REVIEW/RECAP – 5×01, Yes then Zero

“The thing about expectations is most of the time, someone else sets them for you. Yet you feel like they’ve been there all along. And you can’t wait to live up to them. But just because you know what’s expected of you doesn’t mean you still can’t surprise everyone.”

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As expected, the first scene is set in Los Angeles. I have no idea which movie are they filming because I’m no movie addict, but judging by how they are dressed seems like it’s set in the 1920’s. This reminds me of Blair’s quote from the finale, “L’Amour Fou“, the crazy love, and Chuck telling her they don’t live in the 20’s unfortunately. So as a connection I think it can be meaningful for the future.

The first person we see is Serena. She’s finally working, but does her job satisfy her? Apparently, yes. Although she only seems to bring coffee to the actors/crew on set and doing routine and annoying detours no one likes to do, she seems pretty happy with it, because she’s finally doing something for herself. She’d love to be more than that, but of course this seems too early for a newbie. That Marshall guy has a deep and scary voice, he seems too hard on himself and too dedicated to his job to let Serena remain there to watch them filming. Eh! I believe he’s just afraid someone could steal his job, but we’ll talk about this later. The most important thing of this scene is that Serena receives an envelope from New York, Blair’s wedding invitation. She seems surprised she’s sent it only few weeks after Blair and Louis have been engaged.

Well, save the date. November 26th, 2011.

After Serena we see what’s Dan doing. He spent his summer playing softball in the writer’s team apparently, and nothing really interesting happened in his life until Rufus meets him and gives him the same envelope Serena has received.

And finally, we see Chuck. He arrives on the dock with I suppose his red Ducati, and greets two blonde twins that are on the yacth on his right. Then we see Nate, he’s sitting when the two blondes go downstairs from where they were. He asks who they are and it’s there when Chuck finishes the sentence. “I’m Nate Archibald, and you are?” “Waiting for me.” I supposed this isn’t news, Chuck and the blondes go inside and Chuck recommends Nate that he shouldn’t worry if he hears them being crazy in the room. Nate is looking through the mail and sees his invite and Chuck’s have arrived too. He decides to hide Chuck’s. In this case I’m struggling between thinking whether Nate did right, or did wrong. He acted as a best friend, hid the invite so that Chuck wouldn’t be bothered by it and stop enjoying himself, but on the other hand hiding the truth can make harder for the person to face the truth itself, and the consequences that come after it.

Finally we also see Blair. She’s in her room with Mr “I’m too cool to show any facial emotion”. Blair wants to spend the day in bed rather than make wedding preparations (please no, thank you), but Louis as the cold fish and loyal momma’s boy as he is decides to give Blair a necklace to motivate her doing the annoying stuff. Blair seems rather thrilled – or annoyed – and she wants to wear that necklace at Louis’ party that I get is to celebrate his mother, of the day after. But Louis doesn’t seem too sure. She won’t be allowed there until they are officially married and she’s part of the royal family. He says it’s annoying anyway and to consider herself lucky, and Blair answers that she’s already lucky as she’s living her fairytale… she doesn’t seem so sure. Louis reassures her he’s “her rock” and she can count on him. More than a rock I’d say bitter bread. You better hold on to someone else, B.

In LA things seems to go better. Serena finds out Chuck has won the yacht at poker, and that is Allegra Versace’s yacht actually. She asks if he’s okay to Nate, and Chuck gets back there just in time and he kisses her on the cheek (I love this really much since I like CS sibling relationship). I guess Serena isn’t used of this, both she and Nate may suspect Chuck is just acting happy, but he’s hiding his true feelings. He tells NS about his new ‘state of mind’. Smile like a cat like S says (lol) and embrace every single thing that comes his way, say YES, principally. That’s the key word. Even if Serena thinks Chuck is delusional, she thinks he’s not wrong after all, so she decides to try to change her situation at work.

We learn later that one of Dan’s S2 references journalists lets him know at the softball game that Vanity Fair wants to publish an anonymous chapter about upper-class scandals or something, that reminds him of Dan’s early writings he had to read during the summer of Dan’s last year at school. Dan understands he’s talking about his story.

Back in NYC, Eleanor and Sophie are in the living room talking about wedding preparations with Blair and Louis. Blair would love to have peonies for her wedding since it’s her favorite flower as we know and it’s also the flower of marriage (funny how Chuck has given peonies several times to Blair), but Louis’ mom wants her to have a bouquet of carnations. Are you kidding? Carnations is the flower of whimsy people. I don’t consider it a good flower for a wedding.
Added to that Sophie let’s Blair know that not only she’ll have the flowers she says, she’ll also have to wear her old dress. Wow, great. Louis doesn’t seem to help Blair in this, we learn that she had to write a list of demands to Louis’ mom and maybe – probably never – she will accept some of those. Seems like things have started with the wrong foot… and Eleanor sees it. To mess up things more, Gossip Girl sends a blast, but Dorota saves Blair from reading it. Scared she may get pissed by what she wrote? “It appears that someone we know and love is in a family way.” She asks Blair if she wants Prosecco and she says no. Hint hint hint.

“At least this secret is bound to show itself soon.”

At this point I thought that the people who might have been pregnant could be either Blair, or Serena. Neither of them drinks, Blair because she doesn’t want to (supposedly), and Serena because she promised herself she would stop drinking for a while. When someone is expecting is not good to drink alcoholics, so this was a detail used to confuse us again.

We see Blair and Serena talk on the phone, Blair is complaining that Sophie is doing everything and won’t let her prepare her own wedding, while Serena is in her office. The call is interrupted by someone calling Serena on a walkie-talkie. Blair hangs on and so Dorota comes closer to her to talk about something “that will affect both our futures.” Blair looks calm as ever, while Dorota seems bothered by something. After this scene I honestly thought Dorota was the one pregnant or she had found the test in the bin and wanted to try to get the confirmation that Blair had taken it.

In LA things seems to be funnier. Chuck and Nate accompany Serena on the set, and Chuck is eager to do a stunt for the movie. Nate doesn’t seem of the same idea, but Serena pushes him to go and try while she will go and try to talk to Jane, her boss. After she’s done, she has a talk with Marshall. They are distracted by a sharp noise behind them, and it’s actually someone who jumped on a mattress, and that someone is Chuck. I didn’t get if he did it to have fun or because that was his stunt job… whatever. “You’re about to get in a lot of trouble but I have the feeling you don’t care.” “You’re free tonight?” Of course he would answer with a one-liner. Haha.

For Blair things seem to get worse. She’s waiting for Louis’ “royal apologies” in her room, but he didn’t come to bring good news (or almost). He brought his mother’s dress, and confesses he didn’t talk to her about anything that Blair wanted. But things can get fixed by breaking rules. Woot woot! Momma’s boy is gonna be a bad son today. I like when people get their hands dirty for once. It’s annoying when people are too good… and when it comes to be of age and go against your parents I think is not a bad move opposing to some of their rules because you are not a kid anymore and you show them that you can think and behave the way you feel. Become independent.

Serena and Nate keep enjoying themselves when they go to buy drugs. Seems hilarious, in Serena’s to-do-list that Marshall has given her there is written that she has to buy weed for some of the actors. I didn’t know you could buy legal weed in Los Angeles by the way… I hope the writers don’t waste Chace and Blake’s chemistry. They are lovely!

Blair got ready for the party, in the end. She has an amazing Oscar de la Renta gown on, and she’s ready to go listening to never-ending annoying speeches with Louis. *yawns* Dorota says Blair is testing Louis’ love for her because he seems too influenced by Sophie, and Eleanor says she isn’t happy about it. “Louis told me he would stand up to his mother tonight. So if he does, everything can continue the way it’s meant to. And if he doesn’t, he and his mother will have a lovely wedding in November without a bride. Or she can just take my place, which seems to be what she wants. Wish me luck.”
Never said this thing better. I hate jealous mothers that want to put in between their son’s life. I get Sophie is maybe afraid Blair isn’t the right girl for her son, but she should let her son see the mistake, in the case. It’s utterly stupid for a mother in law to organize a wedding. People can get married several times, but the first time is the first time. I don’t believe Blair wants someone else to prepare the wedding the way she doesn’t like. Anyway, Eleanor seems suspicious of Blair being stressed, and this is another hint for the pregnancy reveal.

Louis learns that Dan has written a book about Blair in the following scene, and that he won’t be happy if it gets published, so he needs his help. Louis gives Dan another emotionless face, and decides not to go to the Waldorf’s penthouse to pick up Blair and go to the party together.

This is the point where Chuck also faces a bit of his truth. He is about to go driving his motorcycle with the woman he met on the set when he notices an envelope for him. He seems upset by the invite, he puts it in his jacket and he and the woman leave.  “Sticks and stones may just break bones, but the wounds from words never heal. Especially when they’re words we hoped we’d never read” Gossip Girl says. And Chuck keeps embracing his adrenaline day and falls from his motorcycle. The woman seems to understand that Chuck is looking for an adrenaline rush. She’s been working with people like that for years, and she is aware “there’s something dark going on” and that he may need help because otherwise he will destroy himself.

Blair receives a call from Louis saying he won’t come to pick her up, so she decides to go to Brooklyn and she meets Dan. She says that he’s the only person in town she knows and that she wants to run away from NYC and go to the Hamptons with him and call off Louis engagement because he doesn’t want to stand up to his mother. Dan seems thrilled, but Louis stops the party. Dan reveals that Louis is there to see him and give him his help. Blair feels sort of betrayed because Dan didn’t tell her anything about him, so she seems mad at him and leaves with Louis at the end.

In LA Nate and Serena keep having troubles and fun. Nate meets a woman, played by Liz Hurley that I think is really gorgeous and sexy. He pretends the house were the party is held is his, they find a bedroom and have sex and only after Nate learns that Diana is the owner of that villa (awkward). Serena gives Patrick (remember the guy from 3×07/3×08?) his weed. She soon finds out that task was added by Marshall on the list to get her in trouble, and that put her in trouble.

The scene that comes after all this trouble (I get is the day after) shows us Chuck, Nate and Serena on Chuck’s boat. Serena asks Chuck if he’s happy and that his yes state of mind didn’t work out well. Chuck gives NS a philosophic answer, not his typical kind of answer, and adds that they are growing up. They need to be responsible for themselves instead of always been responsible for others. This means that he’s going to probably take his responsibilities back in NYC? Serena suggests him to write a book, but Chuck kindly says no. This was probably my favorite line of the episode:

“People like me don’t write books, they’re written about.”

Nate and Serena go away, but before they do it, they hug Chuck. I so loved this moment because I felt NS really close to Chuck. They are both worried for his happiness and I guess they think he’s not having a good time despite he’s being all lovey-dovey with life and his best friends. Then Nate gets back to Diana’s house to get his phone, and Serena gets another opportunity to work in LA from her boss Jane.

They meet later and Serena informs Chuck and Nate that she’s not leaving with them because she got her job back, so Chuck opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate and ends up spilling in on his suit (lol). So he goes in the bathroom and other than cleaning his suit, he raises his shirt and sees that he has a big bruise under his shirt. Ouch.

We also see Charlie/Ivy working in a pub or whatever and meeting Serena, pretending she’s just… there.

Back in New York Dan receives his cheque for the book, Eleanor asks Blair if she’s pregnant since she found a famous book “What expect when you’re expecting” in her pantry, but Dorota says she is the one pregnant. Dorota’s stares are weird though, at first I thought she was covering for Blair because Blair’s face when her mother asks her about the book is lost, scared, but apparently Dorota is really pregnant as Josh Safran confirmed.

You’d think the mystery is solved, but no! I love these things. Few minutes later Blair is having her dress fitting. We see her struggling and hold her breath while the seamstress is zipping the dress. There I said, there must be something else.
Sophie compliments on Blair’s appearance, and is about to give her carnations when Louis stops her and gives her peonies instead. Wow, seems like Louis understood his lesson. It’s a step forward that he decided to stand up to his mom (we’ll see if he actually remains loyal to this), and Blair seems finally happy… The seamstress asks her if they know. “Know what?”, “How far along you are.” I knew the woman would’ve had a better eye. She has the measurements of course. Blair of course lies, but like the woman says: “Lie to me all you want, but your body will be telling the whole world the truth by the time of your wedding.” And by Gossip Girl herself:

“Nothing stays hidden for long. You often find, what you least expect is right in front of you. Waiting to change everything forever. Whether you want to or not.”

I’ll give this episode a 6.5. Not too bad, yet not too OMFG.
Better premiere than S3/4 in my opinion, but ratings weren’t so good.

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17 thoughts on “REVIEW/RECAP – 5×01, Yes then Zero

  1. Lisa says:

    Il migliore riassunto di GG che io abbia mai letto…brava, é molto interessante a leggerlo se non si ha capito un piccolo dettaglio etc. ! 🙂

  2. grace says:

    For me, it was a predictable episode even the two characters pregnant revelation.
    Now the new ‘secret’ is ‘Who’s the father?’ thing but i’ll leave it to the speculation day.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Predictable a lot. In fact I was afraid that Blair wouldn’t be the one pregnant, but this time I haven’t been deluded by that hope… now we just need to cross fingers she doesn’t miscarry, that topic is a tabu on the CW.

      Oh, I have a few things for the speculation post, starting from Blair’s invite. The things you find surfing the web to fill your time… haha

  3. blairwaldorf09 says:

    I was seriously doubting Blair was the one that was pregnant just because of how they love to mess with us. So I was actually ecstatic that it was hers. Now…I can hope and pray that it’s a Bass baby because honestly that’s what we all think. Unless it’s the Prince’s kid but I doubt it. But like if she’s six weeks along how long has it been between the end of last season and this season? Since like…I dunno haha that math seemed off to me a bit. But yeah it was an okay episode overall,

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I swear if they make the baby a Grimaldi… Gah. It’s surely Chuck’s imo because JS 2.0 said that for Chuck this season will start an evolution towards maturity because of something that happens to him. A baby and fatherhood could really be the thing JS was talking about. I don’t see anything else that could work, because people like Chuck that aren’t good at taking care of other people can learn to do so having responsibilities they can’t run from. One is the dog. The dog is symbolic because is like a baby. It dies if he doesn’t give it food or water. If you can’t cure a dog anymore tho you can give it to someone, but meanwhile, you have already set up a changing process in you because you kept feeding someone who could only depend on you. With a baby is similiar, just that the baby will grow and talk and give you more satisfactions as a caregiver, because a son/daughter is everything. Also, since we know Chuck has had issues with his father/mother, become a father himself could show him he can be different, he can give love to his baby. I can’t wait for the moment we’ll know who the daddy is *crossing fingers*

      • Laura says:

        I completely agree with you, i think a baby and fatherhood could be what makes Chuck really grow and mature as a person, as blair once said “Into a man your father never was” You could see the signs hes growing up already from the premiere, when he was speaking to Serena and Nate on the boat. Plus i think your right about the dog and that could be one of the reasons he gets one. But yeah fingers crossed its Chucks!

  4. Suzy says:

    The end of this episode was hilarious! I really thought dorota was the only one to be pregnant, and i didn’t even realize that blair had problems closing the dress, so then i was totally surprised!
    I’m so happy for baby bass, but i really think it is the end of the series if blair gets a child, i mean, it wouldn’t be a teen series anymore right?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I guess it hasn’t been a teen series since season 3, when High School ended. Yes there still were Taylor and Connor back then to represent “the teens”, and Blair’s wanna-be-queen and ways to still influence her old school despite she now went to College. Plus, now every one of the characters on the show is 20+. Most of the storylines aren’t related to HS things and school (neither college they say they attend! lol), but are on tough and lately annoying issues, like Chuck’s business storyline during S4.
      So if it ends this year like I think and hope, we shouldn’t complain much. But I need CB to have a decent closure.

      • Suzy says:

        Totally agree. A wedding would be proper – with CHUCK and not a that lousy prince. I’m still waiting for chuck to give blair that wonderful harry winston ring!

  5. Nichole says:

    Fantastic recap! Love it!! Thank you for writing!

  6. Lisa says:

    Hanno rilasciato le foto per 5×03, blair porta il vestito che abbiamo visto nelle foto dove incontra chuck con il cane… Finalmente un po di chair!! :))

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Grazie mille, le stavo per salvare! 😉
      Comunque mi dispiace deluderti ma quello non è lo stesso vestito 😦 è sempre della stessa collezione ma un pochino diverso. E’ quello che Leighton aveva nelle foto con Penn quando gli mostra una busta e anche sul set dove aveva il vestito da sera scollato di colore grigio.
      Però ecco non è detto che non ci siano scene! 😉

      • Lisa says:

        Hai ragione, ma ci saranno delle scene con blair/chuck di sicuro, mi ricordo che gli scrittori su twitter hanno scritto qualcosa tipo “just because you don’t see chair it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening” a luglio. Forse una scena al penthouse? Beh, in 5×04 inizieranno con un po di interazione fra chuck e blair, visto che quasi tutti guardano GG solo per loro lol

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Sì, ma già vedendo nel video intervista a Leigh dove è vestita di beige, è nella suite. Quindi spererei abbiano presto scene. Non ho fretta ovviamente, però. haha
        Credo che più tardi avremo scene, meno DB ci sarà. L’anno scorso dalla 2 alla 10 era tutto CB, poi dalla 11 alla 17 DB. Se siamo fortunati CB avranno quella parte di season che è cruciale in un certo senso. Poi se il baby nascerà, di sicuro lo farà nella 13-14 che spesso rappresentano gli episodi principali per CB/Chuck.

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