Tonight’s Episode: What to Expect?

Hello all *waves* I will watch the episode live tonight, and I thought it may be nice to share what I think we can expect for it. Well, well, well… what we can honestly expect? I don’t need a Chuck and Blair scene to live, but I’d love to get one tonight. And if we don’t get it, patience! Why am I so confident or so who cares, you say. To care, I do care. I’m just not hasty. I think that the moment when Chuck and Blair we’ll see each other again, will be more awesome if they haven’t seen each other for a while. You know, you don’t meet a person during summer, then you meet her/him again and you feel something at their sight. I’m hopeful CB will have something like this when they’ll meet again. Probably not tonight, but they will in the near future (see 5.04 stills to cheer up).

Anyway, remaining in the world of things that we know for sure will happen, I must say I’m excited.

We’re going to find out who is Blair’s baby daddy. Louis… or Chuck? Blair doesn’t seem eager to know it as in the preview we see her having a shopping session instead of going to the doctor to get the results. And in all honesty, I think Blair won’t want to know who the father of her baby is, and she’s going to pass it as Louis’.

I know what you’re going to say. That you think Blair shouldn’t do this because Chuck should know the truth if he’s the father, and Blair should see the results to be comforted or panicked by who the father of her baby will be. But it’s not in her genes, and you should all know it by now.

Fact is Blair is a person who does not love facing the reality of things. If something doesn’t go according to her plan, she just ignore it hoping the problem will disappear without her doing something to fix it. This way to act may be dangerous if the thing we’re ignoring can damage us in the future, or other people. For example, if someone feels an ache in her chest but she’s too afraid to do exams to find out if she has something and lets the time pass, that problem could get either worse or reveal to be nothing as we thought at first. Well, if it’s possibly damaging for that person’s health sometimes there is nothing left to do to cure that cancer if it is serious.

This is also what Blair is doing with her baby. She accepted that she is pregnant in the last episode, but she is reluctant to find out of who. The problem is that the baby can’t be hidden. The belly will grow and unless she remains in her penthouse, someday everyone will see it. This is a secret that can’t be kept a secret, also because another person is involved. That’s why it takes two to make a baby…

At her place I would probably be reluctant to find out who the daddy is too. Look at the situation as I see it. Blair is engaged, she is going to get married in three months and she is pregnant. Everything would look amazing if she had not slept with Chuck in the finale, but it happened (I’m glad it did) and the baby is a result of it, something to show Blair that secrets can’t be kept if they are too big. She is not regretting that event. On a second thought both she and Chuck had said they were feeling awful for the happening, but in their hearts they both wanted that as a last goodbye.

But in this relationship now there’s also Prince Louis. Having a baby that potentially could be Chuck’s too, means for Blair that she is probably going to have her fairytale ruined. This is the last thing she wants (as everyone else would) and she’s going to do anything to stop that from happening, lie to Chuck and Louis included.

I don’t blame her. This sounds like the perfect solution to her problem, as I think Louis will be more than happy to become a father. Question is, is everything going to go on and not discovered? Of course not. This is Gossip Girl, and as much as the characters try to hide their secrets, at some point they are revealed. The baby will be no exception, but in my opinion to see that revelation (ie Chuck knowing he is the real father of B’s baby) being played out, we’ll need to wait.

I guess then that Blair will want to remain in the dark about the paternity of her baby. We see her rip the results in the promo, but they won’t be lost forever. Dorota is going to find that envelope and put it together again, probably she’s going to give it to Dan that is the one that could convince her to see the truth. Blair is probably going to push him away as much as she can to avoid reading. I’m not sure whether or not she is going to know who is the baby for sure, but I’m seeing Dan or Dorota finding out (and us of course), while Blair will tell Louis he is the father.

What about Chuck anyway?

What about him. I have no idea his storyline from now on, but that he will get doggy Bass. I’m eager to see him with a dog, and decide the name, and stuff like that. It will be a change. Animals can teach people many things, and this dog will be no exception. I guess Dan is going to suggest to adopt him (guess it’s a boy) just like Meredith did after Izzie broke up with Alex during Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 (casuality the breed of the dog was the same).

I have no idea if Chuck will only have the dog storyline during this episode or not. I am sorry to be this in the dark, but we didn’t get many spoilers about him and his new friend during the hiatus. I just hope doggy Bass sticks around to make Chuck happy meanwhile he’s single, and hopefully in the future when he and Blair will get back again (I pray with Baby Bass).

About Chuck and Blair’s pregnancy, I think that we may not get a CB scene tonight. I don’t have any idea about it, but my instinct tells me possibility we get a scene are really few. Last week I had the strong feeling we would have gotten our first CB scene of the season, but we didn’t get anything, so that is how probability works. lmao. I could be wrong, but I’m just telling you because I know how are you feeling right now.

You feel frustrated because there still hasn’t been a scene, and you wonder if CB still care about the other like they promised in 4.22. I am no genie, but I suppose that yes, they care. Yes, Blair cares the baby either it’s Chuck’s or Louis’s baby. Yes, she may think about him. Problem is that with “letting go” both asked themselves to improve the love they have for each other by themselves. Okay this would sound dirty *laughs* I mean that both Chuck and Blair still think about the other even if we don’t see it.

Yes, Chuck seems he doesn’t feel anything whenever he sees Blair and Louis.
And yes, Blair doesn’t seem to ask further information to Dan about how Chuck is going.

But that, people, is what it SEEMS. I could say I really love green but in my mind despise it. I can also talk how much I love winter with X, but then when I’m alone complain with myself about how much I hate cold temperatures.

What we see is never what it really is.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, they say. I’m not saying, doubt everything you see. I’m just saying that you need to wait. Things aren’t what they seem, and when two people are put face to face after a long time, they tend to let out things they’ve kept in them while that person was away. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t judge superficially. And most important, be patient. Good things come to those who wait, said somebody else.

If tonight we don’t get a scene, well. There’s still is next Monday, and a new episode.

If Chuck is the father, he will know about the baby soon. Secrets never remain secret in Gossip Girl.

Hope you feel a tiny be reassured!


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13 thoughts on “Tonight’s Episode: What to Expect?

  1. amanda says:

    omg your article made me even more excited for tonights episode! I can’t freaking wait!!!!

  2. zeinitza says:

    i m in tear soooo loud.. oh my chuck… really pain… T_T

  3. zeinitza says:

    but i really sure that blair lie…

  4. Nichole says:

    I found myself crying with Chuck as well. I hope B is lying, but I think she hid it because she doesn’t want L to know she had to question the paternity. ~sigh~ C’mon, B! Let’s hope we get an indication to C being the dad in the next few episodes. I don’t like seeing C like that. It was heartbreaking.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The scene was really great and finally it showed us Chuck’s POV, which is rare. Only times I remember he cried were 2.13, 3.12, and 4.02. This shows how this moment was also big for his personal emotional growth, it added something to those past moments. It was so nice for him to have the dog this time, and animals feel when something is wrong. That was both sweet and sad to see, but I feel that B lied so things are surely going to get better sooner or later.

  5. CBB says:

    When are you finally commenting on 5×03 from last night?
    I am checking your Page every 10 min, can’t wait for your comment!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I’m writing the recap right now, will be ready in few hours because I need to run some errands before 🙂

  6. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Blair clearly didn’t look at the envelope or if she did she lied. It was too suspicious how she shoved it away in the desk at the end and that letter is going to come back to haunt her at a later time.
    Awww, Chuck. I think the moment he saw Blair he started feeling again. I really think we are going to see Chuck mature this season but I am not looking forward to his reaction when he realises Blair wasn’t being honest with him. Or maybe I am. I’m not sure.

    • El says:

      Well I think that Blair lying about who the baby’s father will be similar to how Chuck exchanged Blair for the hotel (not exactly the same OF COURSE, but similar in the sense that both require one person to hate the other one.. but then they eventually make up!).

      • El says:

        Continued: So I guess they would be “even” ??

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Maybe, it will probably make them even as far as bad deeds go. I think Chuck will be furious for a while but I think since this season is about growth he’ll forgive her. And I’m sure she might end up feeling extremely guilty if she’s purposely lying or extremely foolish and guilty if Blair didn’t even look at the results. Either way she’ll feel bad for doing it.

  7. Missy says:

    I NEED YOUR RECAP FROM LAST NIGHT>>GIVE US HOPE!! I am 100 percent it is Chucks but have heard spoilers something bad happens and I also just saw they are casting EMT’s and ER doctors..I fear Blair will loose the baby. If so GG writters are complete idiots!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Just posted! 🙂 Remember I’ll also write a spec post, so if you find not much reassurance in this one, don’t forget to read that other post tomorrow.

      I am with you regarding the casting calls, but in my opinion Kristin referred to something that happens up to episode 5 or max 6. The EMTs should be in episode 11 or maybe even 12… or 13. It depends on the avaiability of the place to shoot.

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