from the promo. And that means she stills has feelings for him.

    • love & charriage says:

      Thank you for the reassurance Christiana! I am completely baffled as to what these next few episodes will hold, but at the end of the day Chair will be reunited, so everything else is irrelevant 🙂

    • El says:

      Yay! I see that he’s entering the church too.

      Someone wondered why it’s in NYC and not in Monaco (since the “royal wedding” is supposed to be there). I wonder how Monaco looks like, but of course this show isn’t going to go there lol.

      • El says:

        They did go to Paris though, which was awesome, and Monaco isn’t that far away! However, due to budget issues, I would doubt it.

    • Jasmine says:

      Nice video! Thanks 🙂
      But I don’t think it’s Chuck and Blairs Wedding because our stylish Chuck woould never go to his own wedding without a bow tie. His suit looks as if he came from a office meeting. But that of course doesn’t have to mean anything. They wouldn’t spoil the surprise and let him walk outside in a groom’s outfit with a peony at his chest. They easily could have let him get changed into his groom outfit inside the church with nobody watching for filming the scenes. We stll have to wait and see what that’s all about. If it is Blair’s and Louis’ wedding(in New York?) or perhaps the babys christening for later episodes or whatever…

  10. Jasmine says:

    Can´t wait till monday…. 🙂 sigh (h)

  11. El says:

    So I like to stalk C&B tumblr pages, as you can tell lol…

    I love how this almost has 44, 000 notes!
    I think that it’s the most number of notes for any C&B post that I’ve seen.
    I also think that they will use that line to get them together for good, since it was such a sincere moment.

    On a side note, I miss these days:
    http://gggifss.tumblr.com/post/8724910904 (Dan)

  12. El says:

    Oh, and I forgot to share the hilarious comments left under the apology video-5×06:

    “Seriously Blair, do you want your fairytale to be like KimKardashian’s? 72 hours?”
    “Louis and Dan disliked this!”
    “Honestly, the show is being unnecessarily dragged. There is no point of paying Hugo Becker when Louis has no place in Gossip Girl.”


  13. El says:

    (Apology video that I was referring to is uploaded by Merderp23 on YouTube)

    By the way, did you know that if you type Chuck Blair on the YouTube search bar, the most popular clips as of now are 5×06, 4×22, and then 5×03.

    • maddtown says:

      Ah, yes. I can confess to contributing to atleast 1/3 of the views on all of those videos. J/k, but I like to watch and then rewatch them whenever the mood strikes me (aka often). The apology scene is so epic it’s not even funny. How can anyone not love these two?

  14. maddtown says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking that we/someone/me? should do a song analysis for the song playing in the background of the apology scene.

    They didn’t choose this segment of that song just for the sake of it if you ask me…

    “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you
    Everything I do
    I tell you all the time
    Heaven is a place on earth with you
    Tell me all the things you want to do
    I heard that you like the bad girls
    Honey, is that true?
    It’s better than I ever even knew
    They say that the world was built for two
    Only worth living if somebody is loving you
    Baby now you do”

    What strikes me most is that Chuck’s therapy storyline is what leads to him apologizing to Blair and in the background we keep hearing, “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you.” If you ask me, this is pretty telling that Chuck’s journey towards individuation/emotional health is for the sake of his future with Blair. If they wanted to give Chuck and Blair closure, as some delusional fans claim, they wouldn’t have put that song in the background imo. They would have chosen some sad song about how love is tough and sometimes it doesn’t work out, not one that basically tells us that Chuck (I consider the song as being sung from his perspective in this scene, although it can be argued that it represents them both) pretty much lives for Blair and her happiness. “It’s all for you, Everything I do.” Season 5 Chuck is a lot like season 2 Chuck in that sense. He never really saw himself as worthy of Blair and he loves her too much to drag her down with him, so he continually sets her free with the hopes that she’ll settle into some perfect kind of life where all of her dreams come true. He’s got a fairy godmother complex when it comes to Blair, I suppose. He’s letting Blair go for her sake, but it wasn’t what she wanted in Season 2 and it’s not what she wants now. That much was and still is clear.

    I think the continued therapy storyline is going to be really amazing for Chair. I’m most excited for that arc right now I think. More so than the who’s the daddy or wedding ones.

    • El says:

      Interesting analysis! I have loved every song that they have chosen for all of their scenes. I wish those who chose the songs could write for the show. That would be great lol.

      I am actually more interested for the wedding. I am looking forward to Georgina’s role, as well as how Chuck plays a role in all of this too.

  15. Kath says:

    Hiii everybody! I just wanna say that I’m new here and I totally love this site! Glad to see someone loves Chair as much as I do.

    I read all those spoilers and you know what.. call me crazy but I have my own theory about Chair’s future. What if Blairs loses her baby before wedding? She miscarries a few weeks before this big event. Everybody wants to comfort her but she pretends that she don’t care and focuses all her attention to make her dream about perfect royal wedding come true. Serena organizes her hen night (idk if it’s right name of this party?), Blair gets drunk and smokes a lot and she ends at police station. After Luis arrives he tells her that he was worred about her and he loves her but Blair (still drunk) tells him that he shouldn’t be worry about her or baby b/c the baby was Chucks anyways. Then Beatrice finds out that Chuck was the father of Blair’s baby and the wedding has to be canceled. Then it’s time jump and the wedding which is filmed right now is not the royal event, it is CHUCK and BLAIR wedding.
    We have to consider that Leighton has longer hair and we don’t have Chuck’s photos (or I didn’t see them I know only about video). I know that Hugo is on set but he has to be there just like Chce had to be on set when they filmed last episode of season 2. And why the hell royal wedding would take place in NYC?

    Sorry for my english. I’m from Poland:) xoxo

    • maddtown says:

      Apology not necessary. Your English is great. Welcome by the way!! You’ve come to the right place. Nothing but Chair love here.

      I like the way you think and I’ll say it again: If this turns out to be a Chair wedding, I will straight up pass out in front of my computer from shock/happiness and Gossip Girl will have FULLY redeemed itself for the last two mediocre seasons.

      Honestly, if they take the baby from us (and it’s possible they will) they had BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEERR give us something else to squee about!

  16. Monika says:

    another person from Polan is here (:
    I’m from Poland too (:

  17. Kath says:

    Thank you maddtown 🙂 yeah I agree! I don’t want Blair to miscary but if they have to do this to us we have the right to expect something amazing like wedding instead.

    Ooo jak miło że jest tu ktoś z Polski oprócz mnie 🙂 Chuck i Blair mają zdecydowanie najlepszych fanów, również u nas w kraju 🙂

  18. Monika says:

    Kath mi tez jest miło, że spotkałam kogoś z Polski:) pozdrowienia:)

  19. Jasmine says:

    I find it also a bit strange that you never get to see Blair alone in her bedroom in front of her mirror touching her baby belly with love. She acts as if she isn´t pregnant at all, totally heartless. But she is such a passionate person with great love inside (we know that for sure) so it doesn´t suit her at all. The writers just leave out those scenes completely. What a shame. And of course she would feel the baby bouncing and kicking inside her already. Therefore I find it sad that there aren´t any scenes like this, but perhaps the writers think (if they are really thinking in the first place 😦 ) that this is better (for us viewers) when there are no baby-mommy-love scenes if she really miscarries, because we haven´t really seen any baby action what so ever yet and therefore haven´t got emotionally connected with the baby and blair as a mother. Either it´s the writer´s plan or the whole story is very superficial and too simplistic concerning the showing of the feelings of the characters. If it really is Chucks Baby and we know she loves him deeply, well why doesn´t she show her love for their baby even more? And even if it´s Louis´Baby and even if she doesn´t love him at all then she wouldn´t be so heartless not to love her baby inside, that would be horrible.What a person would she be? Those writers leave those scenes out and just write around the surface of those meanwhile shallow characters and I just think that the GG writer´s team is doing a really bad job. I get so angry with them while thinking about that. It was much better in the last seasons, (I loved season 1 and 2, they were just brilliant) also the connection between serena and blair was existent (now not all all), at least they would tell each other (and the viewer) their feeling a bit more. All characters had a personality and there where really good dialogues and the actors did a super job (especially blair) with acing mimic faces. I don´t know how far Blair is along now, but when it happens within the next few episodes/weeks I would find that really tragic, because the baby could survive now already outside her belly. At least some 23 weeks pregnancy babys have. And i just can´t imagine that CW would produce such a tragedy for Gossip Girl and its fans. let´s hope the best. Still…. AAAAAhhhrggghh…….

    • lw says:

      I know, it’s like she’s not even pregnant. She doesn’t even seem to act like she cares that there’s a baby inside of her. It’s all about her wedding and Louis. Puke.

    • El says:

      I agree! Or how Louis doesn’t even ask about the baby versus Chuck who asked her how she was okay, and referred to how she’d be a great mother.

      • El says:

        Do you have Twitter, Jasmine? You should definitely tweet that to @GGWriters in one of those extended tweets (I forgot what they’re called).

  20. El says:

    Hm, what if Chuck got into an accident, and when Blair visits him at the hospital she tells him that the baby is his (let’s say that he’s been seriously injured, and she’s so emotional that she pours our her true feelings…you know, those scenes where the person on the bed is sleeping). Of course this doesn’t explain why Blair was also in a hospital gown, but I’m hoping for this kind of a plot rather than her having a miscarriage.

    • El says:

      Well not really “sleeping”, I meant coma. I don’t know if Chuck would get seriously injured from walking down the street, especially since the car wasn’t going so fast. But, people do come into desperation when they find out their loved one may or may not make it.

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