Gossip Girl Season 5 Interview – Leighton Meester


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5 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Season 5 Interview – Leighton Meester

  1. Lauren says:

    I flipped out over this at first, since it seems like Leight is jumping ship for DB, but she’s not! Just discussing the premiere. Thank god. ;p

    • grace says:

      Exactly, not big deal.Well, i’m not surprised because as i’ve saying since the end of season 4 (several times), the first half will be focus on the wedding and Dair relationship going parallel.First like a good confidant friends and later when Louis is gone, something more ( Dan’s surprising role and Leighton’s quote for example).
      As i said,DB could be a one sided relationship, where one person has the feelings and the other not much, despite of feeling safe,find the relationship funny,easy,with no drama and that person is ‘someone that you can be your real self around’.In the other words, comfort zone.More than never i think Dair reminds me of Seth and Anna in ‘The O.C’.
      And again, the good thing is there will be a closure in episode 17 or 18.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        What if Blair is really pregnant and they let the baby born? I don’t think this DB close interaction can go past few episodes before 17-18. It can’t take that long and only the last 6 episodes with CB getting slowly closer… Seems boring seen this way :/

  2. grace says:

    ‘What if Blair is really pregnant and they let the baby born?’ This is the one million dollars question,`toomuchpurple.
    And yes,seems boring see this way.Watch DB interaction for 17-18 episodes is really,really boring.But my annoying speculation is based in my lame observations on GG writers modus operandi.Since season 2, they kind of establish a pattern but in season 5 i hope they surprise the Chair fans positively because we all deserve it.

  3. Nishaaa says:

    Not liking the whole idea of Dan being the only person Blair can be “herself” around :/ I like them best as “frenemies”

    I also hope Chuck and Blair are endgame..The writers have been teasing us for quite some time now so I hope that when Chair finally DO get back together, it’s for good this time! XOXO

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