Chuck and Blair Speculation Post #3 + Ausiello Spoiler

So many spoilers these last few days… So many possible ideas. If you want to read previous Speculation Posts, go HERE and HERE. You say whatever you want, just keep your language moderate etc etc etc.
Under the cut there’s also the latest Ausiello spoiler.

Here’s a list of what we’ve got so far:
Ausiello said that Blair is going to get engaged;
NEW promo for episode 4.18 airing next Monday, April 18th;
– According to the CW prime time card, the season finale will be called “The Wrong Kiss Goodnight”, and it will be divided in two episodes (4.21/4.22) that should deal with the happenings of an entire day;
More Spoilers, we may hate the prince when he comes; Chuck goes dark but “Blair is going to break the fall”;
New promo for the last 5 episodes like last year, Who Blair will choose?;
Kristin and company spoilers; Blair gets various proposals;
– The last Ausiello spoiler, from last night:

Question: Every other spoiler site has given us Gossip Girl scoop on Chuck and Blair. It’s now your turn. —Melissa
Ausiello: Before you dive into these final five episodes, repeat after me: Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm. Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm. Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm.

Okay, so, what do you think? Regarding the last Ausiello spoiler that looks the more weird and horrifying if he really means the opposite of what he wrote so that Chuck will unintentionally hurt Blair, what we should expect? I have my theory regarding that, it may be anything though.

First thing I thought was that it could also be that since Chuck would never intentionally hurt Blair in a physical way, he may hurt himself (the bandaged hand) out of rage. Chuck was put there because we know that if the thing is that he does hurt her UNINTENTIONALLY, we know that from the actors of the cast Ed may be the only one who could pull such emotional act. But again, we don’t know whether or not the spoiler has to be read literally or not.

What I do believe is that this spoiler doesn’t go past episode 4.20, since we saw Blair and Chuck talking in the promo in ep. 21/22 scenes, and she doesn’t look hurt or particularly angry. If the writers really want to redeem Chuck I don’t believe they would ever try that tough and difficult way that I’m sure they wouldn’t know how to handle properly, is not that they’re talking about candies.

The thing read it the reversed way is that Chuck UNINTENTIONALLY (God, I hate what effect this spoiler will have on the haters who just wait something to hate him more) hurts her, then. In the promo there’s a scene where B has curled hair, Chuck tells her “The only thing that has ever been real is you and me” and he looks a bit drunk and tired. What if he hits her -slaps her for eg, it’s not that it needs to be something big- but she does forgive him because he does it out of the fact that he’s drunk and peraphs because she will reject him again, imo? We see Chuck pulling the ring out of the safe where he has the same pink tie. I have no idea if that scene is before or after that, it looks like it’s before because in the scene with Blair Chuck has his shirt and tie a bit loosened.

Another thing I thought is that someone could drug him like Juliet did with Serena in 4.09 and he is not himself, or maybe Louis is not as naive as he seems? I don’t know him, no one knows him. Why a guy who hasn’t seen Blair for months all of a sudden decides to come to NYC to ask her to marry him? Doesn’t the gesture stink? It wouldn’t be GG if there’s not hidden goal behind things and actions…

I don’t know, I just don’t think we should worry too much about this because they wouldn’t give a way this spoiler that deal with some serious argument this easier. There’s much behind, imo. We just have to wait.

At the end, I hope this hurt thing may be actually Chuck hurting himself. We know that he isn’t the type who hits women. He would never lay a hand on Blair, she would never forgive him if he would, and she wouldn’t be wrong if she does.

Imo the hurt Chuck causes himself (bandaged hand) could happen after the scene with Blair with curled hair. She rejects him and he is raged and punches the mirror / he has unintentionally hurt her and he punches the mirror could also be. The mirror is my choice because yesterday I was thinking that this happened on Lost too.

For those who ever watched Lost, during S6 Sawyer punches a mirror. The mirror is what makes us see ourselves on the outside, we judge ourselves in the mirror, we hate or love ourselves. The mirror in the case of Lost was the symbol of the interiority. There Sawyer’s best friend is mad because he didn’t trust him. Chuck and Blair have many trust issues, that’s why Blair hasn’t decided to fully get back with him. If Chuck is rejected again and plus does something unintentional to Blair (that she and a normal person of Earth can forgive because she knows that he didn’t mean to do it), in addition something happens regarding the BI storyline (he didn’t find Raina’s mom for eg, that he’s looking for in 4.19), he would be super pissed and depressed. There’s nothing good going on in his life and he doesn’t know how to resolve his problems. I can totally see him seeing his reflection in the mirror and punch it. Punch the mirror is equivalent to destroy his image, himself in the metaphorical sense because he can’t accept who he is/he has become.

I don’t know if my spec gave something to speculate on, but there’s too much to discuss, so many possibilities and so few spoilers to build a strong theory on the last episodes and especially on the last two. Hope we get something soon.

Kristin is going to interview Josh 2.0 and SS today or tomorrow, really can’t remember, since I trust more her spoilers than Ausiello’s because she gives more reassuring infos, let’s wait and see.


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15 thoughts on “Chuck and Blair Speculation Post #3 + Ausiello Spoiler

  1. Amanda says:

    I love your theories!!! I think you might be right… idk, at first I though maybe Chuck’s gonna hurt Blair by accident, you know maybe he’s trying to fight with someone (Louis?) and she gets in the way or maybe she tries to leave and he grabs her by the arm a little too tight and she falls, and maybe after this Chuck hurts himself (punching a wall, or a mirror) because he feels guilty about what happened and this why he decides “he’s not worthy of her” because I read somewhere (EW spoilers I think) that he’s not going to fight for her all the five episodes and that at some point he’s not on the race anymore but that you can’t discarded him until the very end, smth along those lines… btw this past couples of weeks i’ve read two fanfics where something like this happens so who knows? maybe the writers are stealing fanfics LOL

  2. Amanda says:

    duh! you have the ew spoilers here! lolololololol i’m so silly!

  3. grace says:

    Can i say that ‘Smurf-Lover’ ended with our party?
    Honestly, i expected the worst when the promo came out.I was happy i can’t not lie but by last year’s experience i knew that something would happen i just didn’t knew it would be so fast.
    Congrats,you won ‘Smurf-Lover’!
    I don’t understand is that Stephanie & Josh 2.0 said that this year’s season finale is more juicy and fun.Fun? Is this their concept of fun? I prefer the Rebecca Black’s concept of fun.
    As i said before, the Season 4 is out of our control.It’s just watch the last 5 episodes.Our attention should be the Season 5 but i think it’s important reactions in twitter because the ‘Smurf-Lover’ can’t drop the bomb in our heads, walking on sunshine with Gargamel holding hands and laugh in our face.
    I don’t know what else to say.Wait and see?

  4. amanda says:

    omg grace!! Smurf-Lover holding hands with Gargamel!!!!!!!! I lol’d soooooo hard!!

  5. Nichole says:

    I read the Ausiello spoiler last night and I laughed uncontrollably. I don’t know why I found it so humorous. Maybe because the spoiler is quasi-dramatic and doesn’t really say anything. *shrugs shoulders* I like Ausiello (I think he is a big supporter of Chuck and Blair, but likes Dan and Blair right now only because the storyline is written cleverly) and his spoilers and I tend to believe his spoilers more than others, but that is just me.

    With that being said, I think you have to read between the lines so speak on this one. He purposefully wrote the “spoiler” three times to add emphasis and he italicized the word “intentionally.” So it could be a clue to what is going to happen. Isn’t there a spoiler out that says someone gets caught in a fire and Chuck is blamed for it? Could it be that Blair maybe in that fire or is in danger because of said event and since Chuck is being blamed she thinks he is capable? That could be considered intentional physical harm.

    That is my speculation anyway.

    • grace says:

      I also love the ‘Smurf-Lover’ spoilers although some of them are somewhat indigestible.You can make various interpretations of this spoiler based on official and unofficial informations.What that might be? Fire at Hotel,Blair gets hurt or in danger and Chuck takes the blame? Louis is really what it seems? Passionate fight between Chuck and Blair?
      The possibilities are endless.

  6. Moozanna says:

    “Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm”

    Does this mean intentionaly or unintentionaly Chuck causes Blair pain. 😦 The phsical part scares me.

    I’m having very bad feelings aout the last few episodes. From what i have heard so far nothing gives me any hope. 😦

    • grace says:

      This could be intepreted in many ways:fight, accident or perhaps a thought by an act caused by another person.
      I also got very scared but at the same time this spoiler confirmed my suspicions that only worth watching the last 3 episodes, good or bad.

  7. GFF says:

    Not a good spoiler for CB fans. Why are the writers even having Chuck hurt Blair at all. They’ve already done enough damage to his character as it is. It’s just one more thing for Chuck haters to bitch about him and I’m quite sick of it.
    My spec for the finale is that CB will have some great material because they have been promoted everywhere these past few days. It would be too easy to have a reunion so I think Blair and prince break up because he can clearly see she will always be in love with chuck. But she might leave new York for the summer maybe with serena to get away from all the drama.

  8. Nichole says:

    not a spoiler, but this a good article from Zap2it about Redeeming Chuck.

    • grace says:

      It had everything to be an excellent article except for the bias in the end.I have a theory that Josh 1.0,Stephanie and Josh 2.0 will not admit that Chuck needs to be redeemed because if they do they admit have failed or they had to destroy Chair to build Dair.This never left my mind since the IP spoiler.Makes sense if you watch Season 3.Igot several absurd theories that again i’m afraid and ashamed to share.

      Answering the questions in the article:
      Redeemed or not redeemed? Redeemed
      Leading Man or Villain? Anti Hero
      Deserves or not Deserves Blair? Deserves #savechuckandblair and #redeemedchuckbass

      *Mischa Barton should have caused psychological damage in Josh 1.0,Stephanie and Josh 2.0.
      Just saying.

      • Nichole says:

        grace, I think that is why we are so confused as fans…the writers don’t even want to admit to the mess they created. Ugh, they are so frustrating as writers. LOL

        And I totally agree with your answers! #redeemedchuckbass and #savechuckandblair

  9. leslie says:

    Well from the picture circulating around it well isn’t SAFE to say but it gives hope that maybe Chair will end happily this season.

  10. lolotte says:

    i agree, i don’t think we need to worry about this spoiler [ chuck hurting blair ],actually i think chair fans will be pleased with the final, but right now i’m really sick of the DAIR fans who are insulting towards chair and their fans and i’m pretty sure DAIR will never happens and will become close friends and it’s like that i like them !

  11. nana says:

    I am truly sad to see a more depressed Chuck Bass, in Ep18. Dair is totally out of picture. Dan and Louis are just distractions from the true Prince (of Blair’s heart).

    I just wish the writers can find suitable lady for Nate (perhaps she is as confused as Nate, they will be perfect match, rite?)

    Chuck and Blair; Dan and Serena. Endgame.

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