Ed and Leighton On Set – Oct 15th

ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/7QtUV#0


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12 thoughts on “Ed and Leighton On Set – Oct 15th

  1. carla says:

    sexy 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Forget about Ed and Leighton for now, my eyes are only for lil Truddy, in the pics. She is so cute and gorgeous

  3. Lauren says:

    hmm…I am unsure how I feel about this…going off of upcoming events, heh. But they look gorgeous! =D As always. ;p

  4. Shirley says:

    Leighton’s pants and Chuck’s suit

    Leighton and Chuck fitting dress LOL

  5. Summer says:

    they are hot!!!

  6. Chair#1fan says:

    wtf is chuck wearing? LMFAO.
    i love him and all, but it looks like something “the joker” would wear.
    love you ed.
    leighton looks gorgeous.

  7. leslie says:

    They look gorgeous as always as well as Leighton’s dog lol. And of course Chuck/Blair always match. I have a feeling there’s a reason for that (:

  8. VictoriaLovesChair says:

    i was there when these were taken omg!!!!! and some guy who worked there let me go inside the set and watch them film!!!

    • MariaNYC says:

      OMG you are so lucky! They were shooting hospital scenes, right? So who ends up hospitalized? I’m dying to know… :))

  9. Andie1392 says:


  10. shadowplay_ says:

    Wow, he does look like the Joker!

  11. WaldassAddict says:

    Woww!! He is totally Hotttttttt!!!!!
    And Leigh is gorgeous!!!
    They are always beautiful and attractive.

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