ASK Ausiello

Question: Your Gossip Girl spoiler from last week’s AA is driving me nuts. You teased that there’s a kiss coming that is “so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert].” Tell us who’s smooching and what’s hidden beneath the [spoiler alert]! —Cathy
Ausiello: The person on the receiving end of the kiss is Blair, and it’s followed by a **a*. [Stay close to my Twitter feed for scoop on those three missing letters.]

Question: I’m really enjoying Gossip Girl this season. I was wondering if you had any spoilers to share with us? Anything about Blair and Chuck would be good! —Tanya
Ausiello: Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the invite list. Guesses? Hit the comments!



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20 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello

  1. Susy says:

    …followed by a SLAP!!
    My guess is that it will be like at the beginning of season 2 when chuck kisses her while she’s with marcus. Or maybe lonely boy makes a last effort?!

  2. Terrified Chair Fan says:

    The 1st spoiler is kinda scary. I’m a CHAIR fan, so don’t get me wrong, BUT there’s speculations DAIR would be kissing. Remember the spoiler that 3 words 8 letters by Dan to Blair would come out later this season? And last night Serena’s hints to Blair that Dan is in love with her? Anyway, my point is I hope it’s followed by a SLAP! It would be justified. Horny Brooklyn guy with a huge crush on an UES chick…gets rejected. Fine! BUT the problem is that everyone is so willing to think it’s a SLAP, that they forgot to explore other options. In England there’s a word, it’s well rude though, to say “having sex”. It’s s.h.A.g. (Sorry, censuring it would ruin the point.) Third letter is still “A”. I really hope I’m wrong with my speculation though! I’d rather it be a slAp!

  3. Jasmine says:

    A SLAP ?

  4. lw says:

    followed by a slap?

  5. lw says:

    oh and the two ppl missing from the shower are obviously dan and chuck. how can she let that darn prince drive a wedge between her and her friends like that?!

  6. Jessica :) says:

    Waaaaaaaaa!!! What’s the other missing letters? Any guess? 😐

  7. Slap? What about clap? Like people around are applauding?

  8. Missy says:

    I say a slap. Maybe it will be Epi 6 when Chuck tells his feelings and tries to kiss her and she slaps him and says you missed your chance? If its Dair Ill be livid…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It’s for sure on 5.07, not 5.06. (At least EW said that)

      • If it’s 5.07 then I’m feeling much more relieved. The seventh episode has always been Chair’s. (Although, so was 3 words, eight letters, but let’s not think about that right now).

        Actually, not only has the seventh episode always belonged to Chair, it’s always been the transition point for them. Usually for the better. In season one, episode seven was the birth of Chair as a couple i.e. limo sex. In season 2, it was the episode where Blair realizes her feelings for Chuck and seduces him, only to begin the ‘I love you’ feuds that went on for a few episodes longer. In season 3, Chair are together but we get the first hint that things might not be as solid between them as we previously believed. Still, it ends with them together and every bit in love. Season 4, we got the hate sex scene that essentially brought them back together.

        Whatever goes down in episode seven, if the writers have any respect for history, it will somehow transition Chair from this “denial” state that they’re in to something better. Oh, and…it’s ALWAYS HOT. The hottest scenes EVER on GG have been Chair scenes that happened during the seventh episode of a season.

  9. El says:

    If it’s Dan that Blair kisses, then I will stop watching this show. For good.

  10. neha says:

    kiss SO HOT it will be followed by a slap??
    i think the so hot n slap doesn’t work together

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      If Chuck kisses Blair, she is going to slap him because even if she’d feel something, she is still engaged with another man and trying to move on from Chuck (or so she thinks she is moving on).

  11. Nichole says:

    I have a sinking feeling that the kiss will be between Blair and Dan. I guess she would slap him since she wouldn’t want to believe he has deeper feeling for her than she does for him. I also seeing this play out that once he does kiss her, yet again, she may start feeling something for him too. That is the part I don’t like. But this is just my speculation, so who knows what is going to go down until after the episode airs. I really don’t want to be right on this one. *sigh*

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I consider that worst case scenario, totally possible of course. I want to be positive and think it’s CB that will kiss, à la 2.03 in the dark (since every one is supposed to wear masks and be a bit confused since this Sleep no more thing is about this). If you think about it, even if fictional for D’s book, DB already had a kiss. Of course he could kiss her and reveal him something like “Chuck is the father/I love you, Chuck” like Nate in 1.06 to Jenny at the masquerade. But they already had their ‘bone’ in a way. We had hints here and there that Chuck may be the father and that is for sure he still loves her, but from Blair’s part besides that scene in 5.03, she seemed pretty normal towards him in general. If they kiss and then she slaps him, we could see that even if engaged, Blair still has thoughts for Chuck but because of her dream to become a princess and something that will probably happen in 5.06, will make her regret she kissed him. This could be another confirmation the story it’s still CB, and it would reassure many people who think CB is over (which is clearly not). .

      On the DB side it could happen that he kisses her for the moment, she realizes who is kissing her, and slaps him because we clearly saw Blair doesn’t feel anything for him more than friendship.

  12. lw says:

    followed by a stay? as in chuck stays the night?

  13. thatbass-hole says:

    If it is a Chair kiss, I don`t think it`ll be done intentionally. Chuck has grown and seeing as he pushed for Louis and Blair to be happy, I don`t see him ignoring all he`s done and just kiss Blair. To me, it doesn`t make much sense. Since it`s a masked ball, there is the possibility that they unintentionally kiss? I don`t know.. As much as I hate to admit this, I think it`s a Dair kiss. Dan`s impulsive and, despite his GPA, isn`t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to woman. Blair following with a slap, of course. Ugh, whatever happens, you guys, we must keep faith that Chair is and will be endgame.

  14. Jasmine says:

    Well, could also be that Chuck and Blair are kissing and of course she knows its him. And then somebody comes by or she sees a realizes a nother person watching them and just HAS to splap chuck so that the watching audience (whoever it may be) will think Blair has no fault and she of course slapped the man that robbed a kiss…She will still be playing her pure and sweet fairytale princess role to keep herself in this illusion, although she knows she still cares about Chuck and this kiss that she propably responded to with lots of passion will keep her feelings for him alive and dig them out of her…Blair trying to let her head rule over her heart, but I am son sure this will get tough for her and perhaps she would like to play her game called Bassectomy and her therapy to it

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The fact that Dan is on a book tour makes me think he is OUT of the picture in the Sleep no more drama. I won’t doubt that. In addition, people who were on set those days they shoot this said that they see everyone BUT Penn. Penn in fact was busy shooting his Jeff Buckley movie. Makes me think the only people at the party will be the ones in the “are also in the episode”.

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