Season 5 – PROMO


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9 thoughts on “Season 5 – PROMO

  1. Lisa says:

    Chuck is becoming an actor/stunt man?? i mean wtf?! The only thing he should be is blair’s boyfriend/fiance/husband!
    However, I really LOVE that promo, i got goose bumps as soon as i saw it!!

  2. Nichole says:

    That was a good promo! GG really does know how to do the season premier promo very well. The first season/first episode–Classsic! Season 2 in the Hamptons, Season 3–oh, wait, I can’t remember Season 3 LOL 😉 and Season 4 in Paris and now this one. Oh, well 4 out of 5 season premier promos are bad. LOL

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah, S3 promo wasn’t so exciting and in fact that season is a serious let down lol S4 promo was a bit better but it didn’t give me that excitement. This promo looks more promising for us, because this year at least Chuck for eg is in good company and CB as a couple said goodbye to each other in a melting way but still remaining friends, not like S3 finale, so this should be relieving because this means they may get back together in the future with more mature minds and behaviors.

  3. grace says:

    I found a funny coincidence of the promo is almost entirely focused on CNS in LA because of a poll on gossipgirlsss site about what the viewers wanted to see in S5.
    Funny coincidence?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Uhm you know I really believe CSN in LA will be the most important/excting opening of the season. I mean besides DB fans who hope to see these two talking while the others are in California, or Blouis shippers who want to see B preparing her wedding, that side of the story in the first episode (and guess part of ep. 2) doesn’t look that exciting… But I’m just guessing, so far I don’t feel interested at all in Blouis story and Blair’s interactions in NYC when her bffs are away… I don’t think they’ll be as entertaing as CSN having fun and Chuck being all Bella Swan and try to hurt himself. So I don’t believe it’s because of the girlsss site.

      • grace says:

        I know that it’s not because the girlsss site.What i meant was that when i saw the promo i remembered the girlsss poll and i found just funny.
        Speaking about the promo,i quite liked but i was expecting a little more.Anything about the wedding preparations.

  4. chairforever says:

    bella swan we found you’re long lost brother chuck bass…

  5. Nichole says:

    I think the wedding was alluded to in the promo. When Dan said, “save the date.” I’m sure, almost positive that was a reference to the Blair’s wedding. I don’t know if all people who plan weddings send out plan a date notifications. I just remember when Prince William and Kate were getting married, save the date notifications were sent out to the guests as it was a high profile wedding and believed to been done to ensure that the dignataries that were going to be invited could make sure they didn’t have any committments on that date. So, it doesn’t surprise me with Blair’s lust to be royalty and live a fairytale life that she would want to mimick that sentiment. LOL She is a princess!

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