4×21-“Shattered Bass” Extended Promo


22 thoughts on “4×21-“Shattered Bass” Extended Promo

  1. Ariel says:

    So excited for next Monday! Scared to death but excited as well. The show gets so much better when Blair and Chuck’s story is at the heart of it driving the action!

  2. Moozanna says:

    😦 Can’t comment at the moment

  3. Linn says:

    Hope Chuck never forgive Nate for this. Really bad move, poor Chuck! Don’t liked 4×20, looks like I’m not going to like the next episode either. What is happening? I loved Gossip girl, but it is not my show anymore..

  4. Chuckandblaaair says:

    I really didn’t like 4*20 either. And if blair end up with the prince i’ll never look gossip girl again 😛

  5. Greta says:

    Why they do this?? He doesn’t have father,mother,best friend and now Blair? I cry in 20 episode. They wanna destroy him?? With no Chuck is no Gossip Girl.

  6. LitzyWardolf says:

    I understand perfectly how you feel the truth is that chapter of yesterday left a void in me, as much confusion. I do not know how the producers came to this point because if we wanted to show a bottoming Chuck everything that was happening I think the scene with Blair was too much a part of me wants to think he has something planned to treat to justify this episode but otherwise seems to want to end definitively Chair.

    I have low expectations for this season so it is no exaggeration to say but have broken my heart and my mind to Chair and I doubt that we have a final office, not after what we saw yesterday, is that their relationship after 4 seasons has been twisted and manipulative but I think that crossed the line and so far I do not think Blair should let this go so easily.

    I feel sad I have nothing to say.

  7. Madika says:

    I’m so confused now. What writters had in their heads talking that the final will be JUICY and SWEET… it’s rather look really dark, actually for everyone…

    • Chair fan says:

      well, this is not the finale… I agree with you last night’s episode was one of the worst, but I keep my hopes for two happy finale episodes, maybe they’ll finally start redeeming Chuck!!!

      • Madika says:

        yes, it was the WORST of Chuck I think. On the pic of next episode he look (well not happy) but at least he isn’t drunk and seemd to realised what he have done…. and finaly came up with some plan. because till now he was acting like a child in the fog.

  8. victorie says:

    i’m a big chair chipper and even though 4×20 episode had really bad scenes, i still want them to end up with each other.
    we all think it was too much what chuck did. but i can understand a little bit his behaviour and how he feels. He hates hisself for loosing blair and i really think he regrets the mistakes, he has done in the past. he hasn’t got a father, a mother or a good friend. To be truth, blair was the only person who was everytime there for him.
    i can understand blair, that she wants now to live in her farytale and that she’s done with chuck (because of raina, eva etc. ) .
    but i really doubt that she loves the prince. Of course he makes her happy at the moment and she feels strong and better, but her true love was chuck and he will be it forever, that’s for sure.
    Each blind can see that she has feelings for chuck and in the last episode she felt sorry for him because he was standing alone taking a family picture of him.
    one thing is clear, they won’t get back together in the end of the season, and when it would be very suddenly and not good.
    I think this scenes from episode 4×20 shocked many chair fans and maybe a few of them don’t like them anymore.
    I can just say, that i’m still a chair chipper. I know that really bad,bad things happend and in the real life it would be just a dream for this to people to get back together. but i really think, that their love is strong enough, to go through anything .

  9. victorie says:

    but i also think , it will take a lot of time until they rebuild.

  10. Linn says:

    I’m more upset about Blair than Chuck, because he thought he was going to loose the love of his life to a prince, who would not be crazy and do STUPID things? I know I would, not that crazy of course, these two people are a little more dramatic. Chuck really thought Blair loved him back (I know she does, but he does not), and she let him down and lied to everyone. I understand too that she will live in her fairy tale, but if she has grown up so much, then she better prove it. And by the way, if this is the way it is going to be, I don’t like this grown up Blair at all! I LOVE Chair, but now I’m not so sure that I want Blair to have Chuck.

  11. victorie says:

    it’s a little bit wirred that she told chuck she’s ready (she has grown up and still loves him), and then just because he acted some kind of stupid, the prince arrived and chuck is the second option. on chuck’s site, i would feel very very bet and i’m excited for the next episode. because chuck was never so unhappy and full of violence. he has nobody but hisself, so he is going to destroy it.

  12. Nichole says:

    Thank you for posting this extended promo. This one has a bit more information than the standard promo.

    As for the previous episode, this line spoken by Chuck stuck out for me, “Tell your prince where your heart truly lies. Tell him!…Tell me.” 😦

  13. Kimmy says:

    Who are those on 0:16? Chuck and Blair?

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