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I would love you forever if you could uncover any sign of when Chuck and Blair actually interact on this season of Gossip Girl. Will she tell him she’s pregnant any time soon? — Emily
I have uncovered. And yes.

Please, please, please give us some Chuck/Blair news! Or just a hint of how Chuck reacts to Blair’s pregnancy? #GG — @l0lliver
If I tell you about his reaction, it will definitely give away an important part of this plotline, so I can’t say what happens specifically. But you’ll be talking about it the day after. Believe. Me. And don’t forget to send me your reactions! spoilerroom@ew.com

Do you know when we are going to see this Chuck/Blair/Louis triangle [Josh] Safran keeps talking about? There hasn’t been a Chair scene. — @wrightst3 
The important thing is that there will be a Chair scene this season… and it will happen very soon. But I don’t think that sets this whole thing in motion as much as the great scene between Chuck and Louis will. (Note: The season’s first Chair scene and the aforementioned caucus of well-dressed gentlemen are not in the same ep.)

We know that Blair is going to try to keep the pregnancy a secret, but can we get some scoop on just how long she will be able to keep it from everyone? My guess is not too long. Thank you. — Melissa
Your guess would be correcto. In fact, three very important people learn the news next week. One could be someone mentioned above.

What the Duck is going on with Chuck and Dan? Is Duck the new Date? #gossipgirl — @simplecrazy8810
By the end of ep. 4, let’s just say Duck is on much better terms than Date after one half of Date gets his feelings hurt. I hate lover’s (?) quarrels.

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6 thoughts on “EW Spoiler Room

  1. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Finally some good Chair spoilers!!! I have to say my interest is now peaked by this Chuck/Louis scene and what Chuck’s reaction is going to be like. I wonder if that’s the moment he starts feeling again. I’m glad Blair won’t keep it from him for too long. I wonder if he’ll even think of the possiblity he’s the dad or brush it aside thinking it was just one time like Blair did and be even more emotionally ‘traumatised’ by the development thinking it’s Louis’s.

    • Laura says:

      I feel exactly the same, im guessing the great scene between them both is when hes hopefully grown up and realised he needs Blair and starts fighting to win her back and tells Louis he will do so for her and the baby. Im glad she does to, do you mean when Blair tells Chuck shes pregnant he will start feeling again? Plus id hope he does think he might be the dad instead of just assuming its Louis’

      • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

        Yeah that’s what I mean.I do as well and I’m sure the thought will at least occurr to him since Chuck isn’t an idoit when it comes to these things :).

  2. GFF says:

    Either Chuck suspects the baby is his and he will keep fighting for his right to know or he will appear happy for BL saying all that “me and Blair let each other go if she’s happy I’m happy”. Having seen those filming pictures of CB by the duck pond and this “caucus” CL scene I think we all hope it’s the former.

    Things seem to be ok for BL at the wedding shower so Louis still believes the baby is his. I’m more worried about Chuck’s reaction to finding out the baby really belongs to him and Blair has been lying all this time. He could go all world war 3 on Blair “me vs you”. What he needs to do is say he’ll be there for her whether or not he’s the daddy. I don’t want to say he needs redemption because he doesn’t IMO. The writers should set up a foundation for CB’s relationship and this time their love will be greater and healthy and grown up. It’s all about progression this year!

    Please writers let Blair keep her baby. None of this princess Di car crash foreshadowing shit because I just don’t get that impression. Call me an optimistic/delusional CBbaby fan.

  3. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    Hell yes, I am so stoked for Chuck to be over his current state of “numbness” and actually let Louis know that he’ll never stop fighting for the love of his life! Chuck Bass has the ability to empower Blair more than any other person can, even when he’s not with her. He pushes her to be nothing less than her true self, which is something neither Dan or Louis will ever understand.

    On a side note, I wonder if Blair will kiss Dan in the episode that was in a previous spoiler and go running back to Chuck like she did in Season 4.

  4. GFF says:

    I definitely picture Chuck having an epiphany. A real breakthrough. All of these possibilities for his reaction has consumed my thoughts this summer and will continue to do so throughout the seasons first half. Can we just know everything already!

    Didn’t writers say this season is going to be light. It is actually appropriate for Blair to have a baby, she is young, but she is wealthy and well capable of handling this curve ball. She’s planning to get married what else should her next step be. Also, the ratings are only going downhill and so is the show. You can’t predict what that new president of CW will do. The baby storyline is a wonderful way to tie matters toward the finish line for CB.

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