Speculation Day 2 – D is for Denial, B is for Baby

This weeks edition of the Speculation Post will be a little different. I’ll discuss spoilers Ausiello and Kristin gave to us, as much as we can talk about those tidbits since it’s really not. Many of you are worried the baby may be Louis’, some are worried for Duck (Dan and Chuck) interaction, while some other are still worried for what could possibly happen between Dan and Blair. Well, I can’t stop you from worrying because it’s natural, but I can try to analyze things to help you being more positive. Remember that being positive and hopeful is a good karma most of times. Yes, disappointment is hard to take whenever we are hopeful and things don’t go our way, but never forget this is fiction and life continues. Don’t take this as indifference. I care for this show at least at some extent, and I care for Chuck and Blair. I know that we’ll have a happy ending, and that the path towards that end is hard and will be full of bumps (besides Blair’s baby bump that is a bump I actually love), but we all need to have patience. Freak out before anything has happened makes things worse. Now let’s move on to the topics.

Don’t go ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Ausiello Spoilers:
Sophie wants Blair to sign a contract with ridiculous clauses

Kristin Spoilers:
Blair makes out with someone in 5.03
Something possibly disgusting (I assume) will happen in 5.04

Point 1. Who is the baby father? When it could be revealed?

Of course we hope it’s Chuck, and there are many reasons he is indeed. But I don’t think he will know soon. I am seeing Blair passing her baby as Louis’ from next week’s episode. If you watched the promo, it’s clear she has done a paternity test but she doesn’t want to read the results, ergo she cuts it into pieces. My guess is that she won’t read them, but someone else will find it and read, for example Dorota. If you recall when they were shooting this episode there was a set picture with Leighton holding her script. There was a scene of Blair and Dan on the page, and it was about Dorota finding something or putting something together, can’t remember. Could be the results? Yes, probably. Since Dan holds the letter at the JP show in the promo, he may goe there to make Blair open the envelope, but she doesn’t seem she wants to (she pushes him towards a waiter).

Of course Blair isn’t excited to read the results. She is afraid the baby it’s Chuck’s, and this can ruin her perfect (in her opinion) fairytale from happening. If the baby it’s a Bass Louis may leave her – and I say may because Louis is pretty ambiguous and we have no idea if he has reasons behind his initial visit in April – if he founds out. She won’t become a princess anymore and royalty will call the scandal. But this is Gossip Girl. Things rarely go as planned, and the baby being Louis’ that is a guest star and that is the man Blair right now seems to want, would be too much annoying because things would go too well to be true… right?

So my guess it’s that at the end of 5.03 Blair will auto-convince herself without seeing the results that the baby it’s Louis’. She will tell him about it, but before (or later, but my feelings say before) she’s gonna tell Chuck about it. You ask me, why? I’ll tell you why.

This episode seems to be paralleling a bit with 4.20 for some reasons.

In 4.20 Louis asks Blair to marry him. Blair goes to Chuck before accepting, to tell him she is going to get engaged to Louis. Chuck doesn’t react well to the news since he also is drunk, and we know what happens.

Parallel with 5.03 could be that Blair goes to Chuck to tell him she is pregnant with Louis before somebody else tells him before her, like in 4.20 did with the engagement. This time Chuck is totally sober, and possibly with his adopted dog (that makes its first appearance next ep). When Blair tells him the news he doesn’t seem moved at first, giving the non-feeling period he’s having. Blair isn’t surprised he doesn’t show any particular emotion because she knows it’s hard for him and that he hides his feelings most of the times. If I were in Chuck’s shoes I wouldn’t either because of his proudness, but I would hurt inside.

I think this revelation could move something in him, make him feel the pain also on the bruise again (if it hasn’t faded since last episode). Then Blair would leave without running this time, feeling as if she is doing the right thing telling him but also kicking herself on her teeth because she knows the baby is possibly his, and we know in other circumstances if Louis wouldn’t exist, Blair would be super happy to have a baby with Chuck. Not that she isn’t now.

She made it clear she wants to keep the baby, the Chuck is the daddy factor could crush her dream, and that is what she doesn’t want. But she totally wants the baby whoever the daddy is.

Another key point playing in this possible parallel is that in 4.20 Blair wore a Jenny Packham Spring 2011 dress, and in 5.03 there will be a Jenny Packham show and she is wearing another grey gown from the same season.
Funny, isn’t it?

Point 2. When Chuck will know that the baby it’s his?

Let’s start from the certainty that Blair’s baby it’s Chuck’s. As I explained, Chuck will probably know Blair is pregnant next episode or the 4th. Blair is going to pass the baby as Louis’ at first, but will Chuck ever know the truth?

My guess is that he won’t know before episode 8 or 10. This leads me to talk about Ausiello’s contract spoiler. He said Sophie and Beatrice will draw up a contract for Blair containing some weird clauses regarding the baby. Well, what if they know the baby isn’t Louis’? As far as we know he may have some problem, or to connect with the two-part S4 finale Sophie may had Blair and Chuck followed that night. She was sure in 4.21 that Blair had gone to Chuck, and in fact Louis witnessed it with his eyes. He knows Chuck is Blair’s ex and that probably he’s still in love with her.

What if someone has seen Chuck and Blair going to the Bat mitzvah?

In 4.22 while Chuck and Blair were in the room having sex we have a brief Louis/Sophie scene where she tells him she’s sure Blair won’t come. Well, what if she knows because someone was behind CB?

There must be reasons why she won’t complain maybe. We know in royal families have an heir is important because if not the family line ends. What if Sophie wants the baby either way just to have a heir? Would she put a Bass on the throne of Monaco? To me, hell yes because her reasons are pretty egotistical and to protect her family’s reputation. That’s why she wants Louis and not Beatrice to be the heir sibling. Beatrice seems too much of a trouble-maker to give the family a good image, and Louis on the other hand seems too good and loyal, the perfect candidate. Beatrice makes it clear that if she’d tell her mother about Blair’s pregnancy, she would travel to NYC to arrange everything for this baby.

What these rules can be, then? For example, that the baby has to become a Grimaldi either way. If Blair and Louis happen to break up, married or not married, the baby will have to live in Monaco with Sophie &co just because of a contract, if Blair will sign it. I guess she’ll be reluctant at first, but then give up to salvage her fairytale from sinking.

At some point, though, I believe she won’t feel like she wants to anymore. Louis’ family pressures will be harder every day as we have already seen in 5.02 with Beatrice, I can’t imagine in the future and with a future heir (as they believe) on the way. It will arrive a moment where Blair is done, and she doesn’t want her baby to become what he/she isn’t meant to be.

Chuck’s role in all of this could be get her out of the contract. The only way he could do that would be by claiming his rights on the baby because Blair hadn’t told him he was the father. For the law when a contract has been signed, the other parent can claim his right on his baby only if he wasn’t aware to have that baby. If a parent has signed a contract where he/she denies his/her right on the baby nothing can be done on the other hand, like with Rufus/Lily and Scott.

This could occur around episode 8 or 10, and give Chuck the opportunity to help Blair. I can see Blair asking him for help and revealing the paternity, finally. This could again move something in him, he would be motivated to do something for Blair and for his baby, aka very first member of the family he thought he’d never have.

This is just speculation, tho. I’m not a magician, so who knows whether I’m wrong or right.

Oh, this was also to answer Grace’s comment. 🙂

Point 3. Who makes out with Blair? What’s the probably not so nice thing happening during episode 4?

Okay I am really not much into this spec, to be honest. I don’t want to talk too much about this because I don’t want to spend time freaking out on things that haven’t happened yet. I will just say, to answer the first question, that in my opinion is evident who the guy that makes out with Blair is. Nothing is what is seems screams to me that since it’s not a dream, is something staged like in 4.19. Louis will probably find out about this and forgive Blair because she will tell him about the baby. Also connected to Ausiello saying DB will kiss again, spoiler.

Question 2. The not so nice thing could be the contract. Since it was Kristin giving that spoiler first and few weeks ago, I assume it may be the same thing Ausiello said last night, but written with different words. Maybe is something that will make us roll our eyes at the nonsense, Idk.

This week’s spec is over, guys. I hope you liked my spec and that you get the chance to tell me what do you think about these spoilers too. Also, you can also tweet me at @ChuckBlairthePP with question if you want me to discuss some particular issues. You know I’m logorroic much. lol.

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19 thoughts on “Speculation Day 2 – D is for Denial, B is for Baby

  1. grace says:

    About the Kristin spoilers,i can’t hardly wait to wear my diaper.

  2. kjewls says:

    Super insightful speculation post! I especially love your suggestion / prediction about Chuck experiencing a sharp pain from his motorcycle wound, upon hearing Blair tell him that she is pregnant with his child. Not only would it be perfectly symbolic of the fact that Blair is the only person who can truly bring Chuck back to life, it would also be kind of adorable. I can see Blair responding with something funny like, “Sympathy pains already? I’m not even in my second trimester.”

    Then, of course, she would realize he was really hurt, and rush to his aid. But Chuck would, of course, start laughing hysterically, so happy that he could feel again.

    At least, that’s how it would happen in my version. 😉

  3. CHAIRonCHAIRS says:

    Wow! This spec is epic, you never seize to amaze me! You bring up some extremely valid points with your first two speculations, and I am completely convinced that you are an angel sent to reassure us anxious Chair-shippers. Honestly, I would much prefer things to unfold in this way as it would allow Chuck enough time to clean up his act and finally be the “strong” man who “carries Blair” the way no other guy can. It would also be great for Blair to realize that they can “create their own fairytale,” as unconventional as it is. I never lost hope in Chair because it is in these moments that I know real fandom is patient and trusting, “that in the face of true love, you don’t just give up” or ship Dair “because it’s easy.” I will go much further than down with this ship.

  4. Sellm says:

    To add my thoughts:

    Episode 2 kind of just confirmed that Chuck won’t be the father. Blair’s face when she told Dan that it was unlikely that Chuck was the father due to “that” one night looked like she was disgusted by the thought. It didn’t really show that she wouldn’t have minded. Her only goal is to be the princess and nothing else, so I don’t like how the writers are showing her right now.

    I’ve kind of lost hope on Chuck and Blair……………..

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Blair like any other woman actives a sort of denial mechanism. OF COURSE she doesn’t want the baby to be Chuck’s right now. She is with Louis, the baby being Chuck’s would mean lose what she’s about to get (her fairytale). She’s blaming herself because in the first place at the BM she initiated the sex, and on second thoughts now I know she would do it again even if it would potentially ruin her dream.

      No matter what she says, what she thinks is different. I’m not defending Blair because at the moment I’m not on her team either, but like I always do I try to understand her reasons. Yes, reasons appear egoistical. She chose to ignore the paternity and go on with her stupid fairytale because she knows who the father is. On one hand she felt pushed by Chuck to still marry Louis in the finale, on the other now that’s all that she’s got. We all saw how much she didn’t want to let him go in 4.22. We all know by now CB would be together if Chuck hadn’t let her go. She’s kinda blaming him in her mind for letting her go, because yes he let her go to have what she’s always dreamed, but as the day pass and the obstacles grow, she doesn’t seem so sure anymore of the choice. She also accepted Chuck letting her go because she knew this was her only chance at this. She can’t fuck up. The baby is something that can ruin everything in her perfect plan, we all know that.

      Is not that she’s being indifferent to what happens to Chuck for a reason. She’s just trying to move on. I don’t want her to move on with Louis as much as other CB fans, but this step has to be done. Blair can’t ruin every time to save Chuck, and I’m telling this as a Chuck fan. She doesn’t want to fully know what happened to him because she know she would worry, and that’s the last thing she wants. Get away from her possible distractions from her dream (Chuck included) would make her question if this is the right thing. She is indecisive, so she chooses to ignore certain details.

      We can’t have CB now, but we will have them in the future. Even if I don’t accept some of Blair’s behaviors, I know she’s in denial and that some day she’s going to come to her senses. If you think about it, she’s just like Chuck during the first four episodes of S4. Dazzled by an angelic woman, he thought he had changed because of her. All of a sudden he was captured in a shiny fairytale himself where he wasn’t feeling bad anymore. We know how that ended, and how things ended with Raina too. It was basically the same. As much as I am not fond of Louis, he is Blair’s Eva. With females his different, and with Blair it will be too. Things will be long to endure, but hey. Patience. We can’t give up after just two episodes. If these two episodes where the last ones before the very last I would’ve complained a lot, but we still have 22 episodes ahead of us.

      • grace says:

        I absolutely agree with what you said,`toomuchpurple.
        I know it will be hard to see Blair and her fairytale and ‘purple rose of cairo’ complex and Chuck being perhaps throw again under the bus and despite my suspicions that after Louis departure will be told other lies, it’s time for patience and over 22 episodes we’re going to go long and winding roads but the end of journey will be beautiful to see.

    • BrandNewChairfan:) says:

      Really? That conversation made me more sure than ever that the baby is Chuck’s!.

    • Lisa says:

      The baby is chuck’s for sure. The only problem will be that blair, being afraid of losing her fairytale, will tell everyone it’s from louis. But eventually they’ll find out. I kinda guess that it will be revealed that Louis isn’t able to conceive children or something like that.
      Louis is cute but terribly boring. And they’re having so many troubles already so blair could rather stay with chuck.

  5. amanda says:

    Love all the theories, i am so ready for some angst!!!!!!! 😀

  6. El says:

    I am only watching this show for Leighton and Ed. Something about them just attracts me to watch the show! Since Chuck and Blair don’t seem to be happening right now, I have lost interest… but again, I am only watching it for Leighton and Ed’s acting and charm.

    • Edita says:

      The same with me:) when I saw a scene in the limo in season one, something hapend to me. From that moment I was in love with those two characters. Until that episode I even didn’t like chuck and Blair. But then after scene in limo I saw how bad boy can fall in love and a girl who wants to be perfect, can’t plan everything, like she want’s .

      • El says:

        Speaking of limos, what was up with Beatrice and the “priest”? I didn’t like how they tried to kiss passionately in the limo; similarly to the Blair and Chuck scene in Season 1.

  7. rena says:

    I also watch the show only for Ed and Leighton. I have been a fan of Chuck and Blair since the pilot. In the last scene where those two look at each other SPARKS FLY!

  8. Edita says:

    I think that the writers want that this season would be similar to season 1. Blair sleeps with to guys and don’t know who the father is. ( season 1 Nate/Blair/chuck) in both season she thinks that sleeping with a chuck is big mistake. But only after some time she will realize that it wasn’t mistake it was a beginning of something. Also the writers whant to show relashinships with their patents as they did in season 1. They whant to bring the same GG as it was and show how they grow up. That’s my opinion.

  9. grace says:

    What do you think about the casting calls for October 11-14?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I could dedicate a post on this, but I’ll just say I’m not alarmed. It could be anything, from someone being in an accident (Chuck for example) or Blair delivering the baby. Seems too early because they are shooting episode 10 now, but like the first episodes they could be shooting episode 12 (I think it’ll be the last of 2011) in mid-october and then episode 10 after it, or in another order. Either way I don’t find it worrying. Can’t really say much because we don’t have any additional info about it.

  10. Caro says:

    I want to believe in that ❤
    But what is about the spoiler from Eonline that Louis is definitely the father?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess that in the next episode, yep, Louis will still be the father. This doesn’t mean he IS. I firmly believe that the revelation of who is the real daddy will happen after episode 6. Eonline knows spoilers episode by episode. This one is referred to this epi aired and the next in my opinion. And of course, we know Chuck has a big hope to be the father, but they wouldn’t spoil it. So take it as a grain of salt, I am not worried at all.

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