Leighton Meester on set – October 26

Edit:  Ed was on set too, here are the pics:



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31 thoughts on “Leighton Meester on set – October 26

  1. Susy says:

    Bachelorette party!!!! I kinda guess that she will Spend the night with chuck 😉

  2. Anna says:

    So Chuck turns up to the bachelorette party with the priest guy?

  3. Missy says:

    ohh I love these pictures. Guess Chuck will bail her out of jail ;o)

  4. Missy says:

    Here is a whole lot more of these and a great one of Chuck watching her. He doesnt look happy :O(


  5. GFF says:

    No more baby bump 😦 effing GGWriters

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think they would spoil this on set. Imo the pics where she is chased by the paps in the orange coat are for an episode AFTER this one. I could imagine from the clothes, she looks more dressed for Oct/Nov rather than for Winter. On the other hand where she has the orange coat, both her stockings and coat look wintery. She is also chased by the paps, it could happen after she is drunk in these set pics, couldn’t it?

      • lw says:

        Drunk? Surely not while she’s pregnant.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        It could be many things like Beatrice trying to knock her out so that she won’t marry Louis, Blair scheming she’s drunk but she isn’t. I know is dangerous smoke and drink when you are pregnant, but if it’s the case for once it can’t do much harm.

      • GFF says:

        it could be filmed out of order and true they wouldn’t spoil anything with outside filming. This all just silly the writers are selfish to bring this big omg pregnancy then don’t even follow through with it. It’s not worth it since the ratings are shit. And its worse if they write that Blair is drinking and smoking whilst still pregnant. I’m sorry these writers are something else I can’t even

      • El says:

        Wait, @lw, why do you say drunk? I don’t see a glass in her hand.

  6. lw says:

    okay, another theory i want to throw out there is how chuck has been with the priest (or at least that’s what i’ve heard ppl saying about the set photos). do you think that beatrice is scheming to get chuck and blair back together? maybe her and the priest are helping chuck?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Beatrice definitely wants Blair and Louis to break up, I could see her and the priest (he was also on set last night with Ed, and the other day in the church) trying to push them in each other’s arms so that Louis will break up with Blair. I have no idea though. I guess it’s one of her schemes, or it’s CB that scheme against her so Blair may not be really drunk, just playing.

      • lw says:

        i think you might be right about the CB scheming against Beatrice. We are long overdo for some CB plotting and the writers darn well know it.

      • Laura says:

        Yeah i have to agree, Beatrice has made it pretty clear she will do anything to get the throne for herself. Hope she isn’t drunk and smoking while pregnant for obvious reasons. Though Ive thought of a few theories as to whats going on.
        1. Beatrice has spiked Blairs drinks with alcohol and left her to make a massive show of herself, to prove to her family shes not fit be to part of the royal family.
        2. Chuck, Beatrice, the Priest and Dan? as he was there to. All 4 are trying to split Blair and Louis up, by getting CB together and humiliating Louis and the grimaldi family into choosing Beatrice as the more responsible choice for the Throne.
        3. Blair’s scheming and is in on it and is acting drunk just like the scene in 1×5

      • El says:

        I miss those episodes!! I miss that Blair too.

  7. CBFan says:

    My thought(I know you hate to hear it) Is she lost the baby and is drinking and smoking and trying to forget and Chuck seen in the pictures tries to save the day. People who were there yesterday said she was indeed drunk and smoking http://breakfastinwonerland.tumblr.com/post/11981592785
    I want her to have the baby and I would hope that if she was still preggy she wouldnt do this. I mean look how many times shes passed up drinks because of being preggy. My thought is something happen…

  8. Lauren says:

    aww, she looks so cute!

  9. teeting says:

    If it’s a bachelorette party, Blair could think that the “cops” are strippers. Just a thought!

    **my first reply didn’t post 😦

  10. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Well episodes are shot out of order all the time so I am not too concerned for now.

  11. CBFan says:

    My replys are not posting either @teeting

    I hope they are just scheeming. On the other hand I dont think Beatr. would give her alchol if she was pregnant just to slip her up. The girl is mean and caniving yes but not evil

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Somehow wordpress is tagging some comments as spam and I wonder why O____o Sorry if they are delayed, but I get both comments 😉

  12. Oh my, i don’t know what to think, but what doesn’t sit right with me is the “WHY?” if Blair has indeed lost the baby. This isn’t a soap opera that goes on forever and can therefore use some ridiculous and pointless plotlines just for the hell of it. This was a HUGE move for the writers. One i doubt they made on a whim since they said they knew last season that Blair would be the one to become pregnant…so why make Blair pregnant if she is only going to lose the baby a few episodes later? Just to give Chuck a reason to feel again and to create drama with the Grimaldi’s? Surely, there was other ways to accomplish the same results without having to make a character pregnant and miscarry.

    But do they care enough to mess with us? They did at the end of season 2, of course, when they had Nate and Blair film the same scene as Chair. Wardrobe and outdoor filming has been strange all throughout this season, no?

  13. El says:

    I am hoping that they are filming out of order, but…
    IF this is the bachelorette party, then it’s usually one or two days before the wedding. Since the wedding is sometime near episode 12, I’m not sure if Blair is still pregnant then. :/

  14. In the picture where Leighton is sitting and smiling, you can see the scene marker (sorry, don’t know what those tablet things are called) behind her. It’s blurry, but I think I see an Ep 12…Can anyone else have a look or find a better picture?

    • Nevermind, that would probably be the scene and not the EPI…:( too bad. That would have been helpful.

    • El says:

      Good eye! I am not sure what typically appears on the ‘scene marker’. I see a 2, but that “1” could be a divider.

      Also, to the person that mentioned “soap opera”. I’m afraid that this show has ALREADY turned into a soap opera. That’s why so many people are turned off by it now.

  15. Susy says:

    I guess this explains quite a lot: http://breakfastinwonerland.tumblr.com/post/11981592785

    Blair throwing that tiara on the floor?? Yelling I LOVE NY? (Personally I’d prefer “I LOVE CHUCK BASS”)
    Maybe Beatrice upset her? Or schemed against her? And chuck gets her out of jail then?

  16. Missy says:

    I truly feel she lost the baby and this is her retaliating. Kind of like Chuck doing all this dangerous stuff not caring. Remember the scene a few epis ago when Blair didnt get her College and she decided who cares and was drunk and reckless. I feel for certain this is what is happening

  17. LW says:

    they just released the episode titles/synopsis for up to episode 8, which will air on november 21.

    the episode on nov 21st is blair’s shower and probably also her bachelorette party.

    i thought she was getting married in november? if they air anything after the episode on the 21st, that will push the wedding to december…

    maybe this means that there isn’t a wedding?! yay!

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