Leighton walking to the set – Nov 9th

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45 thoughts on “Leighton walking to the set – Nov 9th

  1. Laura says:

    i really like her hair:X

  2. Missy says:

    I posted more spoilers on the Lois and Blair wedding today on the podcast thread..

  3. Missy says:

    No chuck on set, but filming tomorrow too so he still may b there.
    They’re filming Inside now . Leighton Penn blake Amanda and MICHELE were on set today.

    • El says:

      So I’m hoping that Dan stays with Serena during the whole wedding… better yet, they’re attending as each other’s dates!
      I want Chuck to stop the wedding somehow, but would be happy if Georgina did it too haha…anyone BUT Dan.

      • maddtown says:

        Dan + Serena at a wedding AND Georgina’s there? Season 1 anyone? Hmmmmmmmmmm…wasn’t that precisely the mix that lead to the DS downfall? Maybe we’re about to see a reversal of fortune via the same recipe…

        There are some seriously strong Derena vibes being sent out these days. The whole “Dan’s book will continue to haunt Serena for the rest of the season” statement by the writers seems even more significant now and I kind of started to take interest in them during Serena’s act of self-sacrifice last ep. There was something touching about what she did for Dan and the praise she gave him when convincing Jane not to screw him over. I still don’t like Dan, but I’m starting to warm up to Serena outside of her connection to Blair (5 seasons later).

        I wonder if they’re trying to create some kind of new fan war between the DSers and the DBers (to add to the current one between Chair and Dair fans). Might as well have us all at each other’s throats if you can do it, right?

      • El says:

        Nice analysis! I haven’t watched any of the Serena scenes (well only if she was with Blair or Chuck lol), so I have no idea about her history with Dan.
        I don’t think that the writers are trying to start a DS/DB war. There aren’t that many DS fans left actually; they are either DB fans or would rather than Serena be with Nate.

  4. Missy says:

    Remember everyone Ed was seen filming with the priest already last week at this same Church. So they could be keeping us from knowing that he WILL break up the wedding

  5. Chair Love says:

    Dont get me wrong I don’t want blair to marry frog prince but I was hoping that blair would break it up herself, it would be nicer if chuck doesn’t get his hands dirty on this one lol

    • El says:

      So Ed and the priest filmed their parts a few weeks ago, whereas the rest are filming their parts today? I guess that’s how it seems. Hopefully Ed told the priest to say his name instead of Louis’ hahaa. Anyway, looking forward to Georgina’s role in all of this!!

  6. Emilie says:

    There is really a time jump 😉

  7. El says:

    NOW HOLD UP………………………..

    “Dan: Look Blair, you’re not- I don’t think you’re that bad of a person. Maybe not my type, but you’re not terrible. And whatever it is that happened between you and Chuck, i’m sure you can fix it, because if there was a pair meant for one another, you know, it’s you two.”

    I forgot about that quote, but now after reading it, the writers clearly forced Dan & Blair.

    No wonder I like the idea of the two of them 0.0000000% lol

    • El says:

      Yeah, I need to save this post lol (for the Dair fans who claim that they had a connection from the start).

      • El says:

        Hm, and tweet that to @GGWriters too lol. See, they’re creating a mess from something that was never concrete to begin with!

        This makes me frustrated lol.

      • maddtown says:

        I’m with you. I never even thought they’d go down the DB route because there was just ZERO chemistry/interest/common ground there.

        Dair fans are delusional. We need the Kool-Aid girls back to mock their crazy-talk like they so brilliantly did the Nair fans. I miss that blog so much. It was exactly what a Chair fan needed after a long day of reading Nair crap online.

        New blog idea ladies? http://ggkoolaid.blogspot.com/

      • El says:

        @maddtown What’s a Kool-Aid girl? Seems interesting! lol 😛

        I actually wanted to ask about Blair and Nate. Like I mentioned before, I started watching GG during Season 2, and only the Chuck and Blair scenes from Season 1.

        Here is what I gathered about Blair and Nate:

        Nate and Blair went out, but then Nate told Blair that he slept with Serena. Blair takes him back, but then I don’t really know lol. I only know that she gets back with Nate, because Chuck was in that scene, and I know that she used Nate to make Chuck jealous in one episode. It seems like they actually have an interesting history!

        & isn’t it funny that now Blair treats Nate as like he’s a toy? Case in point: using Nate for her bridesmaids’ “task”.

        Anyway, I never found Blair and Nate very unique as a couple; they were kind of blah (from the interactions that I have watched). I know I’m biased, but even BEFORE I became a Chair fan, I always thought that Chuck and Blair were the perfect couple!

      • maddtown says:

        @El Well, here’s the basics of the Blair and Nate’s relationship in season 1 (I apologize that it’s so long. I tried to be concise, but clearly failed): at the start of the show we were told that B&N had been dating for a long time (we find out later that they’d been dating since age 12 or 13 and that Blair had decided she wanted to marry Nate when they were kids), but hadn’t slept together because Blair wanted her first time to be special.

        Because Blair is made out to be a character that scripts her life after classic movies (and even dreams in this way), you get the feeling that she has cast Nate into the role of the romantic lead in spite of the fact that he continually has trouble playing the part. Of course, the boy is quite pretty, so you know why she’s so attached to the idea of him, but there is no real substance to season one’s Nate and Blair. The only time Nate really seems to respond to Blair romantically is when she is trying to give him her virginity (her vain attempt at regaining his attention). Thankfully for everyone, something always gets in her way—mainly Nate’s ongoing infatuation with Serena.

        At all other times in Blair’s company, Nate seems distracted, complacent, or there in body but not in spirit. Blair, for her part, is very possessive of Nate from the moment we meet the characters because she knows deep down that Nate has been in love with Serena for some time now; Serena’s return to the U.E.S. has brought all of her insecurities to the surface again and Blair starts to treat Nate like a puppy on a leash that she must continually yank into obedience lest he stray.

        The audience (and Chuck) knows that Nate and Serena had sex at a wedding just before Serena took off, but Blair doesn’t fully acknowledge this betrayal until Nate tells her outright that they had sex; surprisingly (or not, considering Blair’s character at the time was very insecure and emotionally fragile) she finds a way to quickly “forgive” Nate and punish Serena instead. Nate seems confused by Blair’s forgiveness, but he doesn’t object when she wants them to stay together.

        Blair goes back to trying to win Nate’s love away from Serena by having sex with him. She plans an elaborate masquerade ball that is supposed to end in her and Nate having sex, but instead of trying to find Blair, Nate corners Serena (only it’s Jenny wearing Serena’s mask) and confesses that he is still every bit in love with her before kissing her. Blair finds out about this via Jenny, but again doesn’t break up with Nate, though she looks sick to her stomach as Nate and his parents give Blair a promise ring to cement their future union later on that day. The details are fuzzy now, but I think Nate wanted to break up with Blair but Anne Archibald, his mother, tells him not to because they need the connections with Blair’s family to keep Nate’s Dad out of jail.

        I don’t remember precisely what leads her to finally snap in the same episode, but she ends up confronting Nate about everything as they are due to go to Victrola’s for Chuck’s opening and asks him whether he even loves her. His silence tells her that he doesn’t. That is the glorious night that history happens, but Blair is still too hung up on the idea of Nate and her cinematic happy ending to really even think about why she slept with Chuck the first chance she got.

        With Chuck’s help though (sex therapy for the win!), she finally starts to let go of her childish vision of love just as Nate, indecisive as he has proven himself to be, thinks he likes Blair’s new after-sex-with-Chuck glow and starts chasing after her again. Seeing as how this is all that Blair has wanted for years, it doesn’t take much to pull her back into Nate’s orbit. She destroys Chuck in the process of restablishing her childhood fantasy only to have Nate dump her a few episodes later when he finds out that she slept with Chuck. That’s when she turns to Chuck again, but he’s too proud to let her turn him into her last resort. Nair are over from that point in season 1 forward until the second half of season 2 when Nate, out of the blue, decides he’s in love with Blair again and tries to keep her away from Chuck. Sadly, they have as little chemistry and common ground as they did the first time around and it’s clear to everybody except those silly Nair fans (who could also be called Book-canon fans).

        Now insert the Kool-Aid girls. Back in season 2 there was a shipper-war between Chair fans and Nair fans not unlike this current Chair/Dair online battle. Except there were more viewers back then, I think, and Chair had the obvious majority. Still, things were ugly online and Chair fans felt it was insult to injury that there was a Chair drought and Nair fans were acting like Nair was endgame. So the Kool-aid girls stepped in and put voice to all of the things that Chair fans wanted to say to Nair fans but were too politically correct or polite to actually say. In other words, they dissed the crap out of Nair fans (without posting anyone’s name, of course, just what they had written online) and tore their delusions to shreds; the best part was that they cited the drinking of Kool-Aid as the reason for the silly things Nair fans believed or “saw” between B & N. It was hilariously entertaining; there was swearing and bitchiness, and it made us all feel a ton better. I really think we need another blog like that to keep our morale up. You can read their “wanks” at the link I posted above. Just scroll down and you’ll see the earlier posts. I’m not sure you missed out, per se, but I have fond memories of that blog as a Chair fan. 🙂

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I remember this and that scene made me think they may wanted to explore that relationship in the future. MEH.

  8. Missy says:

    The person on location said Penn(Dan) was in a flannel. So doesnt seem like he went to the wedding. Also Blairs dress was Vera Wang and it was brought in seperatly from her. They also noted the flowers Chuck ALWAYS gives Blair were all around the steps and staircase.

  9. Missy says:

    Here are the flowers on the rails and stairs

    Picture of Penn/Dan

    Blairs mom

    Dan with Penelope Blairs Bridesmaid (GORGEOUS dress)

    Blairs Stepdad

    Blake with puppy (notice railings)

  10. Missy says:

    Also Taylor Launter was there..NO CLUE why


  11. El says:

    You can hear the car horn at the end.

  12. El says:

    Found this one too:

    Who’s the guy at the very end?

  13. El says:


    Dan’s outfit (pic’s in black-and-white) for Blair’s wedding.

    Couldn’t find any pics of anyone else though.

  14. chair says:

    i saw on the ggwriters tumblr that some person spotted dan helping blair get out of a limo at the empire state building, in her wedding dress, then running inside
    hopefully its blair realising who she truly wants to marry 🙂


  15. teeting says:

    @maddtown YES! A kool-aid girl revival!! I want that site back, cos snarky is what we Chair fans need 😉

  16. Louise says:

    Was thinking, maybe all the scenes with Dan & Blair just consisted to prepare Blair’s runaway at the wedding, and Dan just help Blair & Chuck to reunit. (Sorry, my english must be very bad)

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