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Tease, tease, tease. The first trailer for The CW’s Gossip Girl set up the gang’s move to Los Angeles. Now this new promo, set to air this weekend, lures us with the Blair/Chuck/Prince of Monaco triangle and that pending wedding. (Plus, oh yes, there’s still that pregnancy test in the trash can… ) Gossip Girl returns Monday, Sept. 26 with an episode titled “Yes Than Zero.” here’s your new look.


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9 thoughts on “NEW S5 Promo

  1. Lisa says:

    Ok, everything’s clear now: By the end of 5×01 blair will find out she’s pregnant. In 5×02 she will tell the others about it. And in 5×03 there will come the major Dan-Chuck-Blair Drama Kristen anticipated – Dan tells Louis that Chuck is the daddy of Blairs baby.
    Make’s sense to me now! I kinda hate lonely boy more by every minute. Can’t he just stay away from Blair, he’s ruining every promo. And I really hope that the writers won’t continue with that dair storyline, because that’s really awkward!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yes, I agree. But I the drama is for episode 5×04… In the 5×03 I remember there’s much DB talking (Leighton had a good part of the script visible where she and Dan talked) and the pics where she has then floral dress suggest me B is going to go to the doctor to check if she’s pregnant, and maybe D will follow her… or something.

      • Lisa says:

        You’re probably right! Although I really can’t imagine Blair being pregnant, I think that would change the whole series!

        You were able to read anything from that script?!

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Imo it would be funny 😛 because pregnant women (lol imagine Blair in 10 years pregnant for eg, if she isn’t now) are usually horny and emotional so Blair’s eccentricness and personality will be x1000 strong and they could create funny moments with everyone. Blairzilla… XD

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        The script: I remember what you could see from the HQ of the Leighton set pic where she’s holding the page, is that she mentions not to tell something and Dorota breaking stuff or something… wasn’t much to have an idea of the possible scene.

  2. grace says:

    Finally something a little substancial!
    I don’t think the spoiler anticipated by Kristin is related with this promo because Blair continues with the wedding preparations.I think the Kristin spoiler is more focused on the book storyline.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      My guess was that since Chuck tells Dan he’s been with Blair after Louis, he may spill the beans to the press… this may infuriate both, damage Blair’s relationship with Dan who told the press the secret, and Chuck who told Dan about it. Idk.

  3. Nichole says:

    Thank you for posting this. 🙂

    For some reason, I have a feeling that the pregnancy test has nothing to do with Blair at all. Well, it will have something to do with her because I think the “shocking” pregnancy will be it is Eleanor’s test. I bet you Blair will find out and will be sneaking around to get information as she is a Waldorf, so the name of the medical papers would be Waldorf. Dan and his nosiness will be snooping around cause he is a dog in heat and is sniffing Blair something fierce. He will run into Blair while she is coming out of the medical offices (spoiler pics I saw earlier on this site) and will do what Dan the Donut does best–jump to the wrong conclusion because of his conversation with Chuck. Assuming it was Dan that Chuck was talking to. Dan will think it is Blair that is pregnant and he will probably get as far as seeing that the test is positive for a Waldorf, but will not actually see the name as being Eleanor and not Blair. That is when he will tell Louis. Then Blair and Louis will have it out as Blair was trying to keep her one last night with Chuck a secret.

    Now, if Blair was pregnant, it wouldn’t be that shocking, would it? Everyone on the West and East side of the Atlantic Ocean suspects it is Blair that is with child, but it would be more compelling if it were her mother. I mean, Elelanor has a grown daughter that will be 21 in a few months. She is uber-successful and happily married in her later years. Raising another child at this stage in her life would be shocking and surprising for her and Cyrus as they are probably looking forward to enjoying their Autumn years and being together to travel and relax. My aunt had a child when she was close to the end of her child bearing years and it was a huge surprise. She wasn’t thinking about raising a child since she had two adult children that she had just got used to not having to be so hands on any more because they had married and had families of their own. Plus, having Eleanor as the mom is good plot-driven drama cause of the all the confusion it will lead to on Dan’s part, and the truth coming out about Blair’s affair because of the confusion–therefore pushing the drama further in the young adult storyline of Louis/Blair/Chuck and relunctently Dan. Why is he so involved in this storyline? Ugh! He should’ve have left, not Eric!! LOL

  4. Lisa says:

    One week to go girls! The wait will finally be over! I need GG so badly, i rewatched the 4 seasons 6 times in the past 3 months!

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