Speculation Post Day 4 – Mixed Feelings

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve had parents from North of Italy at home and I couldn’t focus on writing the post. Now they’ve gone away so I’m going to gather my ideas.

What I’m going to discuss today is the new Ausiello spoiler, and the new Kristin spoiler. Well by K not both, since the first is about Louis being the father and contrasts with the Ausiello ones saying he really has no idea. I already speculated and told you several times how and why the baby it’s Chuck’s, so I think isn’t that exciting to repeat things all over again (at least for me). What I want you to remember again, is that you need to have patience. This is just the beginning *speaks in an Eric Northman from TB voice* and there’s time for stories to unfold, and for CB to have rebuilt and what we all hope will happen. I wouldn’t worry this early, and neither should you imo. But that’s just my opinion. I’m open to talk if you ever want opinions and reassurances. I’ve got a bit of optimism to give!

Second point I’m going to discuss is Louis. Not a boring essay, of course. What I’ve been asked was to discuss whether or not he has a dark side. I won’t write a long point on this issue because I don’t care about him either way, but his persona influences CB now, and so he is important to them as a prop. He is a guest, so I will just try to figure how he may gtfo. lol.

Third point is slightly different. I know this is a Chair blog, but I wanted to speculate about this issue anyway. My third speculation point will be about Ivy and how I had some interesting theory about her, Chuck and Dan.

Let’s hope I am able to write a reasonable post and not write too much. lol.

1. Ausiello and Kristin’s spoiler chats

Today (well yesterday for you since when I read that was 3am my time) we’ve got the latest news from Ausi. He talked about a kiss between a couple with passionate fans, and that it will be followed by something he didn’t spoil, and that he doesn’t know who the daddy of B’s baby is. Supposing the couple may be Chuck and Blair, will or won’t they?

He talks about a kiss. Well, Josh 2.0 said that the triangle would be CBL. Okay, the third member of the triangle doesn’t for sure have to kiss or have sex with the female or male contended. In S1 for example, and also in S2, the Chuck/Nate/Blair triangle went on with Chuck pining for Blair after episode 2.20. She was with Nate, and she only had scenes with Chuck pretending they were better off as friends. Here’s happening the same thing, with CB trying to be friends while she’s with the new Nate, aka Louis.

We have many options open for this spoiler.

  1. Chuck and Blair kiss, it is a real kiss. – Wouldn’t be opposed to this at all, of course. But Blair has already cheated on Louis in the finale with Chuck, don’t think she would do it again.
  2. Chuck and Blair kiss, it is a dream. – This is more likely. Josh said there will be a Blair dream in 5.07. I don’t know when this kiss occurs. Could be, like it can’t be. As someone rumored recently, Blair may dream she’s marrying Chuck and they kiss in the dream? No idea.

Outcomes aka the “followed by [spoiler alert]” part:

  1. Blair slaps Chuck because he kissed her. Hell, as much as I’d love they would kiss, don’t think this theory is likely. I can’t see Chuck bothering her again like he did in the past, but if he does, she may give him a slap.
  2. The baby kicks! This would be too cute for words. Like someone pointed out in the comments, Blair would feel the baby kick when Chuck is there with her, just like episode 4.06 when they shake hands and she feels the handgasm *lol*. Time for the baby kicking would be right, they should start after the 5th month.
  3. An apology? Kristin said that Chuck will apologize to Blair. I guess he will apologize for hurting her in the past, probably excusing he’s put himself in the way of her fairytale, first with Nate, then Louis. But what if he apologizes for a kiss? Uhm.

Regarding paternity… Paternity is still open. As we see in the 5.05 Promo, Louis finds the test results. Not sure he’s gonna open them, but if he does he may be even more doubtful of Blair, causing his mommy to do the contract. Or maybe Louis’s mom knows that the baby may not be Louis’?

Either way, patience. This revelation has happened too fast. Again I don’t think it is DEFINITIVELY. Big omfg happened usually around episodes 7-9. Look at last year. In 4.07 CB had sex on a freaking piano when we thought they probably came to a point of hating one another. This also happened in S1 with the limo sex, then in S2 on 2.08 with the “Maybe in the future” (parallel with the If two people are meant to be together scene from 4.09), to say two occasions. The 7th episode is usually expected to be the one with the highest point of drama, it is meant to be a turning point of actions to set the finale of the first half of the season.

Wouldn’t it be a twist if Chuck knows then? Or better, if he knows around ep 9 or 10? The more they drag the paternity, the more people will hang and wait, at least the patient ones. I think the late he finds out, the better. Contrary to what some people think, the more a secret is kept, the more exciting is for me when everyone (or the direct interested) finds out.

2. Is Louis just Kermitt the frog, or he could be a Darth Vader in disguise?

No offence to Kermitt the frog, but he looks like Louis. The boring prince Louis. I usually despise guys like him, they bore me to death, and I am unattracted by people who are too good to be true. Blair claims he is perfect, but what if he isn’t? He clearly isn’t.

Everyone has flaws, even the perfect Michelangelo statues of the Renaissance Era. Louis has to have a magic wand or something to be perfect, or a good foundation. lol. Because I don’t buy it. I may be too diffident as per usual, but on a show like Gossip Girl none is a saint, above all guest stars. Most of them come to cause drama, and Louis is no exception since he’s causing boring drama to us.

Like Eva last year. Girl was so pretty and angelic, and seemed perfect, but she had one hell of a secret. She was a prostitute. Wow, for a girl that good and angelic that double life seemed weird to me. Never I would have expected that she was an escort. She didn’t have the face… just like Louis.

Here with Louis is different. He’s a member of the royal family, hence he is wealthy and I’m sure he’s not a gigolo. We’ve seen his sister flirting with Father Cavalia in 5.02, so we saw she also playing a double-faced game. Louis must be something dirt in his past, or his present. Remember he is moved by his beloved mother who is so protective of her son. Remember Louis came to New York after months he hasn’t seen Blair, and after few days marries her.

Doesn’t that sound strange?

The justification could be that in royal families time you propose doesn’t count, but this is not the Louis XVI era with Marie Antoinette forced to marry a man she didn’t love. We are in 2011, and I guess engagement work differently.

Sure Blair has met Louis months before, but all she knew since the moments they met were short, is his name and that he is a prince. WOW. She knows everything!! LOL. I know that she can know him better after they wed, but no. There are some couples that spend years together without getting married, and they decide to break up for disagreements. I don’t think a few months relationship would last either. Just like Ranieri asked Grace Kelly, Louis is going to ask Blair to lose everything she’s earned in NYC before she moves to Monaco.

An upset Blair is quite surprised to find out she has to move to Monaco to give birth. What did she expect? She’s going to marry a French prince, not an American prince (is there a prince in US, besides Prince the singer? *lol*), it’s natural that she would end up living in his hometown, duh. And she’s gonna lose her college, and her friends. Yeah. Because yes there is Skype and things like that, but skin contact is another thing. For experience I’ve had many friends living far from me or parents in another region of my country that I have not seen for years. Whenever I met them, I feel that even if they tell me how their life is going via phone or texts, that I’m missing something. That they’re different people, they aren’t the ones I used to know. People can change in a small span of time.

We’ve already seen from the Pilot how Serena had changed in the time Blair and the others hadn’t seen her around. This will eventually happen again, I’m sure of it. Blair has to think about her decision to marry Louis, properly. Above all since Louis’ mom is going to tie her down with the contract.

3. Ivy. Charlie. Who’s that girl?

Starting this point saying that I only posted this in between the spec because a bit of Chuck was involved.

After I read GGWriter’s answers to some tweets, one about whether Ivy/Charlie’s surname Dickens was chosen on purpose, I did some research. I went to google and looked for infos about Charles Dickens. Why CD? Well, first because he’s the first famous person who’s named Dickens that came to my mind. Second, Charlie/Charles Dickens, the name of Serena’s cousin wasn’t chosen just because either. Third, because if you cross the two fake identities (recurring theme of the 4th GG season) you have Charlie Dickens and Ivy Rhodes.

What has Charles Dickens to do with our show? Well, besides the name, there are some facts about his life that reminded me of both Chuck and Dan related to Charlie.

Basically Charlie Rhodes/Ivy Dickens is a both of them, I figured. Charlie Rhodes is the girl with issues who’s being kept away from her “toxic” aunts and cousins. She lives a normal life, apparently. I have no idea if her mother lets her daughter live with the money CeCe gives to her, or Charlie lives really as Season1 Humphrey would. Ivy Dickens is an actress. She wants to be famous perhaps, reach her goal to act. She isn’t familiar with the wealthy world, but she dreams it (remember in 4.18 and 4.19 how she’s giddy to see couture dresses and stuff).

Charlie Rhodes is Chuck, Charles. Ivy Dickens is Dan.

Charlie is the wealthy girl who also has some issues. We know anything about her besides the name, we should also see her on screen to check how she is in reality, whether she has these mental issues her mom claims she has.

His relation to Charles Dickens may be with the characters he has written, besides that with the name. Chuck is Dickensian, he was addressed that way in Season 3, if I recall (in 3.12). In that episode Blair says Chuck is doing a Scrooge act (if you’ve read A Christmas Carol you’d understand). He also said “How Dickensian” to Dan in 2.14 when he told him Rufus had gone to orphanages. CD got married with one woman called Catherine. They had a son named Charles too. Louis in this last episode asks Blair if she wants to call the baby Charles since she seems so attracted by that name. Don’t know whether or not this makes sense.

Dan is Ivy Dickens for a reason, that is the surname. Charles Dickens was a famous author from XIX century. One of my faves, must say. He worked for newspapers and wrote an anonymous novel, just like Dan did. He also loved a woman who didn’t love him back, and got married with one he liked but not the one he wanted. He spent his last years alone, not ending some of his main novels. CD is also known to be the first writer of the social novel, the novel that criticizes society and is sarcastic about it. Exactly what was in Dan’s book apparently.

They both are connected, you see. The Dickensian reference was also connected to Dan finding out he has an older brother, and could be connected to Chuck and Blair’s baby, his being in the dark about it.

There are also other funny things about Charles Dickens. His initials are C, like Chuck-Charles, and D, like Dan-Daniel. Funny, isn’t it? Also, Dickens has written for a newspaper called “Master Humphrey‘s Clock“, and he has also written a memoirs of a famous English clown called Joseph Grimaldi (Louis’ surname).

I don’t know if all of this makes sense, but this is my opinion. Tell me what do you think!


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hey, you! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Tweety, and I am a girl who loves writing, reading, and watching stuff on TV and write reviews about it. I currently study languages (English and Spanish) @ University here where I live in Italy. I dream to become a teacher or something more impossible, like a writer. For the moment I only write stories on my laptop and review a lot of books. Speaking of which, I'm really into YA despite I am not a teenager anymore, and if you have suggestions, I am always open to hear your book advice! :D

14 thoughts on “Speculation Post Day 4 – Mixed Feelings

  1. lw says:

    I do think that as the writers stated, there is relevance in Charlie’s surname as Dickens.

    My first thought was of the theme of orphans throughout his writing. Perhaps Charlie is an orphan (think Oliver Twist) and the main characters will end up bestowing their sympathy upon her.

    Also, I think if you draw the parallels between Ebenezer Scrooge and Bass, you’ll find that the plot of season five and A Christmas Carol are quite similiar.
    1. Chuck starts off the season feeling nothing, Scrooge feels nothing either
    2. Dan gives Chuck a dog. Scrooge’s nephew invites him to join his Christmas party.
    3. Dan writes about Chuck meeting a lonely fate in his novel. Scrooge is shown his fate by the ghosts.
    4. Anyone care to speculate what comes next?

    Another thing that I want to point out is that you can generally guess the outcome of a book, movie, or tv series based on ring formula. I have studied this on a university level.

    In short, ring structure is a literary formula subconsciously used by all human beings and studied by anthropologists.

    In ring formula, the story is told a circular shape; in other words, the beginning of the story will enmesh with the ending. The start and the finish are essentially the same point. This will be illustrated literally and symbolically, as will all of the other stages.

    After the beginning, each stage or phase of the story will be looked at as one step up the mountain.

    In the centre of the story, there will be a big turn where a line between the beginning and the end is drawn, dividing the going and the returning of the narrative.

    After the middle point, each stage or phase will be looked at as a step down the other side of the mountain, mirroring, or reflecting, the step opposite it in the reverse way that it occurred. So, in other words, if you have a twenty chapter book, chapter one will mirror chapter twenty, chapter two will mirror chapter eighteen, and so on.

    Here, I will illustrate several examples, although they are merely the tip of the ice berg:

    -We know that Blair lost her virginity to Chuck in season 1 after she ran to him for comfort after breaking up with Nate. It is likely that Blair will run to Chuck in season 5 in a similar manner.
    -In season 1, Blair had a pregnancy scare where the paternity was questioned. Chuck adamantly denied that the baby could have been his and taunted Blair. In season 5, we’re seeing this again, except this time, Chuck mans up and shows that he wants the child.

    There are many more and I think someone should write a post about Gossip Girl’s ring formulas. 🙂

  2. chairfan says:

    good analysis…i definitely didn’t think about that ivy/charlie plotline! in the last episode was the dair kiss imagined or one of the movie scenes? that confused me.

  3. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    I love your third analysis of Chuck and Dan to Charles Dickens, as I am a fan of his, myself. Your comparisons were right on (Chuck to Scrooge, etc.), I’m sure the writers didn’t do this coincidentally. I also see parallels between Dan to Pip, from Great Expectations, because they both started out with low-statuses but went on to live in a higher social class, and obviously Dan liking Blair similar to how Pip loved Estella despite how bitchy she was to him. Another big one is A Tale of Two Cities because I’m pretty sure the writers mentioned this book in one of their responses on Twitter too since Sydney CARTON (ahem Chuck) being sort of an alcoholic bad-boy who’s deeply in love with Lucy Manette and makes sacrifices for her and Charles DARNAY (Dan, anyone?) the guy who Carton hates but becomes friends with. I guess you could say that Darnay is similar to Louis being the French guy to marry Lucy Manette and all, but I resent any mention of that big fat bummer of a character. Anyway, I’m not really sure where the writers are going with that parallel since the book ends heroically, yet tragically for Carton unless it relates to Chuck’s redemption in that sentimental way. Great spec. in general though, you don’t disappoint!

  4. WaldorfBass says:

    Wow, this is just wonderful! Thank you for that insight.. Now it just left me speechless

  5. amanda says:

    ok, first of all… did you just quote Eric Northman?!! Seriously, I think i’m in love with you! we should be bffs and have sleepovers every week, and TB and GG marathons each month, and get married, have 5 cats (or dogs, whatever you like) and discuss Chuck Bass awesomeness during breakfast for the rest of our lives…. *daydreaming*

    ahem.. ok, enough with my shameless fangirling…. WOW your Chuck/Ivy/Dan research just blew my mind!! you know, most of the time I think the writers are useless and they don’t really know what they’re doing and then I read things like these and i’m like OH.GOD. they’re brilliant!!!!!!!!! that or they’re too damn lucky lol

    anyways, thank you for this flawless post! 🙂

  6. Anna says:

    You’re defenitely my favorite GG/Chair-blog ❤
    I enjoy reading every single post and you seem like a smart girl. I love your parallels and reading your opinion. Thank you for having such an amazing blog!
    xoxo from Germany

  7. Edita says:

    O my got, you did a fantastic job with that research of Dickensian!!! It’ s fantastic!!! And about a kiss I really think that IT will be a dream. Because blair is pregnant. For chuck IT would be psihologicaly tuff ( hard ) thing to kiss. How can Chuck kiss with pashion blair if He knows that she is carying other man Baby and will marry to him very soon.

  8. grace says:

    Amazing post!
    I find it interesting this theory about Charlie/Ivy but i think the writers have no brain or talent to develop something like this.Unfortunately, Charlie/Ivy is just another shift character.
    About Louis, honestly i don’t hate him because this ‘dark side’ is part of the game.It’s the beginning of the end of the wedding storyline.

  9. Susy says:

    That charlie/ivy plotline is definitely true, i didn’t think about it before but now it just makes real sense!

    About blair & chuck: last night i was just thinking about them, the baby & the paternity question, when a new idea popped my mind: the baby is louis but since blair refuses to sign that contract his mother and sister give her she has to decide between moving to france and leaving everything behind or staying in new york and being with chuck but leaving louis.
    So there are 2 options:

    1)she looses the baby because of all those quarrels and needs chuck to be happy again

    2)she decides to give the baby to louis and stay in new york, since a baby is not really blair-like!

    I think that somehow they have to get rid of the baby again, because it would be weird for chair when they only get together because of a child and not because of love. And i can’t really imagine blair being a mum!

    Of course i really hope that the baby is chucks! Maybe in 5×07 chuck apologizes that he got blair pregnant and ruined her life again!

  10. WaldorfBass says:

    I’m thinking that “if” she signs the contract, Maybe Chuck and Blair might be helped by Jack to blackmail the Grimaldi’s. Well, you never know since Jack helped Chuck with Russell Thorpe right?

  11. Laura K says:

    Well said. I agree with what you said about Ivy/Charlie. I’m so glad i from your blog. Your speculations are awesome to read.

    I thought of something after seeing the Canadian promo. Maybe Louis doesn’t find the paternity test at all. In the Canadian promo he’s yelling at his mom over something she had done. Maybe the weird custody thing he finds? And someone else finds the paternity test? As promo’s dont show everything and can be missleading.

  12. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your specs. You’ve brought up some interesting parallels with the whole Ivy/Dickens angle here. I haven’t read all of Dickens’ work, admittedly, but I have to say that Ivy does remind me of Pip from Great Expectations. (An orphan with little prospects who is suddenly made wealthy and is groomed to be a gentleman, only to find out that the entire thing is a sham orchastrated by a bitter old woman out for revenge on all of the male sex). I believe Carol Rhodes is filling the role of Mrs. Faversham in this case and perhaps the difference between Ivy and Pip would be that Ivy KNOWS in advance that this is all a game.

    Anyway, as for Ivy’s connection to Chuck or Dan, did anyone else see that the folder Ivy is stealing during Monday’s episode has Bart’s name on it? Why would it have Bass Sr.’s name on it do you think, I thought Charlie was told to investigate/dig up dirt on Blair?

  13. s says:

    Yes MZ I noticed that too but Josh Safran had said about a certain topic that hasn’t been addressed since Season 2 will be brought up again in “the Fasting and the Furious” some speculate it has to do with Bart’s old club…

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