ASK Ausiello Spoilers

Question: When are we going to find out who’s pregnant on Gossip Girl? —Em
By the end of the season premiere. And prepare to be shocked. I certainly was.


It only seems to me or he seems unamused by the answer? I mean, it seems he says that “I certainly was” with sarcasm, as if he’s like ‘oh how predictable, meh’ because the person is going to be someone we could imagine or that we have been imagining for all these months? Mmmh. Hope he doesn’t betray his sweep card


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2 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello Spoilers

  1. Lucila Testa says:

    When are we going to find out who the father of the baby is? I’ll die if it’s not Chuck!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Apparently in the next episode Blair is going to reveal it, but in my opinion she won’t see who it is. She will be in denial it’s Louis’ and she will confess him that. I can also see her confess she’s pregnant with L’s baby, but not knowing the baby it’s Chuck’s.

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