Speculation Day 3 – Mother of the Lies

The title seems rather referring to a horror or a thriller, but the content of this post is the opposite. As you may guess, in this speculation post I’m gonna discuss lies, and especially after the last episode, Blair’s. Don’t you think she has lied too? Go ahead and read. Are you mad at Blair now? Keep reading. This post will be mostly focusing on whether or not she lied based on spoilers and evident facial reactions.

Point 1. Has Blair lied to Chuck?

This is Gossip Girl, so my answer is yes, definitely. There are many reasons why she has lied. One is the most evident. She wants her fairytale, she would do anything to live her fairytale, even pass the baby as Louis’.

Another reason is because she doesn’t trust Chuck. Trust issues between Chuck and Blair exist since Season 1, but they were more damaging during Season 3 when both acted selfish instead of being a team. Trust is difficult to earn, above all after you’ve put trust in someone who has deceived you, or has backstab you. Chuck and Blair are no exceptions, the mistakes they made because of the lack of trust in each other were many. This doesn’t exactly mean that they can’t be together. Most of the times trust is regained after that person does something for you, and without any questions keep showing you he/she has changed.

But Blair right now can’t see that. In her stereotypical vision (like Dan tells her when he goes to the JP show in 5.03) Chuck is well, Chuck, while Louis is the perfect man (I’m about to marry a wonderful man), he’s going to be a perfect father (5.03), he is really a prince (503). Bad guy versus perfect and boring guy.

Like during S1/2, when at Louis’ place there was Nate, Blair goes for the safest choice, which is the good guy. Ah! Of course she chose what’s easy.

She is afraid that Chuck may not be right for the role, as if she sees the future. I can’t complain about this, I would ask myself the same knowing Chuck’s history. But what about Louis’s history? Does she know enough infos about him? What if in truth Louis is exactly like Chuck but she doesn’t know? Okay these are just questions, but we know nothing about Louis. No one can tell if he is a playboy who has done questionable things in the past.

As the diffident person as I am, I still think Louis has a secret. Everyone has a secret, even the people who seem too good to be flawed. Louis is not perfect either, and I hope he does have something behind that Kermitt face, or I’ll be disappointed. (I am annoyed by annoying characters, I consider them a waste of time).

Chuck has also believed Blair because we tend to consider true informations of things that we fear, while we consider false infos that seem too good to be true. Like Eva said in 4.04: “Of course Blair lied to you. She’s a liar. But you chose to believe her. You are still connected to her.” And we can say this year he’s still connected to her.

So has Blair lied, again? There are some factors proving this theory:

  1. After Blair sees the results, she seems like she is about to faint. If I see something happy, I would smile, I wouldn’t look as if I’m about to go to the gallows to have my head cut off. Hence, proof one the name on those results isn’t Louis’.
  2. She goes to Chuck first because she wants to see his reaction, but since Chuck seems pretty cold to her because he wants to be firm in his decision of letting her go, Blair takes that as rejection, as “I don’t love you anymore” from 4.02.
  3. Her voice when she says she is pregnant. Again, if I’m happy after reading the results, I wouldn’t care with whom I’m talking, I would be super ecstatic and on cloud nine. She tells Chuck the news and takes few seconds before she says the baby it’s Louis’, to see if he’s going to add something. Well, he was smiling.
  4. Taken from granted justifications: “fatherhood isn’t in your lifestyle”, “A part of me wished that baby was yours”, “I told you first because I didn’t want you to wonder the baby was yours”… lies. You can see she’s just saying those things to auto convince herself that Chuck isn’t good for that part, and that it’s better if she says the baby isn’t his.
  5. Chuck saying this would destroy her fairytale. Indeed, it would. She is aware of it.
  6. Her face when he tells her he took Monkey to get fixed because he thought the responsible thing to do. She was totally thinking “What have I done, I misjudged him”.

Blair is going for her safe ending with the safe boring good guy who isn’t going to make her happy. She thought that between the two, Louis was better for the role, in fact when she tells him he is happy and she will have her fairytale again. With Chuck she wasn’t aware of the answer. Baby Bass will remember her that she can’t keep that secret for long, and Chuck will find out too.

In my opinion she was wrong telling him a lie, but what did you expect? This is a show, and they couldn’t let things go fast on the 3rd episode. The news that she is pregnant is one thing, and since it’s going to show soon, Blair couldn’t lie about it. She said it after the third month (she said the morning sickness had ended, it usually ends after the first trimester). She couldn’t wait more, and she couldn’t just go to Louis and say “You know I’m pregnant but this is not your baby”… come on, it would have been ridiculous and it would have killed this storyline pronto.

Going on this way, with Chuck in the dark, gives time to her to live her story. Perhaps things can change, considering Louis’ mom and Beatrice are a pain in the ass. Another thing to consider is the contract Ausiello said Sophie will draw up.

Remember we haven’t seen the results, so possibilities are still open.

Is Blair really willing to let her possible Bass baby become a Grimaldi? Does she wants to ignore that the baby it’s Chuck’s for the rest of her life?

In my opinion this will be the first thing that will start making her up her mind a bit. A contract is a hard thing to cancel after you do it, like I said last week only Chuck could do something in the case Blair will sign it. At some point, she’s going to realize, and if Chuck finds out, she can’t keep this secret anymore. I bet he would do anything not to let his baby leave the country. “The responsible thing to do”…

2. Will we ever find out the results of the test?

My guess is we will. Blair has kept that letter into her drawer, this means that whoever opens it can find it. Remember about a certain Louis/Chuck scene that “will set things in motion” like the first CB scene didn’t. Chuck may have a hope after all.

A proof I may be right in this is that the writers love parallels too much.

In 4.03 for example, we found out that Milo wasn’t Dan’s baby because of a test. Here we found out the same thing, but we don’t know who is the father yet (because I’m firm it isn’t Louis’ fake virile man baby).

In 4.02 to mention another episode, we had the first Chair scene of the season with Blair saying she didn’t love him anymore (a part of me wanted it to be yours); If he was hurt she wanted to know versus Chuck having a bruise and she is unaware; Your world would be easier if I didn’t come back versus your fairytale would derail if you were carrying my offspring…

This makes me believe that since both CB told each other I love you again after they had denied it early in the season, during episode 4.09, then probably Chuck will find the truth in episode 5.09? Remember that 4.09 is also the episode where he strokes her belly, so it is likely.


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14 thoughts on “Speculation Day 3 – Mother of the Lies

  1. El says:

    Great post! I thought many of the same things that you wrote. 🙂

    It annoys me that some Dair fans only want that couple to happen because now “it’s their turn”. This is obviously a show and it’s not real, but how can you have 4 seasons of a relationship and not expect CB to get back together eventually? 4 seasons=4 years in GG world, so I don’t quite understand how anyone can think that Blair will end with Dan or Louis. Obviously these people have never had a relationship before.. or know what true love really is. Just my two cents!!!

    • El says:

      Well granted, Blair and Chuck didn’t really happen until the end of Season 1…so 3.5 years lol.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I will never get people. Honestly, even if sometimes GGWriters lack of consistence, Chuck and Blair’s story has been going on since that limosex episode, this means for four years. If they really wanted to end it, they would’ve done it before and would’ve tried other pairings right away. They didn’t do it, and I’m sure they won’t. The show is towards its end, and now certain things have to be planted for good to set up how the whole story will finish. There’s no place for DB as an epic couple, maybe just as friends.

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Dan and Blair are one sided. I was amazed when I read someone’s comment on a youtube video that it was Chair that was one sided! LMAO. That made my day it was so ridiculously funny.

      Anyway I totally agree with the spec and I think the truth will come out by near mid season.

      And when does Chuck stroke her belly? I never heard that before :S.

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Oh wait I know what you mean about 4.09 now. Lol. I thought I’d missed a new spoiler or something.

      • El says:

        and to be honest, I actually like Blair and Dan as friends. They are pretty cute…as friends.

  2. grace says:

    Once again, when Blair put the envelope in the drawer began the ‘How long this lie will last?’ era.Why keep the result if it was confirmed that Louis is the father?There’s a Baby Bass for sure.
    I don’t think the only purpose of the envelope thing is pure and simply to Louis find out she cheated on him and one day the baby paternity was questioned.If the writers follow this route they’ll be throwing a half season down the toilet.

    • El says:

      Yes, and they (writers) will watch the ratings go down into the toilet too. I wonder if they KNOW that no one cares about Blair and Louis. I haven’t seen a single person online that is actually rooting for them (as in, for them to be endgame, without having some hope that it should be either Chuck or Dan).

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        There is the odd one but that’s it. Another reason why the baby probably isn’t really Louis’s.

  3. Laura says:

    Great post as always. Completely agree with everything you’ve said.. Be interesting to see who finds the letter, if its Louis’ sister snooping or what. Seriously hope your right and they parallel 4.09.. Just to see how beautiful the scene would be! Talking of spoilers, i thought it said 3 major people would find out in the episode.. i only seen her tell Louis and Chuck? Im guessing Serena but never seen her tell her which is kind of a let down, would love to see her reaction.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I can’t wait for that moment! I’m sure it will be heartbreaking. :’)

      And yes, I thought Serena was going to find out about the pregnancy too? Unless the person at EW mistaken the scene where Serena congratulates with Dorota or something.

      Imo Serena would be surprised of course, but she may probably doubt the paternity too. Would it be nice to see Serena arguing with Dan and him spilling that Blair had taken a test… would lead to a SB “fight”… I’m just guessing, lol.

      • Laura says:

        Same, espeically the way im picturing it in my head.

        Yeah thats why i guessed it was her.. but am abit dissapointed because they are supposted to be BFF so you would expect a scene where she tells her.

        Yeah i reckon she would aswell, thinking about it its funny actually because Dans sort of been like Serena was in 1.13 to Blair. Yeah would be nice just to see properly that Serena knows, plus Dan spilling that she took the test might get blair to open up to Serena and tell her the truth..because im sure the guilt will eat away at her especially when she sees Chuck taking care of the dog so well.

  4. Laura K says:

    I agree complety with everything you said. Your very good at thinking these things out. I defintely think Blair’s lying and the baby is Chucks for well all the reasons you mentioned. My friend who’s never seen a episode of Gossip Girl and she just knows background and seen a few clips, watched it with me and she thought Blair was lying just based on her facial expressions and hiding the paternity test. Her face when she saw the dog said so much for me and hiding the test.

    It just would not make sense for her to keep the paternity test if the baby was Louis. I think someone will find it sooner or later. I’m thinking maybe Dorota or Louis sister. I think as the wedding gets closer and the baby becomes more real for Blair she’ll regret what she’s doing and she’ll tell the truth or Chuck will find out from someone.

    On a side note wouldn’t it be funny if Blair were to babysit Ana. I hope Serena finds out soon i thought for sure Blair would tell her bestfriend she’s pregnant by now but i think next episode she will.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Thank you! 🙂 And exactly, if I were to see the results of a paternity test and got the result I hoped, I would soon destroy that test not to let the person know. Plus, I would be super happy and not as if I’m trying to gather all of my strength to tell someone the news.

      My guess can be also Diana (Liz Hurley). The other day Chace was on Live with Regis and Kelly, and they showed a short clip from 5.04 with him and her, and she asked Nate for Blair’s phone (Nate said that he wouldn’t put his friends in all of this mess). Maybe since Blair is now a celebrity or so, Diana thinks she may have secrets hidden in her phone, and that she can use for the gossip magazine.

      Blair babysitting Ana would be cute! Also if Chuck is around. And yes, Serena in my opinion will find out next episode. I mean, first person you usually share these kind of news before your boyfriend/husband, is always (or often) your best friend. :/

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