ASK Ausiello Spoilers

Question: Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure, but since I’m 41, nobody outside my house should know I’m addicted to this teen show. (I have a reputation.) I want to know if you have some spoilers regarding Chuck and/or Blair. —Sylvie
Ausiello: Prince Louis’ meddling mother and sister will insist that Blair move to Monaco to give birth to the future heir inside her. They even draw up a contract containing all sorts of ridiculous custody clauses. What a bunch of royal pains.



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15 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello Spoilers

  1. Kk says:

    Obviously louis is the dad according to the spoiler… Omg… With the promo for last week, dad us going to tell Louis

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Ausiello didn’t reveal the identity of the father, but considering what he said it’s clear that Blair will say it’s Louis’, and he will reveal him, but in truth the baby it’s Chuck’s.

      • Chair fan says:

        you seem pretty confident but, though I’d love to believe you, how can you be so sure about this???

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I start with saying I know what everyone knows. I don’t own any secret spoiler, I’m just positive about it. And I quote BrandNewChairfan:) . She has written all the reasons why the baby can’t be Louis’ (although is in my opinion sure that Blair is going to say it’s his in 5.03).

  2. Kk says:

    I mean B is going to tell louis in next eps

  3. Malene says:

    😦 i wad thinking the same..

  4. Edita says:

    I think that Blair will lie to Louis or it will be a mistake with a paternity test. In episode 7 she will have a nightmare that the fater is chuck 🙂

  5. BrandNewChairfan:) says:

    Why would they make the baby Louis’s? That would make absolutely no sense given 1) he’s a guest star 2) No one, not with the two ships of Dair and Chair (clearly the winning one, lol) dominating the GG fandom, wants Louis and Blair to end up together 3) Blair and Louis have no spark!. It’s be insanity to do that. That said I think (and hope so badly) that the baby is really Chuck’s and she will desperately try to pass it off as Louis’s for as long as she can until someone, maybe Beatrice, will find out the truth and expose it. Or Blair herself comes clean at some point, maybe on her wedding day.Since the producers already said we’d see all the steps towards the wedding I already assumed she’d at least try passing it off as Louis’s for a while.

  6. Laura says:

    Just because Blair has said to them that its Louis’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is. She already hinted to dan at the end of episode that she thinks it was Louis’ and said she doesn’t lose “everything”. Pretty much sounds like shes made her mind up of who shes going to say it is. Plus seriously hope she doesn’t agree to the above aswell and hope im right and it is Chucks.

  7. kalinesska says:

    there would be no drama if the father is Louis. I think that Blair will lie, or even will not look at DNA Test result (what we can see in promo). Because she is afraid of loosing her fairytale.

  8. grace says:

    Blair lied about the baby’s paternity don’t surprise me.The question is… ‘How long will last this lie?’

  9. Malene says:

    I read GG has low ratings! Is that true???

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