Gossip Girl Boss: “Chuck Has Never, and Will Never, Hurt Blair”

Deep breaths, Gossip Girl fans, deep breaths.

We just talked to executive producer Josh Safran about last night’s shocking scene between Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester), and as Safran puts it, “We feel it’s very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck, and what he might do to himself—but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that.” Moreover, the Basshole is due for a “reckoning,” just as soon as he comes to his senses, which will take in the midst of the “thrilling” and “uplifting” two-part finale.

Will Blair get her fairy tale? And who is the prince in question? That guy from Europe or, as Serena pointed out, that guy who has his own Upper East Side Empire? Here’s what we can tell you:

Q&A with Gossip Girl Executive Producer Josh Safran

I thought it was interesting that Chuck actually grabbed her and that the consequence of that fight was Blair had the most perfect, beautiful, dainty injury, which are two symbolically significant things. Did this moment verge on abuse? What was going on in this scene?
The way we viewed it, I think it’s very clear that Blair is not afraid in those moments, for herself. They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it’s the two of them. Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it’s very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that.

Chuck is usually defined by his cold, emotional distance, but here he’s out of control and slobbering drunk. What is he doing?
This whole season has been a struggle for Chuck to understand who he is…He opens the season as Henry Prince, because he did not want to be Chuck Bass anymore. Even when he got surer footing, and he was like, “OK, I can be Chuck Bass again,” he was dealt another curve ball, the story with his father and the Thorpes, and looking at, “What am I born from?” The conflict for the year for Chuck has been “Who am I? What am I?” And you have to hit rock bottom before you can rise up again. That is our trajectory for Chuck, right now, and for this season.

Is this rock bottom, or is there further to go?
I would like to say “Wait and see,” but I would be hard-pressed to think that there is any more rock bottom than this. And by the way, it was a conscious decision to make the rock bottom episode 20 and not 22, so that there’s still room to go.

So at the moment Chuck is sort of a basket case?
He needed to go out of control—sometimes you have to go out of control to take stock and look at yourself and realize who you are.

I have to imagine that the morning after he’s also going to look at Blair and see that he caused the world’s most picturesque wound and react to that accordingly. Where do you go in the next two episodes in terms of Chuck’s emotional arc?
There is definitely a reckoning.

“Reckoning” could mean a lot of things. Is Chuck going to be in a gunfight?
I can’t say, but you saw who Raina (Tika Sumpter) called at the end of the episode. There’s two things that we’ve shown that can touch Chuck’s Achilles heel, and they are Blair and Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington). And to have both of them in the same episode, what’s that gonna be?

Ah, Chuck…He’s such a classic romantic hero, like Rhett Butler, sort of strong enough that you can stretch him pretty far.
Sure, we talk about these classic movies all the time, and sometimes the audience just likes it better when it’s The Philadelphia Story, or Breakfast at Tiffany‘s, but you have to talk about these other movies as well. Each character can’t just be in romantic comedies all the time.

He’s always had that Gothic thing, and those guys are always imbued with a dark side in addition to their vulnerability about their girlfriends. Would you say that the next two episodes are a time of strength for Chuck or a time of weakness?
All I will say is that I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of Chair on chairs. That’s not a dream sequence; they’re smiling, and you know…How about that?

Where’s Blair, emotionally, at this point? She’s with her prince, but Chuck said to her face that we all knew she wasn’t going to get with him—plus, he’s just a guest star. What is she telling herself at the end of this episode?
Blair’s always believed in fairy tales, and she even opens this season talking about fairy tales. It was always our intention to let Blair have a fairy tale, but the rose in a fairy tale still has thorns on it. Chuck may be—in last night’s episode—the thorns for that rose; but Blair is moving towards accepting that she can have a fairy tale.

I’m hearing a lot of, “If you go back to the beginning of the season, you’ll see that we did some stuff here.” Can we assume that as fans that if we went back to the first part of the season, we’d see the seeds planted that are going to come to fruition in the finale?
Absolutely, it is very, very much of a piece, this season. We just made that choice and stuck with it.

As for the finale, do you like to end things on cliffhangers? Do you like to tie things up in bows?
The next episode is actually a two-parter, episodes 21 and 22 [are one story and] take place in a little more than one night. And then there’s little bit more jumping ahead like we have in the past. There are definitely cliffhangers. I’m trying to think, do we tie stuff up in bows? Well, every bow has a string that someone can pull, some I’m not entirely sure if we tied up anything, but I feel like this year, more than ever before, the map of the next season will become very clear in the finale. So even when there are cliffhangers in this finale, they very much tell a story of where we are going, as opposed to shooting Chuck and not knowing if he’s alive.

In that two-part, what one scene or moment are you most excited for people to see?
There’s never one moment. You’re asking the wrong person, because I’m proud of and stand by every storylines, even the ones that people don’t love and the ones that don’t get accepted the way we hope they will. I have to stand by both “the good and the bad.” I really love both episode 21 and 22. Coming to the end of the season is always really fun for us, because we really do get to look back and tie things together…the only thing I’m sad about is that I wish they were airing on the same night, because I do think that 21 and 22—because they’re the first time we’ve ever done a two-parter—are really complementary. At the same time, I would love to just be an audience member watching, because 21 ends on a cliffhanger. Watching and waiting a whole week could be superfun; we don’t get that luxury because we know what’s going to happen. There’s lovely moments and thrilling moments in both parts, and I think it’s really going to feel like a ride. Last year’s finale felt like a descent into despair, because that’s what was happening with Chuck and Jenny (Taylor Momsen); this one feels more like a thrill ride with happy uplifting moments and happy scary moments, but not necessarily despair. – SOURCE


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17 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Boss: “Chuck Has Never, and Will Never, Hurt Blair”

  1. blu says:

    LOL. The scene could be less violent.

  2. Lauren says:

    oh this is wonderful

  3. Madika says:

    hmm… so the last episode Wrong goodbay will be 2h long or it’s devide in two? (shattered bass 1h and wrong goodbay 1h) I’m lost.

    • Nichole says:

      It’s a two hour finale that is being split across two Mondays, however each episode has its own title (Shattered Bass 4×21 and The Wrong Kiss Goodbye 4×22). Most shows do this for the purpose of syndication, but it is usually done with thirty minute programs. That way the two 30 minute shows can have the option of taking up the full hour block, but if it doesn’t there is a logical end to one episode to the next. So, I think that is what is going to happen with the finale here. If we were to watch the two episodes back-to-back, the show would flow as one episode.
      That was rather lengthy, I hope that made sense. 😉

    • Moozanna says:

      The finale will be two 1hr episodes n the 9th and 16th

    • grace says:

      The Season Finale was divided into two parts:Shattered Bass,Next Monday and The Wrong Goodbye,May 16.

  4. Jacs says:

    oh. well… this gives me hope. although i do feel that after what chuck did to blair last night, he should not be forgiven. he needs at least a half season of therapy before he would even be worthy of talking to blair again. but we know they’re connected, that they will always be endgame. right now blair should be happy and be with the prince, get her fairytale for a little while. once chuck is normal (sober) again, and healed, they can make a play for reconciliation.
    but my fangirl heart leaps at the idea of chair on chairs not being a dream!

  5. Moozanna says:

    My favourite part of the interview

    All I will say is that I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of Chair on chairs. That’s not a dream sequence; they’re smiling, and you know…How about that?

    Gives me a whole lot of hope 😀

  6. grace says:

    Josh Safran Presents… DAMAGES

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      A lot of people overreacted imo, he needed to explain. Not that I condone what Chuck did, I just think that JS 2.0 needed to tell people what they meant to tell people by make Chuck doing what he did.

      • Nichole says:

        If Joshy Safran had to explain the writing of the episode the next day why write this particular story in the first place? I think they wanted to create something that was “OMFG” and break up Chuck and Blair for good but it backfired and is now blowing up in their faces. The writers had no idea how to handle a storyline arc that borders domestic abuse–which is a very sensitive and delicate subject. I read the article and understand the “party line” they are trying to convey–it wasn’t abuse, physical or otherwise. But my problem with the storyline has and will be why do it in the first place if you didn’t want it to appear like domestic/partner abuse? It was emphasized in the interview that he and Leighton were very clear on what the storyline was, but they had her act it as if she was afraid at the end. So what we saw and what he said is little contradictory. I just ask why do the storyline in the first place because the writers clearly don’t know how to handle it and it has absolutely ballooned out of control. They have killed their own show. I don’t want to be negative but as much as I want to stand by the writers and see this through (I will always continue to watch GG no matter what and hope that Chuck and Blair find a way back, as they had Chuck say himself during the first half of the season) but I just don’t think they are skillful enough to “write” the wrong…or write themselves out of this corner. They should have never went there in the first place.

      • grace says:

        I was joking.Josh 2.0 needed to say something about the last episode and i understand, but(another joke) he must remember that he writes a teen drama,not a HBO series and stop reading “The Wuthering Heights”.

        #savechuckandblair #redeemedchuckbass

  7. Greta says:

    Thank you Blair! I was so angry at her in last episode. Now I’m living with CHAIR on chairs. I can’t wait for season finale.What you think CHAIR will be or not?

  8. adikobih says:

    I agree with Nicole. That scene (Chuck punches the window) should not be there at all. Blair pushed Chuck aside and ran away showing that she IS afraid of Chuck and do not care about him anymore, which is not true. Blair said to Chuck ‘But you said it is over’. Pls correct me if I’m wrong, when did Chuck said to Blair ‘it is over’?

    I love Chair and still hope for them to be the endgame but the writers should not threw Chuck to his rock bottom in this way. Very sad episode indeed.

  9. simona says:

    Sono un pò in ritardo nel mio commento ma volevo solo riuscire a vedere bene l’ultimo incredibile episodio. La scena del pugno nel vetro è stata incredibile da brividi, la disperazione di un ragazzo già colpito dall’ennesima delusione ricevuta dal padre che sente di stare perdendo “l’unica cosa vera della sua vita”, l’unico amore della sua vita, semplicemente stupendo e unico Ed nell’interpretare questo personaggio che io amo sempre di più anche nelle sue sfumature nere!! Con questo nn giustifico Chuck e il suo gesto ma nemmeno lo condanno xkè in esso c’è tutto il dolore, la rabbia, la gelosia di un uomo innamorato ma che ha anche sbagliato e che si e reso conto che con i suoi errori ha forse perso Blair. Blair che dal canto suo nn può smettere di preoccuparsi per lui, per la sua vita, e lo dimostra il fatto che è andata da lui pur avendo al dito l’anello del principe e quindi pur avendo ricevuto la tanto desiderata proposta di matrimonio. Ciò x me significa una cosa sola che Blair potrà sicuramente volere la fiaba e la felicità ma in cuor suo sa che in realtà l’unica persona che ama e che potrà amare è Chuck, lei prende in giro solo se stessa e gli altri dicendo di si al principe è questo ribadisco lo hanno capito anche i sassi. Nonostante ciò nn credo che questa stagione termini, ahimè, con un ritorno tra Chuck e Blair, così come nn credo che lei sceglierà il principe e andrà via con lui, farlo sarebbe una grande menzogna e getterebbe lo show in uno stato di poca credibilità secondo me. ” Io sono l’amore della sua vita, qualsiasi altra persona è una perdita di tempo” Chuck Bass…..Parole sagge,ma soprattutto vere!!!

  10. simona says:

    Concludo il mio commento citando ancora una volta il mio Chuck: ” Nessuno può capire quello che noi abbiamo” è vero, xkè esso è talmente grande, profondo e contorto che a parole nn si può spiegare ma x loro parlano i fatti,parlano le 3 stagioni passate in cui ne sono successi di drammi ma xrò in qualche modo si sono sempre ritrovati dimostrando la grandezza del loro amore!! Nel bene e nel male sosterrò sempre CHUCK E BLAIR!! :))

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