GG Ausiello Spoilers

Question: OK, stop teasing and start spilling: What will Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode be about? —Diane
Ausiello: To quote a certain song from the seminal 1984 comedy classic The Muppets Take Manhattan, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody’s getting marrrrieeeed — and that someone is Blair. And the groom? Why it’s none other than Prince Louis. “The big event in the 100th episode is Blair’s wedding,” confirms exec producer Josh Safran, adding that the royal nups will be “big and lavish and twist and juicy.” The milestone hour will also reward longtime fans in that it will include “a lot of callbacks and echoes to the pilot. It was important for me to pay homage and respect [to our first episode]. There are a lot of Easter eggs. I think it’s going to be really beautiful.”

Question: Any scoop on Blair’s royal wedding on Gossip Girl? —Carrie
Ausiello: Safran says the 100th episode is as much about Blair as it is Serena. “The central relationship has always been the two of them,” says Safran. “Blair’s getting married and her best friend is her maid of honor — that’s a core dynamic we’re playing with.”

Question: I need to know more about the Gossip Girl kiss that awaits Blair. Is it followed by a clap, slap, or snap? And while you’re at it, how about a hint about whom she’ll be kissing? —Emily
Ausiello: I’m definitely not spoiling whom she kisses. You’ll have to watch the Sleep No More-themed Nov. 14 episode for that reveal. I will, however, confirm that the smooch is followed by a slap.


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I'm Cath but you can call me C. I graduated from University a few years ago and I have a degree in English and French lit. I write but I don't consider myself a writer, I've yet to let go of all my inhibitions and explore human nature. Maybe one day, when I'm grown up enough. CBthePP is a safe haven for me and one of the things I'm most proud of because it has given me so much and because I get to share it with so many wonderful people, including our readers.

35 thoughts on “GG Ausiello Spoilers

  1. El says:

    Well I’m still pi$$ed lol.

    I’d just like to add some more comments. After calming down a bit, I actually read each word. 😛

    “big and lavish and twist and juicy.”

    Okay, so does he mean “twisted”?
    …and I am somehow intrigued by the word “juicy” lol. I guess “twisted” and “juicy” mean a not-so smooth wedding then.

    Honestly, I am going to be livid if Chuck and Blair are not endgame. I haven’t wasted all these years, anxiously waiting Monday’s, watching CB clips over and over and over and over again (lol), for nothing!

    & I don’t think that spamming GGWriters with Chuck and Blair tweets helped anyway haha. 😦

    • El says:

      I think I need ‘toomuchpurple to save the day with her insightful and positive posts. Hoping you have something! No pressure haha. 🙂

  2. Chair Love says:

    WTF how is this wedding going to reward long time fans ? damn my Chairometer is going through the roof, chair have to be the twist if they arn’t I’m walking away I cannot watch pimple prince marry our Blair josh you beep beep beep !.
    Please calm my nerves `toomuchpurple I need some of you’r logic cause I’m nearly ready to have a chairattack lol

    • El says:

      “chairattack” hahaha Love it.
      I think we need a “Chairtionary”-a dictionary for all things C & B! 😀

      • Je t'adore says:

        That is a great idea, I should make a Chairtionary. We need something to distract ourselves till our CB reunion.

      • El says:

        How about a “1001 Reasons You Know You’re a Chair Fan” or a “You Know You’re a Chair Fan When…” kind of list? It would be fun to see what people could think up of hehe.

      • Je t'adore says:

        That is a wondeful idea, I’d like everyone to contribute if you guys want to. It can be something that Chair fans do to show their love for our wonderful ship.

      • El says:

        Well I’m all for it. There are a lot of Tumblr fans, so perhaps creating a Tumblr page? Or maybe creating a new section on this blog (like “Home”, “About”) We could either do a Chairtionary or a “You Know You’re a Chuck&Blair Fan When…” kind of thing.

  3. El says:

    I think the problem lies with the writers. They changed the writers, and now the end of the series it seems. If only they had kept the same writers from the first couple of seasons…

    How many scenes did we have which involved Chuck and Blair declaring that they’re the ones for each other? I think that the writers are forgetting what they wrote, or as I mentioned above, since the writers changed, maybe that’s why they are “forgetting” those scenes.

    One of my favorite scenes has a Taylor Momsen song, yes I know lol. I love, love that scene, and love the lyrics to it: “I’ll die for you, my love, my love, I’ll lie for you, my love”. Remember that scene?

    Well here it is, if you forgot it lol:

    Bring back those scenes, darnniittt!

    • Je t'adore says:

      I think we’re in this mess because of the poor writing team. I’m sorry but someone has to say it. GG is not what it use to be. Seasons 1 and 2 were amazing but they couldn’t write Chair together. I think in season 3 they could have been handled differently. They could have created drama and still have CB together but they were unable to do so and that is when everything got all screwed up. I intend on making a post when we celebrate 4 years since the limo scene and I hope we can discuss Chair over the years, I’m sure you all have lots of things to say. I know I do.

  4. El says:

    “You’ll have to watch the Sleep No More-themed Nov. 14 episode for that reveal.”

    I thought that the kiss was going to be in next week’s episode?

    Sometimes I wish that I didn’t read spoilers lol.

  5. Jessica :) says:

    Seriously if Chuck and Blair are not endgame. I’ll never ever ever ever watch Gossip Girl again. 😐 Ugh.

  6. Chair Love says:

    Ok I’m alot calmer now sorry for the out burst fellow chair fans I was caught of gaurd ! lol
    @ El yes I remember that scene it was epic and I think some of the writers need to remind them selves of these scenes, what is really driving me crazy is the fact that Josh and his minions have been using our chair to promote every episode that we have seen so far this season in there posters and trailers it has all been about the chair/louis triangle yet when we see the ep we are lucky to get a chair scene in it, it is like they pull us into the web then suffocate us with their ivy and nate/milf storylines cause they know chair has the pulling power to keep there ratings from going down the toilet.
    I still believe that chair is the endgame but damn talk about putting us through the wringer to get there.

    • Je t'adore says:

      “ivy and nate/milf” lol
      I agree, Chair have been used and abused. They know that what keep us coming back, it’s Chair. And they have been abusing them to the point there’s nothing left to abuse. I feel like there are so many unsaid things between them and they refuse to address them because if they do, Chair would either get back together or burn every bridge. So, hence, the lack of Chair scenes. I honestly don’t think there will be a wedding, not in the sense that “yes” will be uttered. The writers must know they will set themselves for failure if they “let” Blair get through with the wedding. I don’t think any Chair fan would be able to handle that and I’m sure they know it too. What really intrigues me is why Louis accepts to still marry Blair if the baby is Chuck’s.

      • Chair Love says:

        Louis is alot like chuck in the way that he has always got what he wants and comes from a family line with power, which would be equal to chucks upbringing a son of a powerful man, UES always getting what he wants. I think louis is going to show his brat side and do some not very nice things to keep blair and rid of chuck forever after all she is the trophy and louis wants to win just as much as chuck, Louis properly does love Blair but I think deep down he wants to beat chuck as well , If louis can get rid of chuck forever there is no need for anyone else to know that the baby is not his.
        sorry about the rant I get excited sometimes lol

      • Je t'adore says:

        No need to be sorry, this is a place where every Chair fan can express their feelings. I agree, Louis and Chuck are similar in many ways, the fact that makes Chuck better, except for the fact that he is the love of Blair’s life, is that he doesn’t pretend to be good to his core, like Louis acts. Anyay, I think that Louis really loves Blair and he will do anything to keep her all to himself, even accept her and Chuck’s baby as his. But of course, he wants to keep Chuck far away from them and he knows that Blair wouldn’t want him near her and the baby if he goes off the rails again. So Prince Boring will pay for that to happen and I actually think he will fail. Chuck is changing and Louis doesn’t give him enough credit. But I hope this won’t be the reson Blair breaks up with him, I want her to break it off because she realizes she is in love with Chuck, not because she realizes that Louis is not her prince in shining armour.

      • El says:

        Je t’adore
        I don’t think that the baby’s father will be revealed. He was about to walk about from her, so I think that if he found out Chuck was the father, then the wedding would be off for sure.

      • Je t'adore says:

        I don’t know, this is pure speculation of course. But I do think Louis will find out Chuck is really the father and still want to go through with the wedding. Because he loves Blair and because he knows he’ll end up looking like a fool after rebelling against his mother and the throne.

  7. Malene says:

    Jessica? If you want to know whos endgame you have to watch it to the end anyway 😛

  8. El says:

    What happens in the book? Who does Blair end up with? I know that they’re not really following the book, but just curious to know.

    • Je t'adore says:

      Well, the books are very different from the show. After being on and off for several years, Blair and Nate break it off. And she doesn’t end up with anyone. I don’t know if there will be other books BUT, after the success of Chair in the show, the author wrote them as sort of a couple in the last book she published. Chuck’s sexuality was always ambiguous but that changed in the last book when he returns from military school (if I recall correctly) with a new attitude and living another lifestyle. So he and Blair get together. It’s nothing major but you can clearly figure out that the show has influenced Cecily Von Ziegesar’s story and I’m very proud of this, it shows what an amazing ship we’re shipping.
      NOTE: If I got some facts wrong, please feel free to correct me. It’s been a while since I read GG.

  9. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I am going to focus on that they said Blair would be GETTING married, not that she GETS married.

    Grasping at straws but I’m starting to get bored and disappointed with the lack of Chair. I had higher hopes for this season but ah well. Guess it’s a game of wait and see. There’s no way they’d spill anything about Chair is there?

    • I’m with you on this. I think the key word is “getting” married. Unless they plan on pulling a Kim Kardashian on us, Blair is going to be ringless by Episode 14 I believe (the 100th is episode 13).

  10. Missy says:

    Come on everyone..Blair is not getting married to the prince the juicy, twist will be Chuck. It has to be and I wont have it any other way. We have seen her without the we know they dont get married. Dont lose heart Chair supporters, weve had 5 years of Chair angst and it will not end like this.

  11. Missy says:

    The writtes tweeted there will be a time jump this Season…

    • El says:

      Oooo like a Chuck and Blair’s baby’s first day of school kind of “time jump”? 😛

    • I’m hoping that has something to do with the pregnancy, but maybe it’ll actually be after the wedding…

      I’m actually very interested in this accident business that Chuck is involved in. I think this could be good for Chair.

  12. Jasmine says:

    I believe in my Chair, no other way possible for me. To add to the new dictionary: I don’t want a Blair/Louis ceremony, I want a CHAIRemony 🙂 pleeeeease
    Although looking at the latest set pictures of the last two weeks (like those with chuck and the priest in front of the church in “everyday” clothes and those with blair and beatrice or the ones from yesterday with chuck’s double) I am not so very sure if Chuck and Blair will be together as a couple so soon. I assume the royal wedding will not end up as planned in “yes, I do”, because chuck will disturb it in some way (perhaps all planned with beatrice and her lover priest). Propably Blair will be really upset in having her fairytale wedding destroyed and chuck will be the last person she will would want to see. So for the 100th episode she could end up that evening crying in Serena’s arms. (to lay emphasis on the main two character’s relationship B&S) And we would have some many more episodes to come to let Blair calm down, overcome her aggressions towards poor Chuck and instead understand that she loves him and always will, and then….at the end of episode 23….or 24…(those writers can be so cruel!!!) , but I hope it will be much sooooooooner, they will finally get together.

  13. Chair Love says:

    totally agree Je t`adore I want to see Blair walk away from louis on her own not because louis does some thing bad but because she realises that she loves chuck forever and that her princess fairytail is nothing without chuck as her prince.
    Epic is always the word that comes to mind for me when it comes to chair so I’m thinking ep 12 maybe chuck does get hit by a taxi and ends up being hurt badly, Blair goes to the hospital but can’t see him because he is in surgery and they are not sure if he will get through it, so she goes home believing that there is a good chance he might die she also has monkey with her because he was with chuck when he got hit by the cab.
    Ep 13 the big one her and serena spend the morning getting ready for her wedding and remembering all the times they had as BFF and also as a group of friends growing up monkey is with her the whole time serena tries to give him to dan and nate but blair won’t allow it and demands that monkey be were ever she is. Blair is having flash backs with her and chuck all the good and bad times what they have said to each other how their love was strong and how much chuck means to her it would also be good to see some props pop up maybe the necklace he gave her for her b-day, some yellow roses (because blair knows they were his mothers favourite) he had pre ordered with a hand written message from him wishing her all the happiness in the world, meanwhile chuck is out of surgery stable but not awake yet he is also dreaming of his blair the memories of their love and how she could always make him smile.
    At the wedding the priest is saying blairs vowels for her to repeat blair looks down towards the church doors and monkey is lying there looking at the steps like there is some were else he would rather be blair looks at louis and realises that there is some were she would rather be as well she tells him she has to leave and without waiting for a reply she runs to the doors and scoops up monkey, runs down the stairs and hails a cab, getting in the cab she tells him to take her to the hospital ASAP holding monkey she smiles and rest her head on the seat.
    At the hospital her and monkey go straight to chucks room he is there with his eyes closed still not awake she places monkey on the seat next to the bed and then hops onto the bed with chuck runinng her hand along his face she tells him that it will always be chuck and blair blair and chuck and that she will love him for ever she kisses his cheek tears streaming down her face and he opens his eyes.
    OMG what a rant that was lol but god I need some writing like this so love my chair xxxx

  14. El says:

    “At the wedding the priest is saying blairs vowels for her to repeat blair looks down towards the church doors and monkey is lying there looking at the steps like there is some were else he would rather be blair looks at louis and realises that there is some were she would rather be as well she tells him she has to leave and without waiting for a reply she runs to the doors and scoops up monkey, runs down the stairs and hails a cab, getting in the cab she tells him to take her to the hospital ASAP holding monkey she smiles and rest her head on the seat.”

    Or better yet, she hears something whining, and it’s Monkey whining and carrying Chuck’s engagement ring! lol

    The MOST epic wedding scene is when Ross said “Rachel” instead of “Emily”. If only this idea wasn’t already taken! haha

  15. El says:

    Please have it on Blair’s finger already! I really do love that ring. I wish I had it lol.

  16. Chair Love says:

    @ El nice ! and when Blair runs out of the church it has to be done Blair style you know like “it’s all about me” and then a shot of Serena/Nate and Donut all looking at each other like “only Blair would walk out on a prince for chuck bass” and leave us here to clean up the mess but hay that’s Blair and Chuck and we love them !
    And yes that ring I do love it how chuck has kept it this whole time I am very curious to see weather he will give it to blair because he couldn’t imagine anyone else wearing it, in chucks eyes it is cut perfectly just like her.

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