Limoversary Podcast

We tried to make a decent podcast to celebrate the Limoversary but we failed because we didn’t even wish you guys a happy CB day and we were all over the place. I hope you’ll forgive us because it’s our first audio post together, we promise to get better at it since I’m sure it won’t be the last time we make one (we had a lot of fun). So enjoy and give us some feedback. Happy Limoversary from CBthePP, xoxo


About Je t'adore

I'm Cath but you can call me C. I graduated from University a few years ago and I have a degree in English and French lit. I write but I don't consider myself a writer, I've yet to let go of all my inhibitions and explore human nature. Maybe one day, when I'm grown up enough. CBthePP is a safe haven for me and one of the things I'm most proud of because it has given me so much and because I get to share it with so many wonderful people, including our readers.

4 thoughts on “Limoversary Podcast

  1. Jasmine says:

    I enjoyed your podcast very much. Perhaps you can give us your tip where to watch the livestream. I use to watch it not live, but rught after in ended live there are a few sites to watch it online then or to download. So I have to stay up even one hour more.

  2. Chair Love says:

    really enjoyed your podcast now im gonna watch todays ep xxxx

  3. Jasmine says:

    Just watched Number 9 and …sigh…left me somehow speechless in a sad way at first. Chuck was very gentle this episode, not so impusive as we know him. I didn´t find that Chucks 1 minute speech was as epic as announced or let me burst into tears. Nothing really new we didn´t know before. Of course he had something on the tip of his tongue, when Blair asked him if there was something more he wanted to say, but he didn´t say it, although it was clear to Blair (and me) what it was from the expression of his face. He literally swallowed it down. Poor handsome guy. I didn´t feel so sad for Blair actually, but for Chuck throughout the whole episode. It was sad to see Chuck being alone..again and first the therapist who he trusted and although she didn´t betray him, he was left alone. And also in the last scene, when he laid the ring, that he had kept all this time (with several times wanting to give it to Blair) in front of the closed Harry Winston shop. He leaves it and Blair behind. That was very sad, because he meant it in that moment, he let her go finally. ( or at least that is what he tried to do in that moment 😉 At least Blair will have a melancholy night after this evening for sure. And as Gossip Girl said in the end: That what looks like an end is a new beginning.. Now we can be sure that those two are going to get together again…this episode is the turning point…they will start to get closer again…slowly..very slowly, but that we had known before. So I am not so sad anymore after writing this and thinking about it..I am confident that my Chuck&Blair will be back in love a bit more each episode.
    5.a.m. good night 😉 .

    • El says:

      Great review! I agree. 🙂

      However, I thought it was a little odd to leave the ring out there for anyone to take it. I’m not sure I fully understood it.

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