Gossip Girl Boss Dishes on [Spoiler Alert]’s Surprise Pregnancy

Somebody’s going to need a bigger dress.

After pulling a bait-and-switch, letting us believe that Dorota was the owner of last season’s positive pregnancy test, Monday night’s Gossip Girl closed with a big and potentially game-changing revelation: Both Dorota and Blair are expecting!

The Queen of the Upper East Side — and future princess — is preggers just as she’s in the midst of planning a royal wedding. It’s a secret that will cause quite the dilemma for Blair, and not just in terms of how she’ll fit into her wedding dress. Executive producer Josh Safran explains that the series will delve into all the options that a young woman in Blair’s situation might consider – and the emotional turmoil and potential pitfalls that come with having those internal debates.

Although Blair’s been able to fool everyone so far (except for one sharp-eyed seamstress), it won’t be long before she finds it too difficult to hide the pregnancy and wade through her options by herself, says Safran.

And she won’t be the only one dealing with the consequences. “Blair’s pregnancy will definitely impact Chuck in a major way,” explains Safran, who also teases that Mr. Bass’s journey in Season 5 “is the only possible next step in the evolution” of the character. Could that next step be fatherhood? Safran won’t reveal if Chuck and Blair’s post-bar mitzvah rendezvous was the moment of conception, but teases that “the audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season.”

So why make Blair pregnant at all? Safran points out that “it isn’t out of the realm of possibility” for a young, would-be princess to find herself with child.

Just like the pregnancy, Blair’s fertile story arc wasn’t exactly planned. “We thought about [the storyline], but we didn’t go three years ago, ‘She’s going to get pregnant at the end of Season 4!’” says Safran. Yet at the same time, he adds, “it felt right to us when we [wrote it because this] is how Blair’s experiencing it, in that it was not something so thought out.”


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12 thoughts on “ Gossip Girl Boss Dishes on [Spoiler Alert]’s Surprise Pregnancy

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, blair é veramente incinta!! Quando c’era dorota a confessare che sta aspettando figlio no 2 sono rimasta quasi delusa, ma la fine é stata meravigliosa 😉
    Ma il bebe é 100% di chuck, visto che blair é nella quinta/sesta settimana! Oddio baby bass is on the way :))

  2. Chair fan says:

    I’m so scared… some people say that it could also be dan’s, because he speaks like they shared more than a kiss… what do you think??? 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      If DB had shared more than a kiss I believe they would’ve said that. In 4.18 Dan specifies that after they kiss Blair run away. So I don’t believe anything more happened after that. Dan may have written in his book about him and Blair having sex, but like he says to Rufus is “creative license”. This means that in Dan’s book there are facts that have really happened, and facts that he invented to add more to his story. There are for sure things happened off screen while DB used to be close during 4×12/4×17, but I don’t think it’s sex since their kiss in 4×17 was a test and was their first. People saying Dan’s the father are just trying to find an excuse. Even in JS 2.0 interviews, it’s clear the father of this child could be either Louis or Chuck. Unless you can get pregnant with a kiss. lol

      • grace says:

        It’s possible.In ‘Glee’, Finn thought Quinn was pregnant of him because of a jizzed in the hot tub and in my country (i’m from Brazil) there’s a legend that girls get pregnant from a guy that turns out in a pink dolphin. LOL

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        lmao what you brought to my mind! But Finn is really naive haha. I can’t. “Think of the postman!!” I think there may be people who believe that.

  3. Liz says:

    The tailor for Blair’s wedding dress said that she was only 6 weeks along.

    Summer lasts for more than 6 weeks (~1 1/2 months), so it has to be Louis. It can’t be Chuck from their interaction in the finale, because then Blair should be longer than just 6 weeks.

    Well this is a bummer lol…

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The writers said that 6 week has passed since the finale. Blair says to Louis that they are going to get married in 3 months, so supposedly this episode’s setting is August. They haven’t specified the 6 weeks include the 3 weeks of the finale or not. If they include those, then the baby could still be of one or another. If they are not included the baby might be Louis’s. But I don’t really think they would let Blair have a baby from a character she doesn’t even have chemistry with, and a guest star. Plus, the tailor supposed how many weeks she was pregnant. So we don’t know if she was right or not since Blair didn’t agree or say anything.

    • Nichole says:

      Rufus also mentioned in the end of the episode about preparing for the 9/11 Tribute and had to rehearse with a band, from that I figure the first episode took place late August, early September. So, that should lead to more clarification as to when Blair became preggers and who the daddy is. I hope it is Chuck, but it seems that Louis will be very possible.

      I agree with Chair Fan, that there was a lot of implication to Dan and Blair doing more and could be a contender as father. At least that is the feeling I got while watching, but I have to stop the agreement there and agree with toomuchpurple, because if something really did happen, the writers would have had them be a little more vague or even mention something with meaniful looks or something.

      So, I think the talks between Dan and Rufus were to cater to the “Dair” fans while the actually identity of Blair’s baby daddy was and will continue to only be between Chuck and Louis.

      Oh, and how awesome is it that Dorota and Vanya are having another baby!? Two pregnant ladies in that penthouse up until the November 26th wedding is going to be hilarious! Dorota can give as good as take when it comes to Miss Blair and we all know what Blair is capable of in terms of being *b*tchy.* LOL

  4. GFF says:

    As soon as I saw Blair struggle a bit with zipping up the dress I was just waiting for that cheeky seamstress to say something then BAM! I am so happy. Would be more so if they confirm next ep that B is actually 9 weeks preggo. It isn’t specified whether 6 weeks have passed from the night of bar mitzvah or from after the 3 weeks later. It doesn’t really make mathematical sense but then again this is gossip girl. Who’s yo baby daddy B?…it’s CHUCK that’s who. We feel it, you feel it and Chuck defo feels it.

  5. bruna says:

    dorota is really pregnant too?? omg I thought she was just covering up blair her’s blair from her mother!
    I’m sorry if I didn’t write right, I’m from brazil

  6. kris says:

    She got pregnant 3 weeks after the night of the bar mitzvah since the pregnancy test was already positive in the finale. This means that whoever got her pregnant did so before the summer even started. CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK!

  7. blair bass says:

    i want to know who went through 6 week old garbage outside of Blair’s house ?

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