Meet Blair’s new nemesis!

A new pot-stirrer is headed to the Upper East Side, and she’s threatening to derail Blair Waldorf’s big fat royal wedding.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that French actress/model Roxane Mesquida (Kaboom) is joining the cast of Gossip Girl as the meddling sister of Blair’s fiancée, Prince Louis.

Little else is known about Mesquida’s princess character, save for that fact that she is not happy about her brother’s impending union and is hell-bent on sabotaging it. Oh, and the role is recurring, so she’ll be around long enough to do some damage.

Gossip Girl‘s fifth season — its first without Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr — is slated to launch on Monday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c. – s o u r c e


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One thought on “Meet Blair’s new nemesis!

  1. grace says:

    I was lurking at FF and some speculations about this new character, all i have to say is thinking in a logical manner, i don’t think the Princess will have some affair with Chuck to sabotage Blair.Of course, she should know about their love story but thinking logically i think that Princess will be suspicious of another person.Who will be in NY in Season Premiere? Who will spend the summer watching movies with Blair?
    As i said, speaking in a logical manner but with thesse writers… anything can happen.The new GG writers are my last hope.

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