CW orders +2 episodes for GG Season 5

EXCLUSIVE: The CW is looking to beat the midseason rerun blues by supersizing the orders of four returning drama series. The network has picked up two additional episodes each of soaps Gossip Girl and 90210, bringing their orders to 24 episodes, and one additional episode each of veteran Supernatural and sophomore Nikita, which will go up to 23 episodes each. Notably missing is CW’s flagship drama The Vampire Diaries. That stems from the show’s inability to accommodate additional episodes because of its extensive post-production process that leads to longer production times. (Additionally, co-showrunner Kevin Williamson is also shepherding the new CW series The Secret Circle). This is the second time the CW has expanded the seasons of existing series — it ordered additional episodes of Gossip Girls and One Tree Hill a couple of years ago — but it has never done it on such scale, with four series. It is part of new CW president Mark Pedowitz’s plan to bring lull periods of reruns during the season to a minimum. He already ordered three series for midseason at the upfronts: reality series Re-Modeled and The Frame and the final season of veteran One Tree Hill. — source:


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5 thoughts on “CW orders +2 episodes for GG Season 5

  1. Nichole says:

    Interesting. I wonder if these two additional episodes are really for lessening the re-runs in December/January. I mean it could give the writers a chance to explore a longer story arc Or could be “industry-speak” for “this is Gossip Girl’s last season and we want to sweeten our syndication deal by having as many episodes to package and give the writers a chance to wrap the series.”

    Yeah, I have my conspiracy theory glasses on. Hmm, interesting either way.

  2. kalinesska says:

    I have an completely different question. New DVD with some extra stuff of season 4 have been released or not yet?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It’s going to be released on Aug 24th and I think I’ll order it for then so if it’s something nice CB related I’ll post it 😉

  3. kalinesska says:

    that’s great ! thank you 🙂

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