Speculation – How could Chuck react?

Grace had asked a question in her comment about how Chuck could possibly react after knowing he is about to become a father, if he could possibly act cowardly. Since my answer would’ve been too long, I decided to write a post about it. Hehe.

grace said: Josh 2.0 said the pregnancy news will have a major impact in Chuck’s life.
Do you think he’ll know that he is the baby daddy or Blair will say Louis is the father?
My biggest fear is the writers made him acting like a coward.

I really have many options open for this storyline. In both, Blair tells Louis is the father because a) she may believe he is; b) she wants her fairytale that she tells him a lie. I figured things could happen in various ways, but this is the one I thought about the most:

Around episode 8 (that should be the shower) everyone knows that Blair is pregnant, and everyone also thinks Blair is pregnant with Louis. We have no idea if Louis is sterile or not, but if he is… well, she is cornered but he could think it was a miracle (Royal Monegasque family is really religious) God wanted to give the baby to them. A blessing.

Blair keeps faking the baby it’s Louis/is in denial it could be Chuck’s, until Louis’ mother or sister do something. I see them being very tough, and in the Catholic way of thinking (speaking as a Catholic myself) have a baby before marriage isn’t considered good. I mean not that the priest won’t celebrate the wedding if the bride is pregnant, but concerning Catholic church rules the bride should be immaculate and procreate after she gets married. I know is a bit conservative, but the royal family is too. Louis’ mom could push Blair to do a paternity test because let’s not forget during 4.21 Sophie tells Louis she had someone following Blair. We have no idea if this person also followed CB when they went to the Bat Mitzvah. Since 4.21 and 4.22 are the same day we can’t know if Louis’ mom called this person and told him/her to stop following Blair. Revelations happened during the same day. My guess is that L’s mom could know something happened between Chuck and Blair, or suspect it did. She and Louis would probably then find out that the baby isn’t Louis. But I don’t think they would back down.

Louis’ needs to get married just like Ranieri in 50’s needed to find a bride soon. I bet Sophie could also make Blair sign something that says she can’t reveal her baby isn’t L’s, if she still wants to be a princess. So apparently let Chuck’s baby become a prince (lol). In my opinion if this happens, Blair wouldn’t accept. I mean she probably would at first, then realize she doesn’t want this. She isn’t ready to give up her NY life for a life as a princess, because becoming a princess isn’t easy. Plus, she knows the baby isn’t Louis’ and she doesn’t want to deny Chuck the opportunity to be a father (she knows he would probably find out sooner or later the baby is his and get super mad). Then Blair reveals Chuck and everyone that she won’t marry Louis anymore because the baby is Chuck’s.

Now we have two options following Blair’s revelation. How could Chuck possibly react?

1) I don’t think he’s going to be all “OMG I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER SOON, CAN’T WAIT” mood at first either way. He would be hit by the realization that he and Blair have created something in what it looked like their last encounter, the moment he thought they would be done for good. This gives him hope but also makes him think, can I be good for this baby? Can I be a father mine never was for him/her? Will I be able to take my responsibilities? (This connects to Chuck’s line in 5.01 about seeing real life and taking responsibilities.)

Of course he can’t know the answer, like any other person. Chuck isn’t sure of himself as a person, have doubts is inevitable but only with practice he can prove himself that he can be a good father/husband. In this case he won’t run. Instead, I can see him trying to reconnect slowly with Blair and slowly take care of her and the baby when it’s born (remember, like he will do with the dog). Maybe not tell Blair he still loves her so soon and be together again. But one step at time. Rebuild.

2) He is surprised that he can’t bear to be in the same room as Blair after she reveals him the truth, that he runs away kinda like 3.06 after he overheard Blair saying he played him. I can see him hiding in his suite and think, think, think. I can’t see him drinking much this time, or maybe drink really nothing to be honest. But I can see him being coward in the way that he doesn’t know what to do, so he refuges away from others to decide and realize. Is not like everyone is lucky their ex girlfriend and woman they still love comes bringing this kind of news, he thought between him and Blair was over and she was going to leave soon, so I can see him being afraid and hide in his suite for a day or two, then go to her and try to get used to this new situation.

I don’t think the coward way will happen anyway. There’s something working with the first theory more than the second, that is the parallel with episode 2.13.

We know for sure that episode 5.13 will be the 100th and they want to do something special, probably the wedding. My guess is that they won’t, and this special event could be the baby being delivered. This episode should air at the end of January or beginning of February, the due term if they let months don’t go slowly on the show.

The parallel would be:

2.13 – Bart dies.
5.13 – Baby Bass is delivered.

2.13 – Eleanor and Cyrus get married.
5.13 – Blair and Louis don’t get married.

2.13 – Blair tells Chuck I love you.
5.13 – Chuck tells Blair I love you, or none does.

2.13 – Blair comforts Chuck.
5.13 – Chuck comforts Blair.

2.13 – Chuck leaves Blair’s house and leaves a note.
5.13 – Chuck doesn’t leave Blair alone.

Another addition to the parallel is that at the end of this episode we find out Lily had a son with Rufus 20 years before and could parallel with the Blair I said that didn’t tell Chuck he was the father episodes before.
We could also parallel the episode with 3.12, but instead of Serena there’s Blair at the hospital and Chuck goes to visit her? Chuck comforting Blair and Blair reassuring him he can be a good father for the baby if he wants to?

“You’re becoming a man your father never was.”

Blair becoming a mother could parallel with Chuck finding his real mother?

The parallel with life/death is still on.

Chuck has been a coward in both 2.13 and 3.12, so my guess is that since the theme this year is growing up that he might not do that again and finally take his responsibilities and face reality.


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15 thoughts on “Speculation – How could Chuck react?

  1. grace says:

    Thank you,`toomuchpurple!
    I hope to always cooperate with my comments and i agree with everything you wrote in the post.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sei bravissima a scrivere questi post! Non é che Agli scrittori di GG serve una mano, perché secondo me tu saresti perfetta a scrivere delle storyline più interssanti che fanno loro xD

  3. Lauren says:

    Well, this is very interesting. Again, lovin the research. heh. However, I really don’t think it’s going to be possible for Baby Bass to be delivered in the mid-season finale, going off the fact that it’s only been 6 weeks since the S4 finale & it takes 9 months to deliver a baby. The latest it could possibly be would be 5 months in if B would deliver then, b/c it would only really be November – since that’s when she’s supposed to be getting married & even if it were December, it’d still be only 6 months, 7 tops & that’s risky. I think B being a runaway bride is going to be the mid-season finale & probably informing SOMEONE that Chuck is the father. Though, JS 2.0 didn’t say anything about B TELLING someone who the father is, just that it will be revealed to the audience, however that may be.

    I don’t know how Chuck will react…*sigh* I’m scared for it actually. I don’t think he’ll run away like in 2×13, especially since this season is supposedly all of them “growing up”. I think he’ll be scared to death, but he won’t be crazy immature & just run away like he’s done in the past. Something tells me his “inability to feel” this season is going to play into it though. I could see him just needing to get away, but somehow…different than before. Like he could just be overwhelmed, but not to the point where he drowns himself in alcohol & sleeps around until someone shakes him out of it. This is his chance to take some responsibility, & I think he WILL do that. Eventually. It wouldn’t surprise me if the last scene of the mid-season finale is someone telling Chuck that he’s the father & maybe it’s not Blair & maybe then he’s PISSED that she didn’t tell him, b/c I could see him losing it – before he finds out, if he thinks Louis is the father. He’s purposely banging himself up right now b/c LB are officially getting married. What do you think her having a BABY w/ some other guy is going to do to him? I’m sure he was freaking out to some degree in 1.13 when it was speculated that Nate might be the father of her baby. I suspect it’ll be something similar this time, but in a more mature fashion. 😉 I’m really curious w/ where the writers go w/ it & I’ll def be really disappointed if they have him run away like he did in hs & post S3.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Nono in fact my guess is that at some point maybe things will go faster than before so that when 5.13 will air it will be Jan/Feb also on the show, and perfect time for her to deliver the baby without him/her being premature. I am thinking that when truth is revealed to everyone (before ep. 12) the Grimaldis could postpone the wedding. Sophie could want to do a paternity test and wait till the baby is delivered. But if they don’t do a time jump and 5.13 will air when on the show is still November = wedding, then things are different, because I think if so that she may deliver later towards the end of the second half. It all depends on the time… or probably BL are about to get married and B’s waters break? But Idk I don’t want them to even wear wedding outfits… lol

      Chuck will be hurt by the revelation. I’m sure that someone that’s not Blair will tell him that she is expecting Louis’s baby, and he will feel empty. Since I believe in last minute decisions, I guess a part of Chuck still waits for that tiny part of Blair who isn’t sure and wasn’t sure in 4.22 to get married with Louis, to happen. We saw how stressed she was in the premiere and how she was talked as if she was forced to get married at some point of the episode. One time when she jokes with Eleanor about Sophie wanting to be at her place, and another time when she goes to Dan and tells him she wants to call off her engagement. I don’t think a person that is sure of what she wants would give up when things get difficult, so I see there’s still a great part of her who is waiting for something or someone to take her away from her future responsibilities. She’s finding hard to cope with wedding preparations now, think later after and if she gets married. Things will be more difficult because of L’s mom too. She’s the big pain in the ass, and also L’s sis will be a great pain. But these two pains could make Blair reason and see that probably this life as a princess is not what she always thought it was because those are fairytales, this is reality.

  4. GFF says:

    “Can I be a father mine never was for him/her?”

    This is exactly why Chuck is the front runner for who is Blair’s baby daddy. “This is the only possible next step he can take in his evolution” also applies to this case because ever since season 1 Chuck has always put his father’s approval first so much so that he even gave up his love for some hotel. All he wanted was to be loved by his father and he never really got to experience that before his death. So family is definitely important to Chuck and this may be why the baby will have a huge “impact” on him.

    I think deep down he must suspect there’s the littlelest chance he is the father when first finding out but I think Blair will deny it to him by lying about how far along she is. Chuck would actually believe and wouldn’t investigate this further with a PI (his growth is key this season) like he always resorts to.

    Confirmation from the boomer guy on twitter and the video with Blair wearing a dress and clearly a protruding baby bump in the bridal shower means the wedding is still on and Louis and Sophie believe the baby is a Grimaldi. Also seeing how big Blair is, it is too dramatic to even try write in a miscarriage when she is too far along even if it is Gossip Girl – that’s just too tragic this is not The Secret Life of an American Teenager :-/

    Finally when Chuck does find out it would be nice to have a scene where Blair says are you not already planning my destruction after having lied to you about the baby? And Chuck will say he was pissed and upset but they’re dealing with something more serious with an innocent life involved (again his growth) then again he is a possessive man and I also picture him being outrageous and threatening Blair for considering passing his baby off as a royal. The writers just better execute this right otherwise they’ll just be thrown a bunch of hate tweets and harsh criticism mainly from DBers. But I think they can handle it as CB have always been top priority to them as the core couple nobody can deny their endgame.

    • blairwaldorf09 says:

      I’m curious as to what you are referring to about the boomer guy?

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        The boomer guy was an extra at Blair’s shower. He put some pics on his twitter and also a video where you could see Blair had a dress large on her waist. He also asked Leighton and she confirmed it was because her character was pregnant. I can’t link to the content because he deleted it after few minutes :/

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Blair will surely tell the baby is a Grimaldi. lol
      Not that she wants to hurt Chuck, he made his choice in 4.22, but in my opinion she may believe the baby is. But well, if she is sure the sex they had (they had sex? lmao) was protected, she will know who the father is, because I think probably Chair sex during the finale wasn’t protected. Unless Chuck walks with condoms in his vallet. lol
      I had this thought during S1 too. When S goes to C telling him Blair is late he says “We used a condom, I handle my business” … I didn’t believe him. Because of his face. Chuck may be one of those guys who knows how to handle those things and get away before the moment of the eiaculation – I know people who do it not to buy condoms… in fact one of them is four months pregnant right now, and the baby is due when BB will be due. lol. Because is possible for the doctor to tell when the conception happened, but… gah Idk I think Blair must know. If any, there’s still the dna test or the test that is done when the mommy is in her 6th month.

      • GFF says:

        I have a picture of the boomer guy tweets but I can’t upload it on here. He says something like “Leighton said to me personally that my dress is big because Blair is pregnant” and she did look quite big. He goes on to say that the fans say mean things to him and that he is an actor and enjoys giving information an NONE of it is a lie.

        Also I really think this picture is when Chuck finds out something important.


        If you look at the other pictures he’s holding onto his dog’s leash then when mini Blair says something he drops the leash and his facial expression is lethal

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Yes! That’s what I think too. There are various pics of that day where it seems the wannabes told him something really surprising. Chuck usually is good at keeping himself together, but in that moment he seems quite lost as if they told him something really devasting or that could make him angry.

  5. Serina says:

    I agree with blairwaldorf09 ! Where can we found a picture or video of Blair with her baby bump ????? I really want see please! (sorry , i’m a French Girl 🙂

  6. chairfan says:

    i think they won’t give chuck any more drinking/abuse plotlines. enough is enough. what i think is that he’ll probably be shocked at first, but then accept it. right now he is troubled so this could help steer him and help him “grow up”, as you said before.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Also, it could help him feel something in my opinion. Those kind of moments when you think things can go worse, and then… BOOM! You find there’s still something worth in your life. I think the baby would be a great thing for his evolution.

  7. L.A.N says:

    I wonder why episode 13 of each season is always so epic. Season 1 episode 13 Nate found out Chuck slept with Blair, season 2 episode 13 Bart died and Blair confessed her love for the first time, season 3 episode 13, 1 year of Bart’s death, Chuck was haunted by his father ghost, broke down when Serena got accident and again, it’s Blair who is beside him.

    Those always my favorite.

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