Other few reasons why Chuck IS the Father

After I rewatched last night’s painful episode to write the recap, I noticed few small details hinting that the baby it’s Chuck’s. Let’s see them together, there may be more in the previous episodes, but they weren’t as imo clear.

1) After Blair and Louis tell the baby news to their families, Sophie comments that “The last thing this family needs is another bastard”. Well, what was she referring to, the baby? That’s not an adjective I’d use to describe a person, only if I’m going to describe a mean man. I think this line was sarcastic and had to be read in Bass-tard, not bastard.

2) Chuck sits on the couch of the therapist to talk about his issues… or not? He seems more convinced he has to try new things, sex on a study couch included. He says “I’ve had sex in every conceivable surface, but never a therapist’s couch”. Yes I know the word conceivable means many things, but mainly is used to refer to conceiving ideas or conceiving people. Could relate to Blair’s line in 5.02 “No matter what, this baby was conceived out of love”.

3) Chuck guessing Nate knows all the rules to bed a M.I.L.F., aka a “mother I’d like (to) fuck”. Who is a mother or about to become one on the show? We know for sure Chuck would gladly have sex with his mommy-to-be Blair.

4) Smaller but good hint: the therapist and the whole analysis on Chuck. Saying he didn’t have a happy childhood, she connected to Chuck being a child who is living like a child and doing a bit of verygrown-up man actions versus very childish actions. Schemes are a part of that. And the word child/childhood being repeated over and over to Chuck.

5) Louis has found the test! Not sure he read it, but for sure he’s asking himself questions. I think he did read it, though. I know that find a paternity test your fianceé has left in the drawer of the desk isn’t normal, because you think she’s got pregnant of you, but we know here is really really (I’m sure of it) likely that Louis is NOT the father. Hence he is suspecious, and calls the therapist. I don’t think he would try to sabotage Chuck’s rediming path, because he is now 75% sure that Blair betrayed him. He can’t know when Blair slept with Chuck, they could have done it before he came to NYC. He also got mad at Dan’s book, this makes me think he can’t bear what happened with Blair and the other guys. I definitely think Louis wants to sabotage Chuck so he can’t claim his rights on the baby in the future. I mean, if the baby was his (Louis’s) why would he care to mess up Chuck’s therapy? He’s surely doing it as a payback. “Youh himpregnated my fianceèh, Schuck! I’m gunna messh with yo hed!”

For more speculations, check the blog tomorrow. If you’d like me to discuss certain things, @ me on the twitter.


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12 thoughts on “Other few reasons why Chuck IS the Father

  1. El says:

    ““Youh himpregnated my fianceèh, Schuck! I’m gunna messh with yo hed!””

    LOL but just say it with no expression like always!

    Interesting spec. Let’s wait & see how it unfolds! 😛

  2. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Hmm my relative who is a fellow Chair fan is more convinced after this episode that the baby’s probably Chuck’s. I think this spec is interesting and only time will tell.

  3. lw says:

    My prediction is that they go on one of those shows that does paternity tests. Chuck and Louis end up duking it out Jerry Springer style.

    Just kidding. Sort of.

  4. El says:

    If Louis did read the test, then I don’t think that the wedding would still be on. I read an interesting point; they usually have the person’s name on the results, and will say either positive or negative.
    Hm, I just don’t know anymore! lol

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I have to disagree. There are many different paternity tests, the majority of them has only a “negative/positive” match result with ‘the possible father’, they never ask you WHO the person you are testing will be. Easily, if this one has it too and it’s negative, Blair may say she used Chuck’s DNA and not Louis’, so it’s Chuck that is negative, when he isn’t, because in truth she used Louis’ DNA. They could do this and Blair could justify she had sex before Louis came to NYC, and was worried about the paternity for that. Louis will think she hasn’t cheated because she slept with Chuck way before he proposed to her, and they can continue to live a happy (lol lying) engagement.

  5. Jessica says:

    I think you’re right in so many areas. But I’m still not convinced… I really hope that it is chuck’s baby tho and i was actually 100% sure that it was after the 3rd episode. but after watching more episodes, my hopes are slowly disappearing. I just realy want the writers to smarten us and give us more chair cause if they don’t, i swear i will never watch gossip girl again. i mean chair is like the only reason i even waatch gg in the first place. when they’re showing the other characters stories, i just skip thro it and not paay attention. it’s pointless srrsly. i just want chair to get married, have their baby and live happily ever after!!! ❤

  6. Anna says:

    Very interesting! Loved it!

  7. EsmyDupone says:

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m the biggest Chair fan ever…but

    1) bit a stretch, Prince Albert is pretty famous for his bastards, I think that was the reference

    2 & 3) also a bit of stretch

    4) possible…i like the connection between Chuck resolving his childhood issues before he can move on and be a part of a child’s childhood

    5) sigh…unfortunately i think finding the test is a signal that Louis IS the father. if it said “baby daddy Bass” i think he’d run downstairs and be like “wtf woman! who the baby daddy?” haha. i think he’s more affronted that she needed to have a test DONE in the first place and now just wants Chuck out of the picture. but i’m still praying that he needs this baby to secure the throne or something and now he doesn’t care whose it is, and just wants Chuck eliminated from the picture. he and Beatrice must be related for a reason. We’ll have to see, and as a current doctoral psyc student…omg, this therapist has just broken a million ethical laws. double sigh. only on the UES 😀

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I know about Prince Albert’s playboy manners (didn’t he have a son out of marriage too?).

      Points 2-3 are mostly for fun, I believe there’s a bit of truth in the words used to describe certain things Chuck was referring to, but of course they are more general, I may have read too much into them. haha.

      For some reasons I don’t think Louis would be all “Blair why did you do a paternity test”. He is innocent and calm. He wants to trust Blair. He wants to find out first what possibly brought her to do the test in the first place, and he’s gonna do it via Chuck because he has no ball to ask Blair directly. Imo in the next epi Louis asks her about the paternity test, after Chuck has probably spilled details on some encounter he had with Blair, at the BM? I know of course Louis would ask Blair someday, but probably is Chuck that comforted by the rule of the silence the therapist SHOULD follow (yes, she broke many rules, I hope she’ll stop! :() he confesses that particular, and the woman tells Louis.

      Louis is an oportunist imo. For him family (unlike Chuck) comes first. Blair and this baby are his family now, like he says, so he’s going to do everything it takes to keep that baby a Grimaldi, even if it’s probably not a Grimaldi. To make his mother happy, perhaps? Because it seems the only thing Sophie dreams is her son married (she organized him the party with the princesses in 4.20) and with a heir. Get back to Monaco alone would mean mommy is sad and disappointed by him. His reasons to marry and have a baby even if not his, are big. He would forgive the betrayal imo, just to get what he wants.

  8. Chair_Forever says:

    I really hope you are right, Chuck has to be the father

    • Chair Love says:

      Im 100% sure that we have a chair baby the strongest sign for me is the fact that louis is not one of the regular cast if it was between dan and chuck I would be super worried but both dan and blair have made it very clear that they only shared a kiss nothing else. 1) the bass-tard line was a give away for me also it was one of those very big read between the line statements that GG is very good at and the way she said (BASS-tard) and not (barstad) was very clear. 2-3) not sure about those lol maybe ? . 4)I think chucks man reason to have this therapy was to pick up the doctor but after she gave him some hard truths about him self he realised that he needs her help to change his ways so he doesn’t end up hanging in a closet on his own hence growing up and being a man that the people he loves can be proud of (blair lilly and baby etc). 5) Louis has found the paternity test and i think he has read it and found out that chuck is involved or maybe even that he is the dad not sure on that one yet but I do believe that he is also hiding something and even if he did read the test and he now knows it’s chucks he won’t let blair go cause he just told his mother to get stuffed and if it blows up in his face he will look like a fool so now he is going to try and get rid of chuck for good and that is when he will come undone.
      Finally (lol) for the last 5 episodes it’s all been about chuck growing up when blair told him about the baby he didn’t blow up and lose the plot like old chuck would of, when louis walked out on blair at dans reading the old chuck would of gone in guns blazing to win her back but instead he cautioned louis not to buy into the fiction of dans book and to believe in the facts of blairs love for him for chuck bass that is a huge step to becoming a grown up and to stand up for blair that way shows that no matter what happens he has her best interest at heart and always will. now louis is going to do something under handed and that is were he is going to come undone and when chuck finds out he is going to put him on a plane with a one way ticket back to Monoco and save the day ! lol. Thanks sooooo much for listening GO CHAIR xxxxx

  9. Andrea says:

    I totally agree! I refuse to think that Louis is the father -.-”

    Your reason are PERFECT! I hope you’re right ><

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