Behind the Scenes of the Penshoppe Shoot

While Chuck Bass’ alter ego Ed Westwick thinks nothing of stepping out in a white T-shirt, jeans with day-old stubble and disheveled hair, his Upper East Side character wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his latest scheming plot unless he were impeccably dressed and nattily groomed.

Here are 10 things we love about Chuck Bass’ style and why we wouldn’t mind being manipulated by such a sharp—and handsome—dresser. – source

+ 3 under the cut! (Click on the pics to see them bigger)

1. Best in bow tie. Chuck Bass brought the bow tie back to life and proved that there’s more to the bowtie than Indiana Jones and penguins.

2. Think pink. Chuck is not afraid to wear pink, and looks gorgeous doing so.

3. It’s all in the sneer. His clothes deliver only part of the attitude, while his pouty upper lip perpetually curled up in disgust wraps up the whole package quite nicely.

4. Gel, oh. Why hide a to die for face with hair? His slicked back hair is suave without being smarmy or Jersey Shore-ish.

5. No discernible pattern. When paisley and dots come together, it’s usually on a guy wearing an orange curly wig and a bright red nose. Not with Chuck Bass, who can wear both paisley and dots together with impunity.

6. Preppy dandy. What teacher or schoolgirl can resist Chuck Bass in his prep school uniform?

7. Suits to a T. In a showdown between Chuck Bass and TV-land’s other suit-donning New Yorker, Barney Stinson, our money’s on Bass. Chuck must’ve worn every suit in every cut, color and fabric imaginable, and we can’t wait to see more.

8. Scarf it down. Chuck is all about the accessories, and they’re functional, too. It helps him keep girls from getting away from him.

9. Buttoned up. Sweaters are beyond Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood now. We love how Chuck looks manly and not at all grandfatherly in his buttoned up knits.

10. Royal in purple. No grimaces are in sight when Chuck wears his favorite grape hue.


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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of the Penshoppe Shoot

  1. Emily says:

    Are they a lot of play on words or just many difficults expressions ? Because I don’t understand this texte very much … (i’m French)

  2. Emily says:

    I don’t understand the text, but I can always look at the pictures! Ed is beautiful and so sexy ♥

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