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Thanks for the #gossipgirl #chuckandblair scoop. Any more hints? Will Chuck fight for Blair? Will Chuck and Dan fight it out? — @carlybb
When you say “fight” do you mean literally? If so, then no. Actually, if you’re a Chuck and Blair fan who is hating on the Hump, prepare for your hate to diminish a bit after the first episode back (airing April 18).

Can you please tell us anything about the Gossip Girl triangle that will most likely be Chuck/Blair/Prince? We Chair fans would appreciate it. #savechuckandblair – Melissa
Sorry, my dear Chair fan, trust me when I say you won’t be excited to see the Prince. Something happens just before his arrival that will make you want to shove him back in the limo and send him home.

Hello! I’m from Slovakia and we watch Gossip Girl there, too! Thank you so much for last CB spoiler! It was amazing of you! I have one question that I would love you to answer! Are writers done with torturing Chuck? Will he be redeemed this season? — Magdalena
Of course they’re not done torturing Chuck! Let’s be honest, it’s fun to see him squirm a little. “I would say that Chuck will continue to grapple in these last five episodes with Bass Industries and all the secrets that he is learning,” exec producer Josh Safran tells EW. “Blair has always been the one place that he can go to talk about those issues — as witnessed by the end of the last episode that aired, where he is like, ‘I need to talk to Blair.’” Translation: Blair will be there to break the fall. We hope literally. Sorry, that was my bad attempt at a nasty joke. I won’t try that again.

Taken from: SpoilerTV http://www.spoilertv.com/2011/04/latest-from-ew-various-shows-8th-april.html#ixzz1IwL82PFo


Now I’m a little bit  worried ……

They’re giving us a lot of CB spoilers what’s happening?

*coughPimpscough* You don’t fool me GG! 😀



29 thoughts on “EW.com Spoilers

  1. Nichole says:

    So from those spoilers I am to understand that Dan and Blair will start to distance themselves from each other? The Prince is going to throw a monkey wrench into the works? And Blair will be there, yet again, to pick Chuck up from the pieces? *big sigh* I don’t know what to say. I still think C/B will be good in the end, but I just don’t know what to say.

    Just to make sure, there isn’t any more hiatus breaks after April 18th, right? I don’t think I could handle it if these last episodes had more of a week break between. I might wait until after the finale airs to watch only so I can see all five without interruption. LOL

    • Nichole says:

      Oh, forget…thank you for posting!! 😀

      • BlairanoidFreak; says:

        YW ❤
        IDK….I heard that DB will be….buddies till the end of the season, and I'm totally okay with it.
        Even if Dan will have feelings for Blair *rolls eyes* same old story.
        Buddies? Why not! Lovers? No thanks.
        Lmao The Prince spoiler is sooo misleading I can't even…
        Don't worry no more breaks after April 18th, thank god that this Season is almost over.

        And I really don't know what to say about CB, this journey sucks. I'm such a pessimist shipper sorry lol

  2. amanda says:

    Thanks for the spoilers! So i’m guessing B’s epiphany doesnt include dan (yay!) or chuck (boo!) as her HEA so she’s probably gonna break Chuckles (and my own) heart in the next episode… Fantastic. But i’m also guessing they remain friends and after louis proposal chuck’s gonna pull a 2×23 and in his seasons finale “tragic moment of need” he is going to be a big boy and he’s going to “let her go” because “he can’t make her happy” or smthg like that… Tbh i would love if this happens, i’m a sucker for angst! And some character growth for chuck would be ah-mazing!

  3. grace says:

    Now I’m a little bit worried… +1

    I have a theory but it’s so absurd that i have shame to share and fear of this is being true.

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      lol Now I’m curious…it can’t be that bad.

      • grace says:

        Don’t be surprised if at the end of Season Finale DB end together.If the SF spoilers are true CB will have the one last night before she went to Monaco with Louis.My crazy,absurd and soap opera theory is When Chuck gets arrested for killing Raina,Blair will try to help him but to protected her Chuck lies saying that used her as an alibi.Blair devastated dumps Louis and in the end she goes to Dan.I wouldn’t want to be pessimistic but no doubt DB will be reactivated in S5 unless he becomes involved with Charlie and realize that just confused and feels only friendship for Blair.
        My rant.Thoughts?

      • Nichole says:

        Me too. You have to tell it now. 😉

  4. blu says:

    I think BD will be buddies until the end of the season.
    The choice will be between L and C, I guess C would let her go or maybe he could make something amazing for her, maybe the prince is just plotting for some reasons…anyway, I think B will spend the summer with D but only as friends.

  5. BlairanoidFreak; says:

    K I’m just gonna drop this here

    What do you think?

    • grace says:

      I said earlier that was inclined skip the episodes 18,19 and 20 and just watch the Season Finale.Now i’m not inclined.That is what i do.

    • Nichole says:

      LOVE IT!!! I think it is true because believe it or not the writers do know what they are doing and from that summary it seems like something the writers would have written. Now if this is not true, I will be really pissed! LOL It has potential to be a good storyline that will lead our favorites back together.

      Thanks for posting. I just feel so much better about this show now. I can’t explain it. 😉

    • nana says:

      thanks! hv u got any chance reading spoilers from TWOP? is it the same with this one?

  6. Moozanna says:

    Spoiler one is not bad, but spoiler 2 and 3 make me very worried.

    Every day I’m losing a little faith. Hopefully something will happen for it to be restored.

    As long as the ‘Series’ ends with CHAIR as endgame. Then I’m cool.

    • grace says:

      Just continue the #savechuckandblair campaign and did not give the twitter to Josh.I know he’s not so involved with GG but he’s the showrunner.He left Savage & Josh 2.0 as being responsible for him to devote himself for his other show,Chuck.From the moment he get tweets from unhappy fans as showrunner should call Savage and Josh 2.0 for a meeting and ask for explanations.If i were him i’d be do that.So i thinhk the campaign is important because from what i understand they don’t go and maybe doesn’t have interest in redeemed Chuck.
      My opinion.

  7. Chair fan says:

    i think the spoilertv spoilers could be good, though it’s GG and we can’t be sure until the end of the epsisodes… anyway I’m wondering -about the spoiler you posted- why we won’t like Louis… any thoughts???

  8. Moozanna says:

    Their giving away so many CHIAR spoilers, that I have a strong feeling that they are taking us for a ride and setting us up for a huge disappiointment :-9(

    Pray I’m worong !!!!

    • grace says:

      Like “Chair Forever” Promo that next week complete exactly 1 year and look what happened.So, i think that’s important don’t stop the #savechuckandblair campaign.
      Excuse me if i’m being monothematic and annoying.

      • Amanda says:

        I think you’re absolutely right! Obviously there’s nothing we can do about the rest of this season, but hopefully they’ll work in Chuck’s redemption SL next season… *praying*

      • Chair fan says:

        you’re neither monothematic nor annoying, I think you’re right and we Chair fans have to go on this way!!! 😉

  9. grace says:

    I wish the person who gave the episodes 18 and 19 spoilers also give the episodes 20,21 and 22 spoilers.
    If you started,now you finish.

  10. Moozanna says:

    If you find the spoilers for episode 20,21,22… please post here !!! 🙂 Much easier to discuss.

    Anyway, I find the spoilers, just a little (very little) more comforting than the episode synopsis.

    Reason, Blair calls Chuck childish and leaves him, giving Chuck a chance to realize that he needs to grow up. That’s like the only good thing. However I’m trying to be optimistic [Really Trying :-)]and hope that this works for the best in relation to Chuck’s redemption and CHAIR reunion. 🙂

    However, everything related to Dan,Serena,Blair and Charlie are making it hard to stay optimistic. Dan seems to have really fallen for Blair, and turns out Blair is falling or has fallen for Dan. This so does not help. 😦 So much for being optimistic 🙂

    I’m happy that the Prince is back, hopefully this will cause Blair to forget Lonely Boys existence. Oddly I’m also glad that Charlie is on the scene. I’m counting on her to distract and keeping Dan away from Blair.

    Doesn’t anyone find it unsettling that there are so many CHAIR/DAIR spoilers and close to nothing regarding everybody else, especially about the Thropes and Lilly’s situation !!! and what was the point of all that Eric drama.

    So Many Questions. This second hiatus is longer than the first and it sucks !!! I hope the wait was worth it.

  11. nana says:

    Wow! that’s a lot to digest in 2 episodes (4.18 & 4.19) if the spoilers are true. another week to wait. huhu.

  12. Nichole says:

    Here is an all new promo that SS and her crew allowed People.com to show! It is good!!!! Just watch it for the drama factor then watch it again to try to figure out what is happening. I have watched it three time about to watch it again…. 😉


    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I can’t embed it on the blog! 😦

      • Nichole says:

        Ooh, that sucks. I hope it is posted to youtube soon so EVERYONE can see it. LOL I am so excited by this promo. It is so good because I really have no idea what is going to happen. The promo was done so well, I have seen a really good one like this in YEARS! It really has gotten me excited for Gossip Girl again. I can’t wait for these last five episodes! I kind of don’t care what happens at this point cause I just want to see it.

        See, this is how you know this show drives me crazy cause I don’t care what happens! LOL Yeah, I am slightly hysterical right about this promo. I’ve watched it waaaaaaay to many times at this point. LOL

        Going to work now. *tee-hee* Love Gossip Girl!

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Okay I found a yt version, gonna post it now! *excited*

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