Will Blair get engaged? – SPOILER Video

This got me so excited I can’t even function right now


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34 thoughts on “Will Blair get engaged? – SPOILER Video

  1. rena says:


  2. blairwaldorf09 says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF CHUCK haha LOL but OMG that is just OMG….CHUCK STILL KEPT THE RING HE STILL KEPT IT OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will post again when I can write a coherent sentence.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I knew he was going to keep it, don’t ask me why!! But I thought about Brandon in Beverly Hills when he asked Kelly to marry him and she said no. He kept the ring for months. Chuck was no doubt going to give it back, it was Blair’s ring. AWWWWW

      • Moozanna says:

        I still have a bad feeling about this.

        The producers have said that by the end of this season, everyone’s life would have changed.

        The only way Dan’s life will really change is if Blair actually chooses him. 😦

        Chuck’s will be if Blair rejects him for good.

        Serena – Rejected by Dan and betrayed/trumped by Blair.

        Blair – If her choice is Dan.

        Give me some really good reasons that prove I’m so so so off base.

        This is probably the one time that i will gladly accept that I’m wrong. I want to be wrong.

        The ring scene makes me cry (In a good way 🙂 )

  3. Iris says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!my heart beats faster

  4. Amanda says:


    I think she’s going to choose the prince! (by the pnohecall voice I believe that will be our cliffhanger) but i’m so fucking happy to see Chuck finally sort of fighting for her!!!!!!!!! FYEAH!!!!!!!!

  5. Nichole says:

    This is SPECTACULAR!! I am just too excited for words. Yes, I want them back but I am excited at the fact that Chuck seems to be fighting for Blair! I love this promo! I it is so beautifully done. It has everything a promo should: drama, suspense,all the people involved, and an excited element that makes you want to watch it now. I said it before I don’t care what happens just get the new episodes on NOW! I am so hyped up because of this promo. LOL

  6. Chair18 says:


    “- And you are???
    – I am Chuck Bass the love of her life….”:):)

    I’m so excitedd!!!!

  7. Lauren says:

    omg…*shudders* from what I’ve heard, I…omg, all the Chair in this promo freaking makes me flip out. I’ve heard CB don’t end the season together but Chuck…gaaaaaaah, he’s freaking out! Nate, shut up! You know nothing! lol

  8. Sarah says:

    Im shaking… I think i just died and went to heaven

  9. Jacs says:

    HOLY CRAP. this is insane. “i’m chuck bass, the love of her life.” thank god! This is almost too much CB to handle. I love it. Blair looks gorgeous, and Chuck when he’s yelling at Nate… hot! I absolutely cannot wait! CB FOREVER<3

  10. GFF says:

    Is it possible that there was quite alot of CB shown in this promo that they are gonna twist it up and Blair will choose Dan in the end!? Last year’s promo was misleading in fact all promos are. I don’t think CB should reunite this season but I certainly do not want Blair go to Dan in the finale. I’m scared!

    • Cornelia says:

      Don’t worry about Dair. *spoilers* said Dair is really over and their last kiss is only for show. Chair may not end up together this season but the prince is not a regular, either so think about it. Obviously, Chair will get some amazing scenes ahead so let’s just be happy for now. 🙂

  11. Moozanna says:

    I’m Scared TOO !!! But happy at the same time. 🙂 Mixed emotions. I’m having alot of them latly with regards to Gossip Girl 😉 It’s cause the wait is to long

  12. grace says:

    Happy for the Promo but for me it’s like “Chair Forever” 2.0.
    Don’t stop #savechuckandblair and #redeemedchuckbass campaign.

  13. leslie says:

    I think everything has kind of been leading up to this moment though for Chair. Last season it ended with the almost engagement. This season has had so many wedding foreshadowings it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t end with Blair being engaged or Chuck asking her to marry him. Now I don’t think Blair will get engaged to Dan so he’s out of the running for that. However I think it’s a two part finale? The first part could end with Blair being engaged or the second part could end with that and we don’t know who she’s engaged to.

    • nana says:

      I tend to agree that first she is engaged to Louis but later on something came up and he decided that Blair is not in love with him whole heartedly (knowing she went to see Chuck twice) and left her. Chuck already broken hearted when Blair is engaged. Blair ends up alone. Season Finale.

      The most tragic thing that I can think of will be: Chuck went to the party where Nate told him that Louis will propose to Blair, hoping he can still win her back. When he arrives, Blair is happily talking on the phone (with Serena? or her father? or her mom? saying that she is engaged) and Chuck overheard her. Seeing she is so happy, he retreats to the bar and drink (that’s when Louis’s mother ask him ‘Who are you?’ after he said ‘she’s gonna be a great princess etc .. and told her ‘I’m Chuck Bass. The love of her life’.. and he left the party broken hearted…

      *can’t wait for next week*

  14. Sara says:

    I don’t like to have my speculations very high so I don’t trust in promos, especially in this one. Most of times, they’re misleading. I love Chair but I don’t believe that it’s in this season they’re getting together. We can’t trust in the writers because they always say one thing that ends up being another. We know who Blair is engaged with: Louis, we have proves, remember? Some say in the promo Dan is not having sex with Blair but with Serena’s cousin, Charlie (I think that’s the name). But I have to wait to see it. I’m still not sure if it’s Charlie or not. And what I’ve read Dair story is far to be over. I’m happy that Chuck is finally fighting for Blair and kinda suffering a little bit for it, ngl. But let’s see what happens to Chair, good things we hope!

  15. adikobih says:

    She’s engaged to Louis, and Chuck let her go. But not after he fight for her. Poor Blair. I want Chair back 😦

  16. Chair fan says:

    does anyone know what Chuck and Nate say when they’re both cring??? I haven’t understood almost anything… 😦

  17. Nichole says:

    Chair fan I think this is the dialogue:
    Chuck: No one understands what we have?
    Nate: Because it’s not normal…she’s going to some party at the consolate, apparently, Louis is getting engaged.

    Okay, I was reading that Josh Schwartz’s other show Chuck is on the verge of cancellation. Is he still even involved with Gossip Girl besides having his name on the credits as a creator and executive producer? Because from his tweets on twitter I think he is involved with GG in name only. Plus, if his baby, “Chuck” is being cancelled he may not be in the mood for GG. Meaning, he may be a little mad and doesn’t care about GG at the moment. Just asking…

    • grace says:

      ‘Chuck’ is always on the verge of cancellation.Every year is the same thing:#savechuck campaign,fans going at Subway eat the characters favorite sandwiches and in the last minute, NBC renews the show.And if ‘Chuck’was actually canceled,Josh will work on ‘Georgetown’ and ‘Hart of Dixie’ if they are chosen by ABC and CW respectively.
      So, don’t worry.

      • Nichole says:

        Thank you, grace. I don’t watch or follow ‘Chuck’ so I didn’t know it is a show always on the verge of cancellation. However, he does seem to have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak, with ‘Georgetown’ and ‘Hart of Dixie’ so that only confirms my suspicion that he is too pre-occupied with his other shows to care about what Steph and the other Josh are doing on GG. Oh, well…just trying to make sense of why sometimes this show shows signs of not having a direction. LOL

        Speaking of the “C” word…has Gossip Girl been renewed yet? Not trying to panic anyone it, just it is tis the season for renew announcements. 🙂

      • grace says:

        We don’t have informations about the renewal of GG what is a little weird because GG’s renewal always been announced in February.
        Stephanie Savage is also involved in ‘Georgetown’ and ‘Hart of Dixie’.

      • Chair fan says:

        I heard we’ll know more fot the 19th of may!!! 😉 let’s hope for good news!!!

    • Chair fan says:

      thank you for your answer Nichole, you’re really kind, can I ask you another thing??? cause I don’t come from US or UK and I don’t understand some words… could you tell me please what Chuck says when he has the engagement ring in hands???

      • Nichole says:

        You’re very welcome, Chair fan. I am glad I can actually understand it myself since Mr. Chuck (Ed) likes to mumble sometimes. 🙂

        Chuck: Bring the car around we have a party to crash.

        If there are any clips, promos, etc that you need some clarification on don’t hestitate to ask. 🙂 I will try my best. 🙂

        Only a few more days now until the new episode…Yay!!

      • Chair fan says:

        oh, thank you so much, you’re really kind and helpful!!! 🙂 anyway I think this sentence is quit promising, IDK which episode it belongs to but it makes me think that Chuck will suddenly realize he has to stop the engagement-party… just an idea…
        still thank you by the way!!! 😉

  18. simona says:

    Grazie xkè attraverso le vostre anticipazioni riesco più o meno ad intuire cosa prevede questo finale di stagione x G. G. la cosa che posso augurarmi è che se Blair sceglierà Dan sarà una scelta momentanea e che soprattutto la porti a capire che l’unico è solo amore della sua vita è stato è sarà sempre Chuck Bass!! Nessuno è in grado di starle accanto come Chuck, sarebbe un delitto nn farli restare insieme, x cui ben venga x questa stagione il palliativo Dan a patto che la prossima si concluda finalmente con un lieto fine per Chuck e Blair!!

  19. xoxoChair says:

    Well after tonight’s episode not only wasI
    disappointed but I really have this pit in my stomache that Chuck will do everything in his power to get back Blair, and she won’t listen to him because he is still “immature”. She will soon fall for the story of her and the prince and Chuck will go aboslutely crazy. I also think that she will get engaged to the Prince and Chuck and she doesnt know what to do. i really hope Chair are together

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