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Something, anything about epic couple #Chair on #GG! We are dying w/o them onscreen! Please, tell me I still have hope. — @ladynetdoma
I would say there’s always hope, but Ed Westwick, who EW caught up with at the premiere of J. Edgar last night, might (shockingly) disagree. “I don’t even know what I hope for them personally,” he says. “So much change and drama has been thrown around these days. In some ways, they are perfect for each other and it seems like destiny. But in other ways, I don’t know if they can overcome all the terrible things they have done.” But don’t get too down. While he couldn’t tease much, he says, “These storylines are very much keeping me on my toes. It is so crazy. Things change every week … There is a lot of fun, fantastic stuff upcoming, I can say that.”

source: inside.ew.com


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14 thoughts on “EW Spoileroom

  1. grace says:

    One of the most sincere statements that i read in a long time.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I also think he was hinting Chuck is the dad. That “they both did” makes me think he still doesn’t know past 512 or 513 and that probably it’s in those eps that he finds out the truth about the baby.

      • teeting says:

        Yes. That is my thinking as well. We knew it!

      • grace says:

        Ed and Leighton are experts in giving us hints.I think he has balanced the ‘actor side’ not revealing too much and also the ‘shipper side’ where Ed’s fear about CB is the same as everyone’s about CB.(Courtesy by Alicia aka boomboombangx)

      • maddtown says:

        Oh, and there’s something else uplifting in there. “Fun and fantastic” don’t sound like a miscarriage is on the horizon to me!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I really don’t know, but I guess the money they get from those companies won’t be able to cover all the filming costs.

    • El says:

      The clothes and actors’ salaries are the only two costly things that I can think of. Other than that, they mostly film in the same areas.

      A HUGE part of me does not want a Season 6, but as I mentioned before, i am only here for Ed and Leighton lol. 🙂

  2. Laura K says:

    Yeah. My first thought was that he was droping a hint that Chuck is the father “They did” in the past i think Chuck has been doing the bad things not really Blair.

  3. GFF says:

    Ok his honesty is nice yeah but really how can us fans keep invested in this couple when one half of them doesn’t even believe in them anymore. Though keep in mind I think gossip girl was the last thing on Ed’s mind when he’s at a big event as J Edgar! Har har

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I doubt he was thinking about GG last night! lmao.

      I guess more than don’t believe in them, I imagine still nothing relevant happened in what he filmed so far, that he really has no idea about how they would end up.

      But the fact that he said that they are ‘destined’ makes me think that it will come a point they’ll overcome their fears, and Ed will be more positive about them like he was in other interviews.

      • El says:

        Yeah, it’s sucks to see him being so doubtful, and he actually appears to be unenthusiastic. Maybe his film was on his mind…I know it would be for me, especially since it’s directed by someone like Clint Eastwood!

  4. maddtown says:

    Ed, baby, darling, celebrity love of my life, I appreciate your diplomacy, but can’t you just say “Team Chair” and be done with it?

    On a more serious note, I think Ed struggles sometimes to come up with something new to say to the exhausting number of people who ask him questions about his character every day without actually saying much of anything (as he’s contracted to), so I’m not going to hold this against him.

    On the contrary, I think his statement is 100% (and quite cleverly so) neutral. He pretty much tricks us into believing he is giving us his opinion, when really, all he has said is that he has not formulated a concrete opinion. lol. It’s the classic, “I don’t know, it could go either way” cop out answer and I don’t blame him for taking it. What was he supposed to say? “Yes, Dair fans, take a hike. This is the Chuck and Blair show and don’t you forget it.” If only…

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