5.04 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan – Recap

Recap a little bit early today. Let’s start saying this episode was quite like 5.02, well written and funny, but it didn’t give me that much. There are many parts I liked, and some I despised (Louis scenes I’m looking at you. Also the fake DB kiss). Overall, it wasn’t bad. I still feel sorry for Chuck *cries* and I hope things will get better as we go. I’m only goint to recap Chuck and Blair scenes.
My vote for this episode is 6.5/10.

Tell me what did you think!

 “In literature, there are thousands of endings. Some happy, some sad. Some end with a twist. Some stories open the door for something more. And then there are fairytale endings, where the girl gets her prince. And endings that turn you introspective about your own life and your place in the world. And then there’s the ending that you saw coming a mile away, and yet somehow still takes you by surprise. But don’t worry, this story isn’t ending. We’re just at the start of a brand-new chapter.”

First time we see Blair, she’s looking at herself in the mirror. She’s commenting on how her boobs look huge, and she’s huge as well. Wow, Blair. If you’re huge then I’m a whale. Seriously. Louis comments that he found that pregnant women have mood swings, but that they didn’t know Blair before this statement (lame comment). They talk about telling their parents she’s pregnant, and Louis tells her his mother and his sister are going to come to the consolate that night, and Cyrus and Eleanor are going to come as well.

Blair is worried Sophie may be upset, but Louis reassures her that he is sure she would be over the moon since “providing an heir to the kingdom is the job of any princess” (seriously, kingdom??? You live in a Principate, Louis!) and that’s what she’s doing. Now have babies is a job? I didn’t know. Seems to me like yeah Louis is happy of this baby, but his main concern is that he’s going to give an heir to the throne. Blair also decides to call someone.

The first time Chuck and Blair meet in this episode is kind of cute. Only regret I have is that the scene looked cuter in the filming pics. It also looked longer, but whatever. It’s still a scene. If Chuck and Blair were together now, they would really looks like a family. A dog, and a baby on the way. GAAAAH!

Chuck is walking Monkey when Blair meets him. She asks him about Dan’s book, but Chuck tells her he can’t say anything since he has promised to keep his mouth shut. Blair seems surprised Chuck isn’t biting his tongue, and Chuck tells her he’s learning. Blair also asks whether Dan is becoming the new “drama queen”, but Chuck interjects saying that she has always been the one playing that role. Blair says she prefers being a “drama princess” now.

Chuck asks how she’s doing, and Blair politely says she’s okay. The dog starts to walk and Chuck seems he’s about to lose the balance, and Blair grips on his shoulder not to fall to. He says it’s because of squirrels (are there squirrels in NYC?) and that they shall go.

At the VDW/Humphrey house they arrive together. The ones already there (Rufly, Nate, Charlie) wonder why CB have also came. Rufus is worried because last time Dan told him and Lily he was a grandfather. Chuck reassures him that it’s not another thing big like that, and that Dan is going to give birth in another way. lol. Serena also gets in saying she has no time, and Blair comments that she said she didn’t have time to meet her, but she had time to come there. Serena is annoyed that she’s always alseep whenever she is at home, but of course Blair doesn’t reveal her pregnancy like that, she says that she’s still jetlagged.

Dan gets in and Chuck comments that now the situation is going to be fun. He asks them if they read about an anonymous author who wrote a book that is currently doing great because is about UES people. Nate said GG thinks the book is about them, and Blair comments that the book may have been written by some loser that doesn’t even know them (looool). “Am I that loser” Dan says, and Chuck makes a face (of course he already knows). Dan explains the book is about everyone, and from their faces only Chuck seems amused. I guess at this point Chuck had already had time to read the book unlike the others.

Dan warns everyone that the book is a work of fiction, so therefore they shouldn’t take what they read as a judgment. We find out that Nate’s character is gay in the book thanks to Chuck, and Dan tells him not to enjoy this too much. Chuck says that if he wants him to feel something, that is also a feeling. He suggests them to read before the presentation in the evening, and everyone is yep yep bye bye.

We have Blair asking S for a cup of decaf, but S says she needs to get back to work and that if it’s about the book, everyone loves a villain. Lmao Serena, you didn’t even read the book and already think that Blair would be pictured as the villain?! Serena then leaves and Blair talks to Dan. She says she wants to be kept in the dark about how he badly portayed her, and Dan seems to agree because he thinks that reading the book may ruin their friendship. Blair also lets Dan know that she won’t come to the presentation because she has better things to do like telling her family the good news.

Blair gets back home and starts saying that if it’s a boy, Pierre is a good name (sorry, NO). Louis suggests Charles, since it seems to have a significance for Blair. Blair is confused and Louis shows her GG website. He asks if the person she said she was going to tell the news to, was Chuck. Blair says it’s Serena, and that he shouldn’t worry. She went to meet Dan and the others because he had written a book. Louis thinks the book may do some damages, but Blair is sure Dan has so little imagination, and that it won’t do any harm. They shouldn’t worry about anything but the family they’re building. She excuses herself saying she’s going to lie down because the baby makes her tired.

At the Empire, Dan thanks Chuck for letting him stay there at his suite. Chuck comments he’s rather enjoying watching him squirm. He asks if he wants scotch, but Dan says it’s too early, so Chuck asks if he wants valium. Dan seems quite shocked (lol). He tells C that he’s worried about his father reaction, because he may has been harsh, even if he’s been harshest on himself. Chuck says that the artist must stand alone to watch the crowd. Dan wonders why he isn’t angry at him for killing his character off in the book, and Chuck answers that the book is clearly fictional. He doesn’t care. Dan hopes his friends will also have the same point of view Chuck has.

Back at the Waldorfs, Louis does not seem too happy. Blair informs him she’s still tired even if she slept for two hours, and Louis tells her that he has bad news. There’s a storm on the Atlantic, and his family can’t make it to NYC for the evening. He asks her what she wants to do that night, and Blair suggests they go to some place. Louis seems rather cold, and he instead suggests she goes to Dan’s party because he’s sure he’ll gonna like it; he has things to do anyway. He leaves and Blair knows he had lied because she had to receive a pair of shoes, and she couldn’t had received them if the weather was bad. Dorota tells B that Louis was reading Dan’s book while she was sleeping, and so she picks it up and reads a few lines, because she now gets why Louis is upset. “I’m gonna kill Dan Humphrey!”

Chuck is preparing the food for Monkey when Nate walks in. (And by the way, Nate’s new hair look awesome) Chuck asks if he spent time doing his hair that night (LOL) and Nate answers he didn’t care that Dan made him gay. Chuck says he was more offended he didn’t make he gay, and that he conflated Eric with Nate’s character. Nate looks WTF and Chuck says that his character is two years younger than everyone and best friends with Dylan Hunter’s (Dan) sister Frankie (Jenny). The only thing they share is lacrosse and a political pedigree. His character is named Derek.

At Blair’s, Dan gets in saying that he’s just got her text. Blair says she can’t believe he didn’t keep their secret, and Dan justifies that she just wanted to keep it secret. They babble about things I don’t care, and then they kiss. And then, lol, Blair is sitting on the stairs reading the book, because that scene is totally made up… (Thank Goddess it hurt my eyes).

At Dan’s presentation party, Chuck arrives with Rufus and Lily. They met Alessandra, Dan’s agent. He greets them, and she looks pleased to meet Chuck “Charlie Trout”. She thought he is upset, and he wouldn’t show up considering how tragic his character’s story is even before he dies, and the way it happens, she wondered how long he must have been hanging there before someone would find him. Chuck answers he has plenty of staff, they would’ve found him. “Staff? Not friends or family? It makes it even worse” she says. Yes, is worse. Because Chuck is the real lonely boy of the show. *cries*

Anyway Chuck goes to sit somewhere, and he’s reading a book when Serena arrives. She’s pissed because of her portayal, but Chuck tells her that it isn’t that bad, everyone loves a villain. Serena asks him then why he is always alone, and tells him she also told that to Blair, and here she comes. They are both upset, and they admit they only read their parts of the book because they were curious. Chuck tells them to check the study if they want Dan.

Blair and Serena go there, pissed. Serena is furious she may lose her job because of the book, and Blair says she could lose her fiance over that. Serena wonders why, and Blair says Dan wrote they had sex, explaining that isn’t really happened in real life. Do you think I would do that? Dan tells them things aren’t what they seem, and that is true. Louis walks in then. He has been overhearing their conversation, and affirms that’s why Dan wanted him to kill his story. “Turns how the only thing ridiculous is me” (yes it’s you, Louis. Now GTFO) Louis says. He just came there to check if his suspicions were true. Alessandra walks in at that point, followed by Rufus and Lily. She says since everyone is there, it’s the perfect time for a photo. Did she mistake Louis for Chuck or I’m wrong? *Uhm* Anyways, this “family photo” without Chuck reminded me of 4.18.

Serena asks Blair if it was this she has been trying to tell her the whole day, but Blair repeats that it never happened. Louis doesn’t believe her, because she said herself that Dan has no imagination (Louis Y SO gullible, I can’t even), and that he doesn’t have a reason to stay any longer, so he leaves the room.”You had better hope I can stop your fantasy life from destroying my real one” Blair says to Dan, and he answers that he never meant them to put in between she and Louis. Blair is mad. “When are you gonna get it through your head? There’s no ‘us’, there never was! There’s nothing here but friendship, and even that is gone now.” … Speaks for itself.

Louis goes out of the building, where Chuck is smoking. Chuck doesn’t seem pleased to see him, and he tells Louis he’s making a big mistake. Wow, Chuck really looks as if he knows everything (LOL). “In thinking that Blair could be trusted, yes. She will always have her secrets, she can’t exist without them. You were right after all” Louis answers. Chuck says he should never listen to him (this line about secrets was in 4.21) because if he’s read Dan’s book, he knows how he turns out.

“You have a chance at having love in your life, not ending up alone… hanging in a closet. Don’t give up on your own fact over someone else’s fiction.”

The day after Blair finally talks to Serena. They’re on her bed, and Blair tells her that Louis didn’t answer any of her calls. Serena asks her if it was for this that she was worried, if they were having troubles. Blair tells her she’s been so happy, and that she is pregnant. She is afraid she may be in this alone. Serena comforts her she’ll never be alone, because she will always be by her side. And that’s when Louis gets in. He tells her he is ashamed of his behavior, and that even if her past is compliacted, she has been honest about it (just like Chuck with Eva, ring a bell?). He comaplains that she seem to have too many secrets. Blair says he gave her a choice that night at Constance, and now she wants to give him one.

“Either you find a way to trust me, or you let me go.”

Louis answers he could never let her go (yes, because you need her baby for your Principate, Kermitt), and they hug.

Meanwhile, Chuck has gone to Lily’s house. She seems quite happy to see him, she’s glad he called. It’s been a long time. Chuck sees the magazine with the picture of everyone on it and comments that it seems he’s always off on his own. Lily says she thought he liked it that way, but Chuck explains he doesn’t want to be the unrepentant bad boy anymore, who no one cares if he lives or dies. Lily tells him that it’s just a book, but Chuck is worried things may turn out to be true. Lily tries to comfort him telling there are people who care deeply about him, if he would just let them. “Blair is lost to me” he says. *bawls* I think this explains that imo Chuck has always thought Blair was the only person who cared about him, but I guess also Lily does, so he should be grateful for her at the moment. This was my favorite scene of the epi.

We also see shoots of Blair and Louis on B’s bed that parallel with Nate and Blair’s final 1.02 scenes (well Louis reminds me of Nate, but Nate is smarter and more naive). Could it mean something with Nate she had a white dress? She was pure, delicate, like Chuck also says in 1.13; and in 5.04 she has a black pajama, that could mean lies, secrets?  We also see Chuck alone in his suite, drinking. Not sure this parallels with 1.02 too, but there we had Chuck with two skans… whatever. We knew how that ended…

All was animated by White Lies‘s song ‘Embrace‘ (ugh I love WL, please use their songs more even if theirs songs are a bit depressive)…

“When the daylight weighs a tonne, and all my friends are gone, there’s rust around the things I love. When it’s fraying at the seams of reality and dreams, all those dreams are quiet and dull. I’m lonely, and I’m looking for a place to go, where everything’s an embrace, and everybody wants to know. “

It may seem to some of you that some things have been closed. The paternity, for example. Well, I say no. I repeat it would be too easy to say the guy I’m going to marry is the father of my child, when it’s obvious that he’s not. So I just suggest you to wait, these secrets don’t come out this early. I guess we’ll have to wait for other 4-5 episodes.

It also seems to someone that Blair doesn’t care anymore about Chuck. Totally wrong. Yes, we’ve seen Chuck grieve being lonely, and Blair’s pregnancy news painful, but it’s not that we need to see the feelings on screen to know they are there. I’m sure Blair still loves him. She’s just doing what she thinks it’s better for her, that is live her fairytale. She’s given up her Chuck support, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t give a shyt anymore for him. She can’t spend every episode pining, she has a fiance now. But I’m sure that when Chuck starts to wonder that Blair’s baby may be his, that we’ll also see Blair’s reaction.

Remember last year? In 4.02 she tells Chuck she didn’t love him anymore. In 4.04 Chuck asks her if it’s possible she still loves him, and she is interdict. Then in 4.09 both tell each other they love each other. They told it in 4.22 too. Sure feelings change, but when you love someone is difficult to forget. So don’t wait for confirmations this early, they’re not gonna come. Wait until the things unfold.


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6 thoughts on “5.04 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan – Recap

  1. TheSophster17 says:

    I agree. Not everything’s going to be resolved right away, it would be too easy. Though I don’t know how next week’s episode is going to unfold, with Louis finding the test results? If it’s written that he’s not the father he would break up with her (though with him being useless and all we never know), and if it says he is then either way he knows she cheated on him. Yet, he’s still going to be sticking around for a while (moan) so I’ve no idea what the outcome will be? Ahh so frustrating!

  2. TheSophster17 says:

    And what about CB’s stills of them holding hands in this episode? We didn’t see that scene 😦

  3. grace says:

    About the book i kind of knew Dan would eliminate Chuck and Nate of the competition and i felt a little sorry for Rufus who sacrificed his musical career to raised him and give him every possible opportunities, despite his trophy husband and wafflemaker status.
    I was quite happy how Chuck face this whole situation.At first, with no major concerns,speaking words of wisdom and even amused by the others reactions and in the end realized that ‘Charlie Trout’ thing can be a great chance to change your life.At least he’s not alone in this journey with Lilly and Monkey on his side.
    I think DB it isn’t over yet and in my opinion the ‘kiss’ was a giant shame.The writers tried to create the same atmosphere of CB scenes.The lines,the tension,the music,the impact… in vain.Well done scene but there’s no soul, there’s no heart.
    I don’t care much as Louis is portrayed because i know exactly what he will not stay for long and we can start the countdown to his departure which begins next Monday.

  4. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I thought Louis was beginning to get quite annoying in this episode and in a boring way, not the kind of annoying that actually riles me up like with Jenny and her old schemes or Vanessa, just downright irritating! I can’t believe it took Chuck to get Louis to trust Blair and it doesn’t even sound like he even knows Blair that well at all. Well he doesn’t because how well can you know someone after a few months of being engaged, a few weeks of dating and not knowing the other for even a year? :/.

  5. bruna says:

    Question: Is Blair’s baby daddy really Louis on Gossip Girl? —Kori
    Ausiello: I honestly don’t know. What I can tell you, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a certain passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy. A kiss that will have office watercoolers buzzing for weeks to come. A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!


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