Watch with Kristin – SPOILERS

wrightst3: Any details about the EPIC apology from Chuck to Blair coming up on #GossipGirl?
I don’t think the apology itself is epic, but rather it’s an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic. I’m also hearing that Chuck will be taking a certain someone to therapy with him. Any guesses on who?


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12 thoughts on “Watch with Kristin – SPOILERS

  1. El says:

    Last night’s episode:

    1) ‘star of the book’ BARF lol I hope Blair doesn’t read too much into that!

    2) Who was the woman in the photograph that Diana burned?

    3) No Chuck and Blair together so I give it a 5/10 rating lol.

  2. Missy says:

    I didnt enjoy the Epi. I think mainly because I am just so worn out by this storyline, I mean how much pain do we need to endure?! The plus at the end was Louis finally stepping up and acting more as he should in protecting his assets. I still dont understand why a therapy woman was his first though..but we will see. So depressed about this epi..

  3. Missy says:

    Also I saw that last night was the 100th epi, wasnt something Epic suppose to happen?

  4. Missy says:

    whew..ok..when it said that on my tv I thought WHAT? This is what we get!! Well, here is hoping to a great 13th then

  5. Jasmine says:

    this actually was the first time that we have seen the prince acting like a human being with a personality and not just smiling and standing around like “furniture” (that´s the correct impression someone used for him on an older post here). And although I hate admitting it, but last night (and for the very first time) I found him somewhat likeable as he stood up against his mother (or was that just for never know). If this is true and due to the fact that he told blair that she was his only family now, perhaps he really cares for her. But seeing the the paternity test dealt him a heavy blow. Of course he didn´t fully trust Blair all the time before, but he didn´t expect this to happen. Perhaps the result says that the DNA of the baby doesn´t match with the tested material of the person that is thought to be the biological father or it does match (in no test they would use the name I am sure) or the test says that the result couldn´t be achieved for whatever reason. (I am sure she just got the princes tissue/saliva/hair tested and not also chucks. To test with one person is enough) So in either way, the prince doesn´t know who´s DNA she got tested with..but only the fact that she had a test done (whatever result it has).. makes feel fully betrayed. Surely he has big doubts now about him being the father and/or what is “not” going between Chuck and Blair. Of Course he got Chuck observed from the very beginning ( I would have done the same 🙂 ) – he had overheard their conversation in the hall, standing on the stairs, when Blair told Chuck he loved him and Chuck told her to let go and be happy with the prince- so he would know that Chuck has contact with a psychologist and now offers her big money to get the truth out of him now. (Or he wants to send Blair for whatever made up reason to the psychologist doctor to get to know her secret,although that possibility sounds kind of odd, I think the latter).
    Poor monégasque prince, he already sees his hopes and future dashed by the dark prince.

  6. Jasmine says:

    …and Diana..why did Bart have her picture (obviously a picture taken a very long time ago)? who is she? ex-lover? or family member, that grew up in England? we will see.. (but I don´t like Liz Hurley playing here, i didn´t know that she has such a masculine voice.. )

  7. Jasmine says:

    wowwwwwwww! have you seen this? the canadian promos are always much better: (here we have the epic part already unveiled), and the proof that CHAIR is still on (Chuck loves her….yes yes yes…go for her Chuck, GO!!!!!!)

  8. Ooh, yay! The ring is making another appearance too. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Chuck remembering that he wanted to spend THE REST OF HIS LIFE with Blair. He needs to remember to fight for her, and I appreciate the steps he seems to be taking to fix the mistakes he’s made in the past. Maturity, here Chuck Bass comes.

    Oh and Louis, Chuck NEVER has been and never will be a monster! He was just a little damaged is all and he’ll fix it. So, uh, GTFO.

    I like the analysis above that states that names won’t even be used on the paternity test, so all that Louis will know for sure is that there is was a question, the rest he has to depend on Blair’s word for. The test itself also depends on whose DNA Blair submitted. The most logical answer is Louis, but not necessarily. I’m sure she has plenty of ways of getting DNA from Chuck if she doesn’t already have something of his in her house. Like the scarf, perhaps. I’m sure that would have his hair on it.

    Anyway, I think Blair is going to tell Louis that he’s the father again, but the paternity test itself proves nothing

  9. El says:

    Louis having no personality is not bugging me as much as this is:

    Are we honestly supposed to believe that a regular guy like DAN is now some famous writer who every famous director wants to work with? It would have been more believable if Chuck wrote it, because at least he has some power in that area.

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