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Desiree: I’d give ANYTHING for something on Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl. Please, give me some good news on them!
I just heard about something in episode four that literally made me gasp, then squeal, then blurt out, “Are you freaking serious?!” Turns out, the scandalous scene I’m talking about is not exactly what it seems, but I highly recommend you Chuck-Blair fans and Dan-Blair fans wear an adult diaper just in case. Consider yourself warned.

mockingbird2424: Do you have any #gossipgirl Chuck and Blair news?
Chuck is gonna have a hard time feeling anything this year.



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10 thoughts on “Kristin Spoiler Chat

  1. amanda says:

    sounds like a threesome dream… js

    Ugh i’m so not not excited about episode 4 that I cant even tell you! #4’s tend to be Dan-centred so no thanks… :/

    and what about chuck not feeling anything?? Can someone explain that to me? I’m seriously natefused here…

    • grace says:

      “Sounds like a threesome dream… js”

      Why the fans will need to wear diapers?

      I think Kristin exaggerated a little bit because i don’t know if they do something ‘scandalous’ in a few episodes.
      Keep calm and buy a diaper, just in case.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Hope not a threesome dream… D wouldn’t fit. lol
        I bet this thing won’t be really great like anything else happened on the show claimed as “scandalous” “omfg” “wtf” etc. They’re obviously trying to get people watching the show before everything, and they throw these bones at us to make us curious.

        Bet the scandalous thing will be D admitting his “love” for B in his book. (5×04 should be the epi where his book will be presented).

      • grace says:

        Exactly, ‘Memoirs of an invisible Dan’ is the title of episode 4.
        Another funny coincidence.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Uhm the guy who writes a book telling how he become invisible and stuff like that while they want to use him as a spy. My guess could be that probably Dan is going to be an insider so he’s going to find out Chuck or B’s secrets by being his friend? Considering the book is called “Inside”, and that Liz Hurley’s character should be someone who wants to speculate on the GG website, seeing D has caught so well (in his opinion ofc) the guy’s personalities, Diana (Liz’s character) could hire him to spy on them? Because I recall seeing a pic where L had those ugly pants and fuchsia shoes, and she was like glaring at Penn (it was a fan take pic).

  2. Lauren says:

    aww, poor Chuck! I bet it’s as I feared….that B does something “unforgiveable” & it totally turns him off, as in no feelings whatsoever. *shudders* Well, at least we don’t have to worry aobut him hooking up w/ anyone else. *tear*

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Chuck has to be alone at least for 15 epis, imo. 😛 Just because you can’t fall back in a relationship after you’ve just said goodbye to the woman you love. I think he’s heartbroken, and this is how he copes with it. You know, when he’ll see Blair again realization of what happened before summer will set in and I bet he won’t know what to do. When Blair had boyfriends in the past was easier. But now that she’s tied to a man with a promise (the ring) and with the oportunity of realizing her dream, I’m sure Chuck won’t try to interfere. That’s how I hope they show him. Of course we will see him aching, and I believe doing dangerous things to feel something, anything. He let go of the only thing that’s ever been important in his life, more than his legacy. He finally got that and he thinks it’s over, but we know that between CB is never over.

  3. GFF says:

    I was just thinking why do the writers put Chuck through all this crap? Well Ed Westwick is the only one (aside from Leighton) who can portray a tortured character so convincingly.
    I don’t really know what to look forward to this season. It just sounds like a lot of wedding prep and Dan’s damn book. And now that the preggo mystery will be resolved in the first ep it sounds like a cop out Lily or Charlie magically with child. I hope I’m wrong 

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Ausiello already said Blair or Serena so I think regarding the baby’s mistery we can be 75% sure it’s Blair… Repeat the “Dan is father of my baby” sl with Charlie for eg, would be too lame since they did the same last year with Georgina. And Lily already had a lost son during S2/3, so that would be also a repeat and honestly, no one would care. lol

      I think best period to watch will be after ep. 7… Don’t know, don’t lose faith. I feel is going to be a good future for us.

      • GFF says:

        Sorry If you see my comments here some are quite doubtful. It’s just that the writers have really put CB in the gutter where it seems they can never recover from. But yes I will keep my chin up because I ship this couple so hard ❤ them

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