5.06 I am Number Nine – FASHION

Liked the fashion from tonight’s epi. Loved the boot camp outfit – especially the lime blouse and the shoes – and the hairdo suits Leighton. Also liked the evening outfit. Pumps were the best part of it.

Blair Waldorf 5x06 - I am Number Nine

Balenciaga satchel handbag, $1,795
Marc jacobs tote, 965
Moschino Cheap Chic print blouse
Carlos Miele Spring 2011 Khaki mini skirt

Blair Waldorf 5x06 - I am Number 9 (2)


Blumarine slip dress, $2,425
Sergio rossi pumps
Elie Saab clutch handbag, $912


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13 thoughts on “5.06 I am Number Nine – FASHION

  1. El says:

    Amazing scene!!

    • El says:

      I loved how the writers used the negative events, and turned it into something somewhat positive (through this apology). For one in a really long time, I give thanks to the writers lol.
      Such a great scene!!

    • Chair Love says:

      This is truly EPIC everything about it is perfect my mouth was on the floor with every word that chuck said, He loves her soooo much and with every word he said you can see the love rushing back to her, and the way she is looking at him in the end It was like she was thinking “this is the man she knew he could b, the man she wanted him to be for so long, the man she would give up any fairytail for ! xxxxx

  2. El says:

    I found the song from tonight’s episode:

    • Chair Love says:

      Love it, GG may write crap some times but when it comes to music they always seem to nail it for chair all their songs are beautiful and now Lana Del Rey is one of them forever cemented into the love affair that is chair xxxx not to mention the song used for one of the most EPIC moments ever !!!!!! lol

  3. El says:

    As much as we voice our disliking to the plots that the writers come up with, I must admit that they’re genius!

    The whole Blair marrying Louis plot, and then having no Chair interactions for so long, has actually made more people come out of hiding! Showing that promo between Chuck and Blair was so smart. I don’t think I’ve read as many tweets about them since the start of this season, so that’s definitely a plus!


    More tweets about them= a good thing! Now if only these same people could tweet @GGWriters. 😛

  4. El says:


    I think that they’re making it obvious that CB and DS will be endgame, and I’m happy with that since that’s how it should be IMO.

  5. El says:


    Eww (Read the section titled “Dair Returns”)

    Way to ruin a good night…

    • El says:

      No, no, no, and no.

    • Chair Love says:

      She is soooo full of crap pushing her DB ship the way she does I went through the comments and even most of them were telling her she was full of crap lol maybe she should push for dan to get a haircut she may get better results ! lol

  6. El says:

    Woah, I totally spammed the heck out of this thread! LOL

    This was the first episode that I’ve liked from this whole season, and since I’ve been waiting ever since the end of May to see how everything would unfold, that should explain my excitement. 😛

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