5.03 The Jewel of Denial – Recap

We finally got a scene! We finally got a scene! *jumps* Besides that, I think this episode was pretty good. I was entertained and anxious to know if Blair would open that damn results, and hoping she would tell Chuck first. As I speculated few days ago, we had out scene right at the end of the episode, and the revelation made Chuck feel. How awesome is that?

Sure the news Blair told him weren’t exactly happy, but I’m not worrying about that. There will be time to find out the truth, won’t it? For now let’s start focusing on what we’ve got and the step forward that has been done. She is in denial, and he’s feeling again. I think we shouldn’t forget this. I’ll explain in my recap. I will only write Chuck and Blair scenes this time. I’m sorry but today I don’t have time to write every thing, and I’m sure you won’t complain. lol.

I’ll give this episode a 7/10. Weird, since I usually never like Amanda Lasher’s episodes. This is a first.
And you, what did you think of the episode?

“The say the only way to conquer your fear is to face what you fear the most. You must walk into the belly of the beast…”

This is how Gossip Girl started this episode. Dorota tells Blair the results are ready, and that she should go to the doctor’s studio to take them. Blair seems too busy reading a book about Grace Kelly’s bio to care (hello denial – “She’s not busy, is denial”), and she excuses herself by saying she’s preparing for her interview with “Hello” magazine. Dorota then calls Dan to get him to help her to convince Blair she needs to pick up those results. Dan agrees, and after they hang up Serena arrives at Blair’s penthouse with her “cousin” Charlie/Ivy.

At the Empire, Dan and Chuck are looking at something (still loling because their faces are priceless -lol-). Chuck complains he had to have mediocre sex with the editor’s assistant to find out who was publishing Dan’s book, and he is not happy how Dan thanked him. He gave him a dog, weird how they call it “little guy” as if it was a baby… coincidence? He wants to take him back to the pound because he doesn’t want it *sad face* but Dan remembers him to walk the dog before he leaves. Smart Dan. Nate gets in the room later in a suit *drools* saying it’s he has to go to his office. Chuck isn’t pleased that Nate is working for Diana, in his opinion he shouldn’t accept a job from “a chick at a Hollywood party” and that she probably wants him to work in the bedroom instead of the boardroom. Isn’t he right? I hate that Nate always gets this treatment. He’s always the guy who gets manipulated by hot women. He deserves someone better than Diana.

Back to the Waldorfs, Blair meets Serena and Charlie. She isn’t excited Charlie is there, but she lets her stay at the guest room for a while. Serena seems happy to be back, and she reminds Blair they were invited to model together at the Jenny Packham show that night. Blair says she can’t because Louis is going to get back from Cologne that night. Dorota also reminds Blair that she has things to do, and says that “best part of pregnancy is knowing who the father is” after Serena congratulates with her. Blair greets the blondes and starts to leave, Dorota reminds her she needs to do some important things, but all Blair seems to think is shopping *denial denial denial*.

Blair is walking next to some shops when her phone rings, Dan asks if she has picked up the test results, and she lies she is about to open the door of the doctor’s office. But Dan is few paces from her and surprises her before she gets in a shop, pushing her to go to the doctor’s studio. Dan wants her to open the envelope in the streets, but she is reluctant to do it *denial denial denial* he reminds her that she said the odds were in Louis’ favor, so why not open it now? She agrees and says he will be an amazing father (HUH how do you know?), but what if the baby is Chuck’s? She is so scared. She decides that she’ll open it after the interview with Hello Magazine, because she has to be perfect and she can’t be if she has just had unsettling news. Dan suggests to meet later to open it and she says that is more civilized, unlike his hair. He looks like a muppet. lol.

At Blair’s penthouse, she is having her interview. The journalist asks her about family and that Louis said he loved that family seemed important to her, and also when she will start a family with Louis. Blair says it’s a bit personal, so the woman says they can skip it because Louis has answered for her. He says that Blair still hasn’t expressed her interest to become a mother yet, and that he isn’t near ready to be a father at this point in his life.

She goes in her room, and she is still reluctant to open the results. She keeps looking at the envelope, and to distract herself from it she opens her laptop and goes on the Gossip Girl website. On the first page there’s a picture of Chuck with the dog, and with a text saying he’s taking it back to the pond. Blair closes the laptop fast because every things she sees makes her doubt about who can be the best father between the two. She then sees the tickets for the Jenny Packham show on her desk and asks, well threats Dorota to pick up her dresses from the tailor because she’ll go there.  Dan sends her a text saying he’s going to come there, but Blair decides to do a last-minute action. She cuts the envelope in pieces and throws it in the trash bin.

At the Empire, Dan has gone to meet Chuck again. He informs him Shapiro is trying to steal his book, and Chuck comments that he’s doing him a favor probably. He can either go to the publishing house and accuse the writer of stealing his work, or he can simply let it go.

Back to Blair, she arrives at the show and asks the assistant to have made up and hair done, even if the woman thought she wouldn’t have come anymore. She gets dressed and the woman explains her that she will be walking in the crowd of guests with an escort instead of a runway. There she notices Charlie that is having her make up fixed, she wonders why is she even there and she explains that she’s going to leave after the show anyway. Her mother doesn’t want her to stay there. Blair tells her that if her mom has things to hold over her head, then probably she has some things to hold over hers too. She says that she’s starting to realized that “mothers have the darkest secrets of all”… guess she was also referring to herself. She adds that she should forget about what her mother wants. It’s her life after all.

The show starts and Blair is escorted by an older man, she is about to step down the step when Dan arrives. She says Humphreys are not escort material when they walk through the crowd. He wants her to open the envelope saying Dorota got mad and that she put the results back together for her to read them, and that she can’t hide. Blair says apparently fatherhood holds no appeal for Louis, and that Chuck will always be Chuck. It doesn’t matter what the results say, she feels like she is completely alone in this. Dan insists she finds out who is the father and tries to give her the envelope, but Blair doesn’t take it at first then she picks it and tries to put it back in Dan’s jacket ending up pushing him towards a waiter.

The show ends and Blair leaves, followed by Dan. He tells her he was probably trying to help her also because he was trying to distract from his problems. She says she has turned to him because she knew he was the only one who’d protect her from her own worst instincts. Dan tells her that for what is worth, when Georgina showed up saying she was pregnant, he wasn’t ready nor wanted to be a father. But then he saw Milo (bawl) and he fell in love with him, and that Chuck or Louis… it will be the same for them. So Blair convinces herself and opens the envelope. She does seem she is about to faint at the end. I wonder if it’s because it’s the result she didn’t expect.

Empire. Chuck is sitting alone when Blair arrives there. The silence is so weird, but not awkward. Because we can say many things without talking. He does seem surprised to see her there and tells her he thought they had said everything they needed to say to each other the last time they met. Blair seems serious and moved by what she is about to say, and Chuck looks away and wonders if this is another of Dan’s tricks to help him feel something. But then Blair says she’s pregnant and when Chuck turns again, he’s half smiling, almost as if he’s rejoiced by the news. His smile fades once she tells him, she waits to tell him, that the baby it’s Louis’. She didn’t want him to find out from somebody else and think the baby might be his.

He says it’s very considerate, and Blair agrees that if she knows anything about Chuck Bass, “it’s that fatherhood isn’t part of his lifestyle”. Chuck answers that she might have been relieved she wasn’t carrying his offspring, or otherwise her fairytale would derail, Blair said her fairytale is complicated. *Silence again* until the dog walks in the room, and Chuck introduces it to her. Monkey. Blair wonders why it’s there since she saw Gossip Girl and thought he got rid of him. Chuck just says he sent him to get fixed, it was the responsible thing to do. Blair says she should go, and then adds that a part of her really wanted the baby to be his. *bawls*

Blair gets back home where she tells Louis he is the father (as if that would be true), and Louis seems happy and tells her that he told those things to Hello so that she wouldn’t be under constant baby watch… Yeah. Bravo! He wants to celebrate so Blair tells him her morning sickness is gone so she can eat what she wants. She picks up her clutch to see the envelope again. Before Louis would watch, she puts it in the drawer.

…and Chuck feels again. Honestly, this was the best moment. So sad, like I prefer. He is in his bed aching for the pain and he’s crying when the dog arrives and puts his head on his stomach. He strokes him and cries cries cries, and aches. I can’t explain how much I loved this moment. How you can see how animals perceive emotions of people they are around, like I guess monkey did. Was really glad he was comforted by the dog, a human being who does not judge you.

This episode entertained me much. Blair has lied, anyway. I can feel it. Her face when she sees the results says it, she seems she’s about to faint when she reads, perhaps because baby isn’t Louis’ and can probably ruin her fairytale? What about her face when she tells Chuck anyway? You can see she hardly swallows when she talks. If she had been SURE 100% that the baby was Louis’, she would’ve looked confident of herself. Sure she would have been sorry for Chuck, but not at that extent. It is the realization of her fairytale, why would she be that sad? Why would she go to Chuck before Louis anyway?

I think she still doesn’t trust Chuck, and like she said, she can’t see him as father material. I have to disagree. Chuck had wanted to marry Blair in Season 3 and towards the end of Season 4, he wanted to create something with her. In 4.18 he expresses his feeling of building futures together, and I think a baby was also included in that dream. I believe he would be very happy of becoming a father, and he can be a good father and man. It is right for Blair to doubt, but I didn’t love that she took him for granted. Chuck is Chuck, but he can change. She doesn’t know how he feels towards fatherhood, it’s not that if he had a bad relationship with Bart, this will stop him from becoming a father himself.

Blair is afraid, too. She doesn’t want to give up her fairytale, and at any cost she is going to try not to ruin it. Even lie to Chuck, even lie to the same Louis. I just hope she sees the lies, because now she could be comfortable with it, but in the future, well… she may regret it. If that is Chuck’s baby she may also regret not letting him try to be a father, and her not trying with him again. We all know at the end of the day Blair is with Louis but she thinks about Chuck. Great loves can’t be forgotten easily. And neither a baby.

So I guess when things will progress, they’ll play out differently than we expect. I say don’t lose hope. Blair told Chuck the baby it’s Louis’, but this doesn’t mean it is. She is the only one that saw the results, and guys, her face and gestures spoke more than her words. The baby is a Bass.


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14 thoughts on “5.03 The Jewel of Denial – Recap

  1. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    I thought it was good.

    My heart broke for Chuck at the end and I really wish that Blair could have been honest with him as well as herself but I guess we were all expecting that to happen. The other storylines were boring and all I care about right now is Chair, lol and when the truth will eventually come out about the baby. I definitely believe she lied though, that much is obvious.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess if this was real life, things would be easier *lol* but since it’s Gossip Girl, the lie was needed. It would’ve been too easy to go to Chuck and tell him the truth. Blair knows what she may lose in that case, and she sure doesn’t want to lose it, as much as the thought appears selfish. The important thing is that secrets don’t last on the show. Chuck is going to know about the baby, that is for sure. Like a review said, Blair can’t lie forever, above all because “The final scene suggests she’s going to have some explaining to do when the kid pops out wearing an Ascot and drinking its own celebratory Scotch.” 😉

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Yeah and I’m fairly sure leaving it hidden in her desk wasn’t the best place to put it. Someone might find that piece of paper and I wouldn’t be surprise if that Diana woman went snooping in Serena and Blair’s apartment for some scoop since she’s getting close to Nate and trying to be the new gossip girl.

  2. Missy says:

    I agree 100 percent the baby is Chucks..however from spoilers I dont believe the writters will let her have a baby which is a complete shame, Will we get Chair knowing that they both know its THEIR baby..I think so. Will it last..no he writters will do something and to me that would be one of the most aweful things they could do for this relationship. Give them their happy ending already

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I am on the positive side on the other hand. I think CW despises miscarriages as much as it seems the easy way out of a pregnancy storyline, if they can’t handle it. I honestly hope the baby survives, both for growth purposes and for fluff. I’ve always dreamed about CB as a family on screen… it’s actually fantastic to see they are trying this story after you’ve read it and written in in fan fictions.

  3. GFF says:

    I very much agree with what you said. Blair won’t give up her fairy tale (Both her and Chuck need to see that they can have their own one happy ending one day), she can’t trust Chuck, she’s afraid of how he would even raise his own child.

    They revealed the father of the baby in episode 3! C’mon we all know the truth will spill before the Christmas break I guess. I’m not sure where the storyline will leave off around that time.

    Other than CB, I found this episode boring. GG has lost it’s flare and I don’t know what they can do to salvage it. I do like watching Serena and Dan they need to come together again, it’s about time.

    Every episode we get each week I get quite nervous about what the writers have done this time. I dont trust them. They have the power to change anything at this rate, make a decision on a story then switch it up the next day. What exactly are their plans with this baby? Again, are all the grace Kelly hints telling us something. And filming has been very secret. They’re hiding Leighton pretty well. Next time we see her, no more baby bump. But you always tell me to keep positive and have faith so i will!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Exactly! Episode 3 is already too soon, and EW said that we should wait Chuck/Louis scene to get more details aka probably Louis doubting the baby it’s his because of Dan’s book. Or perhaps Louis has problems? There’s still that detail, we can’t know if Louis doesn’t have any secret like Eva did last year. He has to. All of us have one at least.

      I found the episodes quite good *or so* because I’ve watched them with friends. Probably it’s that *lol* if you watch with company maybe the time will pass fast and you won’t feel you’re bored. And yes, GG isn’t the one he used to be. Storylines are predictable (as you may have noticed in some of my specs). I just hope this means things will come to an end next year.

      I have no idea about the plans for the baby. I just know the network isn’t fond of miscarriages, so they either do a natural one, or the baby is delievered. Also, Amanda Lasher is pregnant. I don’t think they could handle writing a miscarriage SL, would they? And if this is the last season, we may get our happy end after all.

  4. Nichole says:

    I gave this episode a “Good.” It would’ve probably been a “Great” for me if I didn’t cry along with Chuck at the end. ~sigh~ I am a little concerned about how Chuck will preceed now that he is feeling again. I really hope he doesn’t go hurting himself.

    Dan actually didn’t get on my nerves this episode. That is truly a first! Dan’s interactions with Blair were not forced like he was trying to hookup with her like he did last season. They were for me in this episode the way I pictured them to be…just friends with no romantic feelings. I loved the “Muppet” comment. So Blair! I love snarky Blair.

    Chuck was really minimal in this episode, but he was so much a part of it. That was weird in a way.

    I have two thoughts on why Blair hid the results of the paternity test. 1) She doesn’t EVER want Louis to know about her affair last May. and 2) Louis is NOT the father. i really, really, really, really want Number Two to be correct!

    Really good episode–it was paced really well and set up so much for the up coming episodes. I look forward to seeing how Blair will dance around the fact that she is still keeping the paternity secret. I truly believe she didn’t tell the truth last night.

    BTW, I love your recaps!! Thank you!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I am really pleased by the writing since I never like what Amanda wrote. I agree about Dan, I usually never hate him (mostly, I’m indifferent to him), in these three episodes he showed he can be a friend for Blair helping her and try not to judge her -even if ahem seems impossible for him not to- . He is the one she needs now. Serena wouldn’t understand her drama, I think. Chuck can’t be involved directly with Blair’s worries, so it’s to exclude. Nate is Chuck’s bff so he isn’t neutral (despite Nate always being on Team B during CB arguments). It remains Dan… and Charlie. Blair isn’t much friend with her, so far I can’t see them become friends yet.

      I hope you are right about the options. Is for sure Blair wants the BM affair to be a secret. Serena also mentioned it to Charlie as the transition celebration, it must mean something! lol. Nobody wants her to risk anything by unveiling that secret, but Dan found out last episode. I had in mind that he may use that info in the future as the “insider”. Blair hid the results anyway also because probably they are negative for Louis. I guess that these paternity tests are done with the DNA taken from glasses or stuff like that, right? We don’t know if the result say “Louis Grimaldi bla bla bla”… Gah! I really hope her gestures spoke more than her words. This is denial. And yep Dorota probably knows, I hope she spills the beans in the next episodes.

      You’re really welcome, I love writing them! 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    Completely worth the wait for a Chair scene.. The moment there on screen together its so intense. Love how they didn’t speak for awhile and just stared into each others eyes like in 4.02. I agree that Blair is lying to Chuck, from the moment she said his name you could see she was so guilty for what she was about to do, even to the way she tells him.. Though i’m so sure she regrets it a few moments later when Chuck says he sent Monkey to get fixed, because its the responsible thing to do.. her reaction says it all. Chuck, crying..just heartbreaking!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess the dog really emphasize the baby. He could had got rid of Monkey, but he decided to try and take care of him. And the way he stroked him during the scene… I imagined as if it was a person. I really love they finally showed us Chuck’s POV! And it definitely parallels 4.02 and the “I don’t love you anymore” lie, line. Guess then Chuck could probably find out the baby it’s his in 5.09 like in 4.09 CB said I love you again, and we see Chuck touching Blair’s belly while looking in the mirror.

  6. grace says:

    Great recap,good episode.
    CB scene and Chuck crying has no need comments(beautiful and emotionally powerful as always),DB and the same old “I’ll be there for you” was expected,despite Monkey, The Dog i still suspect the CD bromance and when Blair put the envelope in the drawer officially began “How long this lie will last?” era.

  7. TheSophster17 says:

    Hiding the envelope in the drawer doesn’t necessarily indicate that Chuck’s the father, if Louis found it he would wonder why she ever had the test done in the first place. But obviously I agree, as if it had all been sorted out by the third episode! She most definitely lied as to keep her fairytale intact, though we all know that it’s not going to work out 🙂 ! Baby Bass all the way! 🙂

  8. GFF says:

    Yes people argue that it doesn’t mean that Chuck is the father because Blair hid the envelope BUT if she wanted to hide the fact that she even had to question the paternity in the first place…she would burn it to hide any secret at all. The writers were clever with the sublety here.

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