Leighton On Set – October 28th

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Apparently this is episode 5.11

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18 thoughts on “Leighton On Set – October 28th

  1. neha says:

    looks like a winter episode and she still has the ring

  2. Jacs says:

    she looks stunning in that coat! but will she just throw that ring off already…

  3. El says:

    She looks gorgeous in that dress! Love the make-up and hair.. for once (during this season)!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      You didn’t like the past looks? I think the hair are good here, but also in the pics where she has the lemon blouse (the one she’ll have in 5.06) her hair are nice. In the epis so far, on the other hand when she has are hair down, I don’t like them. Too curly.

  4. El says:


    Her contract is up “in about a year”? So does this mean by the end of Season 5, right?

    It looks like Gossip Girl is definitellyyyy over by the end of Season 5. Without Leighton (Blair), the show will be beyond horrible. Yeah, I am biased, but Blair is one of the top 3 characters on the show.

    • El says:

      Now that she’s definitely leaving, I have more hope that the writers would have her be with Chuck (her main love throughout the entire show).

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Nope, actually everyone’s contract is up in 2013 this means if the CW renews GG next year, we may have a S6 and then that’s it.

      Show has gone downhill, I wouldn’t complain if it is axed this season after they air the 24 episodes of course. Imo also the writers know this may be the end.

  5. Harley says:

    El- I think Penn did an interview where he stated that they were contracted through season 6. If this is true then at least the writers will be able to give it a proper goodbye rather than a rushed ending.
    Either way I hope the writers come to their senses soon and get

    Here is a link to the Penn interview:

  6. El says:


    As much as I dislike the show right now, I absolutely adore Leighton and Ed’s acting. Like I keep saying, their acting is the only good thing left about this show. Just to see them, I hope for a Season 6 (yes, as much as the show sucks!..but think about it.. when will Leighton & Ed share the same screen space again?) Sigh, I am too obsessed with this couple LOL. 😛

  7. El says:

    “Chairleader” Just saw this on someone’s blog..cute lol (take on the word “cheerleader”).

    Also, if you have a Twitter, please tweet to @GGWriters! I am reading a lot of Chuck and Blair tweets, but still some Dair tweets. Can’t change the Dair tweets, of course, but if there are a lot of Chai tweets.. then that will have more of a impact (hopefully) on the writers!

  8. sarah-lane says:

    And we will get chair but maybe not until episode 23 or even 24, they could do the same type of ending as 2×25, a 1 minute scene right at the end. The writers have said they don’t really know how to write chair in a relationship (without it being cliche or cheesy). But I’m 100% positive chair will be together, they’ve built this couple up for 4 years, they aren’t going to give up now 🙂

  9. sarah-lane says:

    And they said this:
    “We feel those guys are made for each other,” Stephanie says of Chair. “But it’s not going to be an easy ride because of their personalities and their dynamic. It’s our job to throw some obstacles in their path, but we always root for them to find their way back to each other.”
    So I know that this whole wedding/baby/louis/dan stuff is just another obstacle chair will get through. They’re going to make them drift even further apart (maybe even make us believe they don’t love each other anymore) then they will find their way back to prove they are meant to be together no matter what.

  10. joanna says:

    She looks so great in winter white, the fascinator is by CIAO NINA from DC and totally affordable! http://www.ciaonina.etsy.com

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