5.06 I am Number Nine – STILLS


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25 thoughts on “5.06 I am Number Nine – STILLS

  1. El says:

    Why does Chuck look like the pregnant one and not Blair? LOL

  2. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    This scene looks intense. I wonder what’s happened. Neither of them look at all happy. They don’t look uncomfortable but they seem upset by something especially Chuck,

  3. chaaair4eveer says:

    omg ^^ lovveee *_*

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Do you believe her? I don’t.

      • maddtown says:

        Hi, I’m new to your site, but already a big fan. Just wanted to say that I just can’t believe her either. I just can’t.

      • Missy says:

        I am trying NOT to believe her because I dont like her. LOL I try not to read her spoilers because she seems so transparent and fake. However I was drawn in last night because I needed me some Chair from the dissapointment. Also from the spoilers Louis and Blair stay together for quite a few more epis that we know. So I am trying to understand if it IS Chucks and Louis sees the results next week..why is he not mad? Or breaking it off with Blair?

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Like she actually knows!.

  4. Missy says:


  5. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    Can anyone tell me if they also noticed that the epic “Chuck and Blair holding hands” scene from the episode stills was left out?! I don’t know if I missed the part or what, but it seems to me like they shouldn’t be cutting something they so heavily promoted, but then again, I could’ve just missed that scene.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I read it was just Ed and Leighton posing for the still, not a real CB scene ๐Ÿ˜ฆ if you noticed, also Chuck with Monkey in the VDW’s living room wasn’t in the ep. I mean he had the dog but when he was there he didn’t anymore. I wonder where the dog went. lol

  6. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    Great, now we have to worry about not getting our hopes up in case the “still” that they posted to keep Chair fans watching is just the actors posing. I really feel like the writers are doing whatever they can to not lose the Dair fanbase, with the kiss, interaction in every episode thus far, etc. while screwing Chair fans over because they know how loyal we are, and that we won’t simply stop watching because Chuck and Blair aren’t together. Ughhh, soo frustrating! Add E!’s spoiler and make it another depressing night.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree with you, but I doubt the 5.06 still is phony. Even if CB didn’t hold hands, they still were in the same scene. This still is surely damage control after the episode of last night, but it also means they will have a scene (hopefully alone).

    • teeting says:

      I ditto everything you said. As such “loyal” fans of the show (cos we Chair fans are definitely the ones that have been tuning in since S1) they should have given us a little more from the walk, Monkey goes for a squirrel, cross the street scene. If I would have blinked I would have missed it! It is SO frustrating! And that stupid spoiler… I’m trying to ignore it.

  7. El says:

    Tonight’s episode was SO boring! :/
    & the Chair moment could have been more epic, but it feel flat. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I am also grossed out by the Dair “dream” scene.
    Oh, and I still don’t think that Louis is capable of a facial expression.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I liked the episode (recap coming soon) but I agree, the CB scene looked cuter from the set pics ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it was really fast! I hoped they would say something more.

      My eyes hurt as well during that moment, but it was only just a dream /well nightmare for us/ and Blair telling D that she didn’t want more than a friendship, and now neither a friendship anymore was relieving ๐Ÿ˜›

      Louis is only capable to express happiness, it seems. Even when he’s being all suspicious, he looks ridic. He also said that. lol.

  8. kalinesska says:

    ok, You know…. Right now I think I will survive Blair+Dan, Blair+Nate, Blair+Serena (even) but Louis????? he is so… without any expression. really…. SO boring.

    and still hope for Chair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Chair addict says:

    Well, I agree with all of you guys, I mean come on, we waited for this episode for sooo long, when the stills came out, and this is how they repay us?!?!? I mean, when I heard and saw Chuck trying to convince Louis that he’s making a huge mistake to leave Blair, and that they should have a chance to happiness, and a chance to love, I mean, I honestly couldn’t believe my ears…… I so cried there, just as I cried when Chuck goes to Lilly’s penthouse and says “Blair is lost to me..”.. I shed so many tears when he said that…. :((((( Honestly, I don’t like how the storyline is evolving….:( I want some true! Chair moment, and I hope the new stills of 5.06 will worth the wait this time….

  10. Edita says:

    In next episode Blair and chuck may have a scene together. I think so because with the same dress ( sand color) leigton speaks about season 5 in Chuks home. Probably you all saw it on YouTube. Gossip girl- season 5- Leigton meester

    • CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

      Now, let’s just all hope THAT wasn’t a publicity stunt either by these sneaky producers. I’m usually only sure when there’s a legitimate scene if Ed and Leighton color-coordinate in any way. Obviously, they want to show that these two are still one and the same, have been since day 1. No prince of Monaco or Dan Humphrey is going to change that. If you look closely at this image, Chuck’s tie seems to be some type of brown or off-orange, similar to Blair’s dress. Plus, I’m really stoked for the episode where Blair is in the gray Oscar de la Renta silk dress with blue and black patterning that goes entirely with Chuck’s black and purple patterned suit. If the producers have gotten anything right this season, it’s in the way that these two dress, which still screams “I love you so much, it consumes me,” right down to the way they dress.

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