Speculation Day 7 – Milestone Drama, God save Georgina

There are few things to talk about this week… I must admit I was sure I wouldn’t talk about the wedding again -not until few weeks before the episode would air- but let’s just say the fact that they’re filming it now made me rethink about my decision. I thought about some things and I’m sure I’ll change my mind by the time 5.13 will air, but who cares. I’ll share my thoughts with you and I’ll hope to give you a sort of plausible scenario.

What more? Ausiello didn’t give us much and what he said in his spoiler chat, were things I had already talked about in another spec. post (Blair possibly drunk pics) so I don’t know if I’ll discuss those, probably not. We saw from the promo that is Chuck and Blair that kiss, look forward to it!

1. Is this wedding really happening?

Like I said last week, I highly doubt it, but… there may be a twist. Let me explain.

They started shooting the wedding OFFICIALLY, yesterday. Some people were on set and took pics of  – let’s call them with the name of their characters – Eleanor, Harold, Cyrus, the minions and also Dan and Serena. Leighton was also there. No sightings of Ed but late in the evening as someone said he was expected to shoot elsewhere. There was also a picture of Georgina dressed as an altar girl.

Like Missy also wrote in the comments, there are some pics.

Here are the flowers on the rails and stairs

Picture of Penn/Dan

Blairs mom

Dan with Penelope Blairs Bridesmaid (GORGEOUS dress)

Blairs Stepdad

Blake with puppy (notice railings)

All of these preparations would make us think that the wedding is happening. Well. I can’t know what will happen, but some people who were there yesterday also said that they were welcome to stay and watch if they were silent. The same person who posted the pics also said that the doors of the church were open and people could get closer to the steps of the church.

The fact that it all doesn’t seem so secret, makes me think that this is another thing they want us to believe. What I mean is not that this is a foiler (lol they did it in 2.25 but now they’re smarter) but that probably there’s a big TWIST behind this shooting.

There are few factors I’d consider.

  • Neither Ed nor Hugo were seen on set if not late. (Not totally sure about Hugo, though)
  • Dorota was nowhere in sight and what is a wedding without her? Dorota could also give a clue in which period we are since she is pregnant too.
  • Leighton had hair extensions. Okay anyone can apply those, but why use considerably longer hair extension if not to make us believe time has passed since the pics that are claimed to be from 5.12?
  • Why was Ed shooting with the priest that same day Leighton was with Beatrice?
  • Someone claims that about a month ago (around October 11th/12th) they saw Leighton in a wedding dress running in the Empire. I think this info may be partially legit because other people said they saw this happening.
  • Georgina. This says enough.
  • The casting calls for nurses, EMTs and wedding/party attendants were also made one month ago.

Georgina is surely trying to get at the wedding by being an altar girl. I’m sure Blair will see her once she arrives at the altar (already dread this moment) and wonder why the heck is she doing there. G for sure has a purpose, whether is revenge over the past (remember when Blair asked Vanya to pretend he was a Byelorussian Prince in 3.05?) or just out of boredom.

Let’s not forget in episode 3.05 Georgina also brings back Scott, Rufus and Lily’s son. What if this time G has come across some other juicy infos such as Louis not being the father of Blair’s baby? I can see this happening, but I’d like Chuck not be there if this happens. Would not be that great to know you are the father of a baby in the midst of your ex fiancée/love of your life wedding. I’d rather have him be in his suite and decide not to go to Blair’s wedding like also Rufus decided in 1.18, and then Blair running from her wedding (could justify the Leighton in a wedding dress going to the Empire sightings) to confess Chuck the truth about the baby.

I won’t start talking about the parallels once again, but this could work well with:

  1. 1.13 = Blair is possibly pregnant of Chuck OR Nate’s baby
  2. 2.13 = Chuck finds out Rufus and Lily had a baby 20 years before
  3. 3.13 = Chuck finds out he probably has a mother

Everything’s connected by the same wire. Family and legacy.

I would also love an explanation about the party shoot at the Empire one month before when all of a sudden appeared a “CB” monogram on the entrance of the hotel. The hotel set was also covered by a curtain. An extra said they were shooting a party, but what? Why is the Chuck Bass monogram on the entrance? What is Chuck celebrating?

Could also be that as some saw (there is no real confirmation) that Blair goes to Chuck’s suite and we have a scene quite like 3.22 with her showing him the bouquet quite as if she’s ready to get married, and they have a nice scene where she tells him the truth about the baby.

The other side of this particular speculation is that Chuck could not be there, but she could wait for him, but I’d love him to be there as if he’s waiting for her to come, in a way.

What if Blair gets married, though?

I thought about this today. We know that Father Cavalia is secretly having an affair with Beatrice. We have no idea whether Father Cavalia IS a real priest, or not. Well, what if he isn’t? What if he purposely was casted as the ‘priest who will celebrate the royal wedding’ but he isn’t actually a priest?

Could work well if you think about it. Beatrice doesn’t want Blair and Louis to get married as much as we do. If she sets this scam up with her secret lover, and the priest comes out in the moment of the wedding because of some plan he had with Beatrice, then there’s a scandal and Beatrice could count on that to destroy the wedding. What if Georgina helps? Considering how she is dressed and how they showed it without letting Michelle wear a coat on, is sure or so that she meets the priest before the wedding. She may also be the one to find out Beatrice and him sleep together, and decide to help them to dethrone Blair or better not let her sit on the actual throne.

Could also happen that they film the wedding and people can watch, but then it is cancelled because of priest controversy. I really have no idea. I guess we have to wait for more details to shape this speculation about this episode.


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49 thoughts on “Speculation Day 7 – Milestone Drama, God save Georgina

  1. ChairLover says:

    I think it would be possible for Blair and the Prince to get married but the twist would be the marriage licence would be a fake. So they were never actually married and the fall out would happen from there. Just like how Milo’s birth certificate was a fake because Georgina lied. That could be the twist. I really do hope Chuck and Blair do end up together in the end. And I really think this will be the last season of GG because once PLL returns the ratings will drop for GG considering they will be airing in the same time slot in the US. I just want Chuck and Blair to get a justified ending.

    • El says:

      Yeah, I am either thinking that:
      1) Blair and Louis go through the wedding, but it turns out to be a fake wedding (thanks to Georgina somehow).
      2) Georgina tells Louis that Chuck is the baby while they’re all at the altar.
      3) Blair runs to the empire (in her wedding dress) to be with Chuck (as a few spoilers have stated).

      I really hopes it’s #3, but I wouldn’t mind the others. 😛

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Anything as long as Louis GTFO. lol

        I want something with Chuck and hopefully about the baby too. It has to be an episode that celebrates what made GG, and Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena would be the perfect reasons to celebrate (above all CB).

        Josh said the 100th would give homage to the show, what’s better than something related to CB?

  2. S says:

    Just like to add note that Ausiello did say that the baby paternity will be revealed in next couple episodes quoting that its “concrete” .. Than in 5×09 looks like B and C are in some kind of counseling,… its also said that Nate finds some information on someone and conflicted about telling Diana.. Could he know about the baby and possibility of it being C’s?
    I just can’t help but think that the Paternity gets revealed before the wedding and when B realizes C didn’t take it as bad as she thought he would, she reconsiders her marriage to Louis…
    Also what if Louis doesn’t know about the baby at the time of the wedding and only C does? And the scandal with G , B and the priest is when the world finds out about the priest affair scandal and the baby’s paternity?
    Maybe B does have a change of heart but takes it right up til the altar to figure it out ? Guilt maybe?
    As far as the time jump goes maybe it takes place after the wedding fiasco and she skips town with someone? I cant see the jump being before the wedding or timeline and dates would all be thrown off. Maybe B did just use extensions??
    Lastly about the filming of B getting arrested.. there’s a video on you tube of her leaving set , walking back to her trailer with her minions and Beatrice in the same outfit she wore the night videos and pics showed up.. She also looked to be walking out of huge tent covering a building.. what if the footage we saw is footage they are using to fool us and they actually filmed the real bachlorette under or behind this huge tent???
    Love to hear your thoughts

  3. S says:

    Nate (Chace Crawford) takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair (Leighton Meester) turns to an unlikely person for help.

    This is where I think Nate finds out about Blair’s baby or could it be Ivy? and it seems to be that Blair turns to Chuck and his therapist(?) for help…(Judging by pictures)…. But at this point what would she need help with?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Thought about that too, but I think is likely he finds out about Ivy. We know Diana knows who she is and a spoiler by Ausiello or eonline -can’t remember- said that Ivy won’t be playing her part soon because someone will find out. It could also be Blair, you know. As the story is going seems like Nate (and now Serena) are going to be the “insiders” for the Spectator. Serena imo could also be an insider at B’s wedding.

      Wonder if the two things are linked. Also in the synopsis for 5.04 it said that Diana would find out something about someone and I thought about B, but then it was about Charlie. But it could be also about Chuck. Probably Nate finds the envelope in Diana’s desk? I have no idea. But I’m sure Blair turns to Chuck for help probably to kill this story if the two things are connected?

  4. S says:

    Although I am willing to throw away all theories and specs and just go back to my original hope that this wedding is actually gonna be Chuck and Blair and they just want us to think its Louis….:)

    • Jasmine says:

      yes, that`s what I like to think,too. Propably it´s Blairs and Chucks wedding in the end and they marry and all this open filming with audience is just fake show or it actually is/should have been blairs and louis wedding but then something crashes the wedding and she doesn´t marry louis that day in the already prepared church and party but chuck after running to him. that would be soooo wonderful. although I cannot trust GG and CW that they will get chair married so soon,…propably we will have to wait until the last episodes…grrrr

  5. grace says:

    At least for now, i have no idea what’s going on because for me it’s like a small random pieces and maybe in a few days formed a more substantial picture.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Definitely. I am trying to gain as much speculation I can, but it changes everyday because filming is all over the place. On a side I like it because I don’t always like to know what’s going on. On the other hand this confusing filming order makes me curious.

  6. El says:

    Great catch! I didn’t really notice that her hair got longer! haha

    [# Leighton had hair extensions. Okay anyone can apply those, but why use considerably longer hair extension if not to make us believe time has passed since the pics that are claimed to be from 5.12?]

    Oh, awesome, so someone else saw her too! This definitely makes me more interested for this “wedding”,

    [# Someone claims that about a month ago (around October 11th/12th) they saw Leighton in a wedding dress running in the Empire. I think this info may be partially legit because other people said they saw this happening.]

    Great post!

  7. Missy says:



  8. teeting says:

    OMG, the ones @ dailymail, in the fourth pic the assistant (whatever her title/job is) with the maroon hoodie and black jacket over it looks like she could be Penn’s twin LOL!

  9. Missy says:

    They have not started filming the Wedding yet but someone just posted a picture of the set up https://twitpic.com/show/iphone/7cswcu The said the sign says they are filming till 10pm tonight and WILL be filming there again on Monday

  10. El says:

    Does anyone here live in NYC, and have nothing to do on Monday? If so, stalk that area, and report back to us! lol

    Thanks for pics, Missy!

  11. Missy says:

    @El your welcome

  12. lw says:

    okay, i have a legit question…

    if this wedding is between blair and louis, then where is he? and where is his family? we’re seeing set photos of everybody else!

    i’m beginning to think this is after a time jump and actually a wedding between C H A I R

  13. Penny says:

    I have a random question. What ever happened to Chuck’s new hotel(Charles Place)? Did the writers forget about it?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      That’s what I’m wondering too. They didn’t say if the works are keep going… wonder if they’ll bring up the new hotel later.

  14. Jasmine says:

    When talking about existence: Isn´t it a bit strange that the actual Gossip Girl hardly exists anymore. If in all the series before she got on our heroes nerves (and sometimes mine, cause sometimes it was a little much of her) several times per episode, now she doesn´t really take her share of winding and turning the storylines of our heroes so much anymore. Well, except her meaningful sentences at every episode´s end, and I love them. Where are you Gossip Girl? Are you maturing as well perhaps?

    • El says:

      Kelly’s girl is so cute!
      That’s my only comment lol.

    • lw says:


    • El says:

      Oh, and wanted to add that this could be just like Nate in the finale of season 2. For some reason, the wedding would be more appropriate for a finale, but I simply couldn’t bear to see Louis for any more episodes than I have to. I find it hilarious that he literally has two fans lol. Even though @GGWriters seem to spend a lot of time reading tweets, you’d think that they’d get the message!

    • haha this is my set vid i’m so honored its on your site! =D nothing much happened, but georgina is def. an alter girl and leighton, penn, and blake were on set that day. the next day hugo (blah), chace, and ed (=O) were on set.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Thank you for filming the video. I was very curious about what this wedding set would look like and who would attend 🙂

  15. El says:

    @ ‘toomuchpurple
    What exactly does an altar girl do at the wedding? I’m still a little confused. Is this like a maid of honor?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Well an altar girl helps the priest celebrating the function. For example in a common function (no wedding or confirmation or funeral) the altar boy/girl is sitting behind the priest, they can read Bible and other texts and particularly in the moment of the confirmation they usually here take the jar with hosts to give to the churchgoers. Mainly they help taking this or the other things for the confirmation (glass with wine, handkerchief etc.

  16. El says:

    “Hugo was awarded Young Cannes Talent in 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival.”

    No comment.

  17. El says:

    Is there a way for us to see the new posts without having to read all of the comments? With all of these comments, it’s become a bit disorganized and troublesome to find the new posts. I’m not sure how WordPress works, and I don’t want to cause any trouble. I’m just wondering. 🙂

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      What do you mean, close the comments under a mini menu, perhaps? Don’t know if it can’t be done one wordpress, but I can try to look if there’s a script like this 😉

      • El says:

        Well, for example, like this thread. There are 45 comments, but it’s a hassle to find which post is new (because you tend to re-read some old posts). I was just wondering if there was a way to indicate if the post was new, like a mark of some sort next to the post. I’m not sure if it’s possible though lol.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Then guess not :/ I tried to find something but nothing, I can’t install it if it existed because the blog is free and to have other features like plugins you have to get a domain. But to get the new comments I guess marking the “notify me via mail” under the comment box would work the same.

  18. El says:

    Also, does anyone feel like we’re preparing for a REAL wedding? Now I don’t want to sound like a delusional fan lol, but all of these set pics are making it seem so surreal. One thing Gossip Girl can do best is planning a big event. The show may suck overall, but I always enjoy whenever there’s a ball or huge event of some sort!

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