Episode Recap: 4×18 The Kids Stay in the Picture

Since I have no idea if our M was going to write a recap, I decided to do it.
It’s really really long because it’s about the whole episode, so I put it behind a cut. The Chair scenes if you just want to know about those are highlighted but there are various scenes in which C or B talk about the other but the other isn’t there… I hope you’ll find it useful.

Let’s move on…

The episode opens with the aftermath of what happened in the Empire of the Son. Everyone wants to see Lily after they found out she may go to jail… “The mother of all scandals surrounds the mother” says the reporter and there’s a cut in every house of the UES of the woman speaking on tv.

At Blair’s Dorota is listening the news on the radio and tries to wake Blair up. She hasn’t gone out of bed for a week (a week has passed after episode 4×17). Dorota would love Blair to help (I believe the VDW’s) “I heard someone has life worse than yours would help”, but Blair doesn’t want to get out of bed, she’s sick because she has lost her job and because she’s thinking about something.

Then we see a cut at Dan’s loft. He’s looking for new texts on his phone but there’s none. After Dan we see Chuck. He exchanges an awkward glance with Raina, she seems she’s still enjoying Nate’s company. They talk about how her father has been called her the whole day but she didn’t want to pick up to talk. Yet, she doesn’t know the truth about her mother. Now in my opinion Nate looks more like a high paid guest star than a regular because he just stays there in bed and they say very few lines. Give him a storyline!! lol.

Going to Chuck again, he calls Serena that we see entering the VDW building. He wants to know how is Lily reacting, if everything is alright and she asks him to come for brunch, but he says no. He wants to know what did he do to “cause Blair to cut me off?”, and Serena looks surprised. She thought he and Blair had seen and talked to each other after the party of the week before. “She wouldn’t let me in her room” he adds, then he quickly asks her “She’s not seeing someone, is she?”, and he looks quite suspicious and a bit jealous. But Serena answers soon that the answer is no, if he doesn’t want to count Dorota. She hasn’t left her bed in a week. “She’s pulling a Camille, but why?” he asks her, and by nymag reviewer pointed out, “C’s recognition of the 1936 film is a wonderfully subtle indicator of his feelings for classic-movie-loving B.” Thehe this shows that Chuck knows that side of Blair that apparently she showed Dan… But let’s talk about it later and move on.

There’s a cut at the VDW. Lily, Rufus and William look at Lily’s mugshots on TMZ website while Lily’s mom, CeCe, gets in. “Oh, you look lovely in these mugshots” gotta love her. She also compliments her daughter because she had her hair fixed in the pic, lmao. We are reminded that day all the important families – “Modern Royalty” of the UES have to take a picture for the Taschen book. CeCe informs everyone that all of her girls will partecipate.

We see Dan and Eric talking in Dan’s loft next. Eric has now dropped Chuck as a friend, as a brother, as whatever (not nice choice since I loved Chuck/Eric in S1/2 and I don’t think we’ll ever get to see them again since Eric seems happy to be a half Humphrey; but I would love him to at least forgive Chuck, he needs family). Dan spills the beans with Eric. “I kissed Blair Waldorf”, and Eric laughs. He didn’t see that coming. “It was just once, it was weird” (it looked weird to me too, but I got over it), he adds. But he has no idea if it was weird in the bad or a good way because Blair just walked away, “stunned” and he has tried to call her next day but she never answered. Eric wonders why he cares so much. He says he doesn’t like her but that “she smells so nice”… *looks around* so Eric suppose he’s crushing on her.

Moving next, Blair is still in bed, sick. She pretends to have old defeated diseases and then confesses Dorota that “something happened recently that revealed my future” and that she’s been hiding ever since because she doesn’t want to deal with it. But then she receives a call from Epperly, the girl whom she worked for during the previous episodes. She gives her a chance to work on the Taschen book with her, and Blair of course has a chance to go out of bed and finally face the truth, so she accepts the work. We later find out that was Chuck to call Epperly and ask her to call Blair, “Someone told me something that made me want my own legacy, not my father’s. I can’t convince Blair of her place in it until she feels powerful again.” I just think he wants her to feel happy again.

Then we see the VDW’s, aunt Carol comes to the penthouse and she looks hyper and I found her nice and funny. She suggests to use a theme from Chicago the movie because one of the characters went to jail. She jokes a bit too much… The phone rings and Serena answers. Because of the scandal they don’t want their family anymore on the book.

We also meet Carol’s daughter, Charlie, in the next cut. She mets Serena and she thinks she is press at first, but then omg she’s her cousin. Charlie is awkward, but she’s too cute. She says her mother doesn’t know she’s here, so she and Serena go to a bar (?) to eat something and talk. She explains her mom thinks that their world is “toxic” and that if she’s exposed “I’ll catch it” because of the scandals Lily and William did etc etc etc.

Cut to the building where the Taschen book photos will be shoot, Epperly and Blair are walking and her boss is telling Blair the people who will come that day to take the picture, Chuck is also on that list, he’s going to be shot in the pic by himself. Blair looks upset, “All by himself? He has an uncle” she says, and I have no idea why she mentions Jack but I guess because she doesn’t want him to pose alone for the pic, even his uncle would be good not to let him be shot all by himself. Epperly asks Blair about true love, and she reveals her that “I kissed someone, and it was truly a life-changing experience […] The point is, that one kiss changed me”… Epperly sends a text to Chuck with the news, and we see Vanessa get in. “Fut the wuck are you doing here” Blair asks, but Vanessa is just there trolling as usual. I don’t get the point of her character in this episode to be honest, and I don’t take that she’s there because of NYU.

Next we see cousins Serena and Charlie go shopping, Serena also gives a family necklace to her cousin. The thing they don’t expect is to meet their mothers. Carol is upset her daughter is there.

Cut to the Humphrey’s loft, someone is knocking on the door. Dan is surprised to see Chuck there, and I am too. I mean, because I think that of all the GG characters Chuck is the only one who has never been to the loft before. “I’ve learned some informations from my past, that’s making me reconsider my future” Chuck starts explaining, “my future with Blair. However, my intel indicates that she’s seeing someone else”. He thought it may be someone she worked with at W, and Dan answers he has worked there just for one day. Chuck looks suspicious and asks if Blair has ever talked to any other guy because “Whoever she kissed seems to have had an effect… ‘life-changing’ were the words she used”. Dan looks happy of the revelation and tries to say that “you don’t mess with a life-changing kiss”. Chuck tries to understand why he looks so supportive of the revelation… “With you, she was always caught up in schemes and takedowns, but that’s not, that’s not really her” he explains, and adds that she weeps in a certain way watching a certain movie, and I must add, Dan, that Blair has been scheming since day 1, since the Pilot as anyone can easily recall. So, don’t blame it on Chuck because that is something that has always been part of Blair’s nature even before the hook up with Chuck. Chuck is intrigued, he asks him how does he know, and Dan just says Serena told him (sorry Dan, you are a bad liar) and that he should let her be happy… Chuck comments Dan “cares more about Blair’s happiness” than he knew and then leaves the loft. He calls Epperly and tells her he knows who Blair kissed.

Next, we see Charlie/Carol/Serena/Lily and CeCe confrontations, Carol says she didn’t want her daughter to grow up in their world, and that she’s leaving. Lily is angry at her sister and she leaves her mother and her there alone. We find out that despite Carol didn’t want to be part of their world, CeCe gave her a check every month.

Cut to the Taschen shot, Blair is looking at herself in the mirror, and Dorota is next to her. She wonders why Blair made her bring the overnight bag, including LaPerlas, and Blair confesses her that she’s going to “confess her true feelings to a certain someone tonight, I don’t wanna be caught in last year’s Chantelle”. Dorota thinks Blair is going to go to Dan and that he won’t know the difference between those anyway, but she makes a face and explains that they only kissed and that “made me see how much I wished it was with Chuck.” Dorota seems surprised and tells her that with Mr Chuck “your power play go kaput”, but Blair answers that yes, she knows that but she is confident that “I wanted to realize my full potential before joining forces with a powerful man, but Chuck has… matured past games and fatwas. I believe we can build our futures together”; Dorota seems happy of the news as Blair informs her that if Chuck is her prince why does she have to kiss any more toads? lmao.

We then see Charlie who is giving back the dresses Serena bought her earlier. She is surprised to see Serena there, and her cousin informs that her mother may not have told her the entire truth.

Skipping, we are back to the Taschen and learn that William VDW may have set it up the photoshoot of his family only with Serena and Eric, so they go find him to have an explaination bla bla bla. We go to the Empire next. Nate and Raina talk about the call Raina recived for the photoshoot, that she refused to go because she didn’t want to take a pic with her Father, and she mentioned her mother again, but honestly I didn’t focus much because I was charmed by the beautiful Hervé Léger that Tika was wearing ngl…

Back to more interesting scenes, Dan arrives to the building. He meets Blair and says he’s ready to have his photo taken. He looks happy, even more than happy and with a dazed face, because well he thinks Blair asked Epperly to call him to go there, but Blair tells him it’s not a high school photoshoot and he wouldn’t make the cut anyway, and that she doesn’t know anything about it. He thinks she made him came there to humiliate him, but Blair is really in the dark. But then a wild Chuck appears from behind Dan dresses as if he were a prince, and Blair realizes that he knows about them “It’s Chuck. He knows.”

We see Lily and Serena fixing their hair and then Carol coming towards them because she’s upset Charlie isn’t anywhere and she doesn’t know the city very well. Carol blames it on Serena, but Serena tells her it’s her she has to blame, because she told the truth about her, that she still had money from CeCe despite she gave up her wealthy condition. Lily is surprised by the revelation, and she learns that CeCe paid Carol to come there too.

We’re going back to Chuck/Blair/Dan and Blair walking in the other room, both Dan and Blair following Chuck until he stops. Blair realizes that Chuck had set everything up “This was all you, wasn’t it? You had Epperly hire me, and call Dan and tell him that he was an ‘up and comer’? […] You’re trying to humiliate him?”… Chuck answers a bit angrily “I don’t care about him one way or another. I just wanted you to see he’s not part of this world. I know you kissed him” as Blair and Dan exchange a quick glance, and she tells him “So? You and I are not dating. And you kiss a lot of people.”... Chuck looks angrier than a minute before “You’re not supposed to kiss him. He’s humdrum Humphrey” he affirms it was life changing and Blair explains that it made her realize she wanted to be with him, that Dan and her both know that the kiss meant nothing for any of them. Dan looks sad because he had built things in his dreams, and agrees that it didn’t mean anything, but you can see he’s reluctant to admit it. Blair looks disappointed by Chuck and she tells him that “Dan Humphrey may not be royalty, but at least is not a child” and she walks away, and so does Dan (in a different direction). I may add that the definion ‘child’ was too much. She could have said immature in my opinion.

Cut to Rufus and Eric talking to William, they believe he switched the photo to Rhodes to VDW, but William says he didn’t do anything etc etc etc, Charlie re-appears and she’s dressed for the photoshoot. Carol is happy she found her daughter again, but Lily is upset when she learns that William may had done what Rufus accused him, but he just walks away saying that they wouldn’t believe him anyway, even if he would tell the truth.

Last Chair scene of the episode now (it’s the one from the promo). Blair is in the dressing room, looking at a dark dress. Chuck enters the room. She says the dress looks like the one Diana wore the day after she became princess (100th reference to princes in the episode), and he says that it is. He wanted her to wear it in the photo with him. He adds that it’s not too late, that “You don’t have to be a powerful woman on your own first. We can build our futures together” (funny how this parallels with what Blair says in front of the mirror few minutes before). But Blair now isn’t sure. She says that she came to the same conclusion, but she knows she’s ready while he’s not. She “thought that after everything you went through… Prague, Eva, Russell, that… Maybe you’d changed. […] You have years before you’re capable of  a real relationship, if you ever will be”; she says I’m sorry before walking away. She looks like she is sad about it, and Chuck looks puzzled. Let me say years is a bit too much because we don’t have years to wait for Chuck. But I hope he realizes what she meant.

Cut to William talking to Lily, they remember old times or something, and then Rufus comes to tell Lily that the photo with the VDW’s without Lily was the editor’s idea, not William’s, so they just decide to go get the others and go home.

Skipping, Dan and Blair talk, while Vanessa is few steps behind overhearing them. Dan tells her that he just wanted to let her know that the kiss meant nothing to him like it did to her, a “social experiment gone wrong” and Blair adds “A princess kissing a labrador”; he appreciates her not calling him a toad and that her “prince is our there waiting for you. It might not be me or Chuck, but… He’s out there” (and this is another reference to Louis in the ep.). Blair says that his “princess is too, if you’re ready for her”, and she walks away. He turns and there’s Serena talking to a woman. (Darena is still my second OTP so awww hope this is a DS hint).

There’s a Charlie/Carol confrontation next, her mom walks away so Charlie has no one to sleep to. So Serena suggests to go and eat a gelato (I’m amazed as Italian as I am they used an Italian word) and Blair gets in the room asking “Did someone say ‘gelato’?” and Serena introduces Charlie to Blair and she suggests to get out of there.

There’s a sad scene next. Serena and Charlie walk away and Blair remains for a few seconds there and she notices Chuck doing the photo all by himself in the other room. They exchange a glance and his face fell when he turns and see her there, then he quickly recompose his façade. We hear GG say “Poor lost prince. What’s the point of having a kingdom if you have to reign alone?” that imo mirrors what Jack told him in 3.17 last year “I hope the Empire is everything you wanted. Because now it’s all you’ve got.” *sad face* 😦

It’s the day after and we see Blair, Serena and Charlie in Blair’s room, sleeping. Charlie gets up from her little bed and wanders in the room nearby touching a dress she finds in what I think is Serena’s room, and wearing some Loboutins. She looked quite like a Jenny S1 when she’s amazed by the rich world. But I like her. She’s cute.

At the VDWs Lily and Carol make up and they hug (sorry I am tired to write everything about the dialogue now… lol). Charlie and Serena get home too, and Serena has a call. It’s Vanessa, but she doesn’t answer, she looks quite disturbed Vanessa is calling her. lmao. But the troll leaves a message anyway, saying that she wanted to share that D kissed B and we know the rest. Serena and her cousin arrive to the VDW penthouse and there’s William preparing brunch for everyone. Charlie loved being there for a day and asks if she can be there for longer (since Carol will leave that day), and her mom says no but in the end she’s convinced so Charlie remains at the VDW. CeCe, Dan and Rufus get home then, and he says they’re gonna have a family photo with the editor of some magazine I didn’t get, or something. Dan meets Charlie and he’s dazzled (the face he does whenever he meets a beautiful girl…) and Charlie seems happy to meet him too, they smile to each other as her mother is watching them from afar with suspicious eyes. Then everyone sits on the couch and they start taking the family photos.

Cut at the Empire (this actually happens before Dan meets Charlie but it was useless to put it if the scene before this was at the VDW again). Nate and Raina in bed still talk about her mom, Nate suggests to look for her.

We see Chuck at the end, as GG says “As with any journey, who do you travel with can be more important than your destination.” Chuck is looking at his photos from the Taschen book… 😦 It cuts to Blair going to bed and saying to Dorota that “All she ever wanted was a fairytale” (well she called Chuck her prince) and Dorota answering that the future is full of surprises.

The last scene is a limo stopping and someone going out… We see it’s Prince Louis and that he’s carrying Blair’s Vivier shoe with him.

So, that’s it! It took me hours to write, no kidding. I hope I gave you a good resume of what happened. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Episode Recap: 4×18 The Kids Stay in the Picture

  1. Lauren says:

    well…I wanted more of YOUR thoughts, but good recap. Made me sad. I was pissed at Blair’s behavior, though I was starting to slowly come around…I’d forgotten about the ‘years’ part of that comment though, just the ‘if you ever will be’ which infuriated me, so now I’m pissed again. lol. But thanks for the direct quote! Now I can put it in my story!!! XD hahaha

    great job ;p

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I wanted to write my thoughts, but I knew I would get lost in them and lose track of the recap if I did XD

      I didn’t love some terms Blair used. I’m okay with the rejection because he needs to mature first, but why she used the word ‘child’ instead of immature? Who knows if Dan hasn’t a ‘childish’ side and Blair doesn’t know? I really have no idea. Because here it all seems Chuck is the baby and other people are the adults. Things can be said with different words. And I didn’t like that ‘if you ever be’ either. Because it seems so pessimist and lacks of trust. Now I don’t know if she said to push him to change and mature, but I hope it was for that purpose, because I could see that they wanted to show that Chuck has a path ahead of him and he can mature if he wants to in order to deserve Blair.

  2. Nichole says:

    Very good recap, thank you.

    Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with the wording either. But on the flip side her looks and glances as they pertained to Dan didn’t worry me. I read on some other boards yesterday how the “Dair” fans were all ecstatic over how she looked at Dan when she and he confronted Chuck on the scheme. Now I saw nothing in the look on my first screening, so I went back and re-watched the scene and watched as if I were a hardcore “Dair” fan and I still didn’t see anything in that look. Nor in the look she gives him when Vanessa is overhearing their conversation. She did look disappointed but that was because she was disappointed in Chuck and keep that look going into the ‘kiss’ conversation. I think sometimes we fans, “Chair” and “Dair” and other couples we might ship, take too much stock in overanalyzing stuff sometimes. *raises both hands as high as I can without actually having to stand up* I am VERY guilty of that exact thing, but I think it will be okay with our favorites. It is just the start to them finding their way back to each other. It is just time that Blair makes Chuck “squirm” a little, that’s all. 😉

    One eppy down and four more to go! Yippee!! 🙂

    Ooh, a thought just occured to me about something that I noticed is absent from this second half of the season. I think I will put that in one of the other post as it is about future episodes. 🙂

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