4×06 Episode Stills

ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/Ry1rl/all#0


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30 thoughts on “4×06 Episode Stills

  1. Lauren says:

    oh dear…

    can we not have B fight back at least a LITTLE? *sigh* All I see is her being outraged. *tear* Oh god…these next couple episodes are going to be SO painful. *sigh*

  2. Sara says:

    At least, they have scenes together…

  3. leslie says:

    Well the good news is I heard Jenny comes back for this episode and then is gone again until sometime in Winter. And from other rumors C/B will have a treaty and hopefully that will mean reconciliation (: I’ll pretty much take C/B in any form. Together, sleeping together, anything that gives me hope for some kind of happiness. I think the worse part is just waiting for them to get back together to happen. It amuses me though at how many people said they were boring together and then whine that they aren’t together anymore.

    • Chair#1fan says:

      i know right.
      they say chair is boring together, then when they’re apart they get mad..
      like if you are a real chair fan, you would just let them fix there selves, and ship them for whatever reason. but then again, that’s my opinion.

    • sara says:

      I saw some spoilers on fanforum yesterday about the so called treaty too… unfortunately I saw more spoilers about that treaty…. I just kinda wish there was a way to fast forward to like April when all this drama has blown over and they’re back together and happy. I have a feeling the next few episodes are going to be difficult to watch.

    • WaldassAddict says:

      I agree with u!
      I don’t understand the people who say’ Chair is boring and we want drama’ then when the drama comes they hate all the story saying that Chuck is bad Blair deserves better,Chuck must chase Blair to death but Blair needs another man who is better.I don’t really get those people.And I don’t think they are real Chair fans because they want another man for Blair.really?
      Chuck and Blair are boring in a normal relationship but that prince Loui
      s and Blair will be interesting?? Do they really think that she will be interesting with another person but not Chuck? Come on!! I think Blair is boring with another man other than Chuck.I don’t want any of them have other serious relationships than each other.They can’t be. otherwise their unconditionally in love type of love will be lame and a lie.I mean how can I know that they really love each other when they are dating with the others seriously??
      I will always love Chuck and Blair as long as the journey is all about their intense love story.Otherwise both Chuck and Blair become boring while dating with the others.

      • leslie says:

        I completely agree with you. I just don’t get people who are like i hate chair together but then when they are broken up they complain. Chuck and Blair are SO alike that it makes it difficult for their relationship to work. If and when they do get back together it’s going to take a lot of work for them to make it work. I think Chuck and Blair are perfect together. They’re manipulative, they like games. And I think they can still be that kind of couple as long as they don’t turn on each other. I also think Chuck needs to learn that sometimes he’s not going to get everything in life that he wants. But you know what they say, you hurt the person you love the most. It’s only a matter of time before they get back together. But I agree, they have an intense love story.

  4. Jacs says:

    This episode looks mainly C&B centric, since there are no pics of any other characters… I agree with Leslie. I like Chuck and Blair in any way. In fact, I prefer them not together, but sweet and sad, knowing they’re in love but unable to admit it. That was perfect.
    BTW, I LOVE Blair’s nude-colored dress and Chuck’s multi-colored suit!

    • leslie says:

      I love them together more than I love them apart. I think when they’re apart they are all about hurting each other. But I can understand where you’re coming from. I think right now they do need to be apart especially after everything that happened.

  5. sara says:

    side note- chuck looks sooooo scary in these pictures, especially the second one. If looks could kill Blair would be dead and stinking.

  6. ardita xo says:

    omfg i jus read de spoiles :O tnx so much for sharing mizz ! xxx

  7. Luisa C. says:

    You read it? It’s a mega spoiler about Chuck and Blair then read on only if you are sure of it!

    Another spoiler coming directly from the fan forum, where we have spoilers contained and that in 98% of the time is right. Some things are a little confusing and should be clarified in the next episode. Check;

    Okay, well, generally speaking … I’m still processing. Here on CB:

    4 × 06 is disgusting. Blair has a dream in which she is being attacked and think it’s Chuck, but it is actually Jenny, then she realizes that Jenny is back. She then begins to be bad with Jenny because she dared to return to NY, she and Jenny did not know it was Chuck who pitched the interview at Parsons. Blair gives Jenny a free pass from one day to the interview, but then Chuck weapon to make it appear that Jenny had gone to the Empire. That leaves Blair outraged and it ruins the interview on Jenny Parsons. Chuck offers to help Jenny she meets Tim Gunn’s new in the party, which is where we all see that Chuck was behind everything. Jenny is so angry with Chuck and Blair end up sending it to a gossip GG telling everyone that she lost her virginity to Chuck, and Chuck Blair is mortified and shocked. At the end of the episode, Chuck and Blair call for a break from war, but they have that moment where Chuck says that last night was not anyone’s fault, just the destination. They give a handshake and he walks away.

    So, unfortunately, Blair does NOTHING in the war against Chuck. It was a completely one-sided war. He set it with a bid of college, and then pitched back to Jenny knowing that Blair would be mad about it. So the only victims in the war Chuck / Blair Blair and Jenny are. Oh, and Chuck goes back to sleep with everybody. He is with two girls and a masseuse. Chuck tells Dan to tell Jenny that he’s sorry. I just do not understand, because it really has to feel that things in this episode between Chuck and Jenny is the only thing that keeps Chuck and Blair apart.

    4 × 07 is about the peace treaty. Apparently there is a clause that neither side wants someone to know. It is also the wedding anniversary of Dan and Lily and Rufus is angry because he wanted to be Jenny but she can not because of Chuck and Blair. So Dan decides to make pareceça Blair broke the treaty and send it to the GG that Blair was having coffee with Jack. Just when he will reveal it to Chuck, he finds C and B, laughing and sipping coffee, because they understood his plan. Blair mentioned that he knew where Jack was and Chuck asks how and she kind of begs the question. So Chuck makes a comment about Jenny thick and that makes for Dan Dan angry, then it looks and feels their contract and make a plan to sabotage them at the birthday party of Blair’s that night. Blair asks Chuck for his party. Regarding the party, Blair invited the entire faculty of Columbia, including a woman that she is interested in learning something. She is talking to Eleanor that she wants to be a powerful woman. But then Robyn goes to the stage and says he has a surprise for her and Blair goes crazy, like “NO!” Robyn is a video and puts Blair, drunken singing “Stand By Your Man” at the top of a piano with Chuck and Robyn trying to bring it down. Blair is frightened and accidentally drops the woman she admires in a chocolate fountain. Blair assumes that did it was Chuck and Robyn says it was him (but really was Dan). They discover that Dan and everyone was disappointed with it, including Rufus, so he goes home and Vanessa is there, they’re happy to be friends and ashamed of the way the UES has affected them. Oh, Chuck and Blair to account that he knew where Jack was because she hired a private investigator to follow Chuck after Eva’s gone so she would know if he would still be in touch with her and the investigator told her where Jack was. Eleanor and Blair have a conversation after the party when Blair tells her she wants to be a powerful woman, but when Chuck’s around her looking like a frightened little girl. Eleanor encourages her to go after what she wants and goes to bed. Blair begins to go to his room and sees that Chuck is still there. He rips the peace treaty and says they can never be civilized, they are not friends. And she says “okay, I hate you.” He says, “I hate you too.” So he picks it up and they have sex at the dinner table.

    So … yeah.

    The first thing that bothers me is that apparently everyone knows about the investigator. Eric and Dan make a joke about it while they decided if they would send a rumor to GG about Carter or Jack. And yet, nobody cares?
    Everyone is doing things to protect Jenny, but not Blair, in spite of the investigator.

    Also, Chuck has not changed anything. He had been walking around, sleeping with several until that happens, and now he gets Blair again after doing so many things with it and declare war against it. He does not feel guilty, he did not apologize and boom, she lets him get in your pants. I do not understand. To me, Blair is getting worse and worse this season.

    Source: Fan Forum

    Sorry if there are many grammar errors, but everything was translated by Google as I am Brazilian.


    PS: I feel on one hand relieved to know that, but somewhat confused and afraid of what might come after.

    Ah! And the photos so beautiful!

  8. miss.curiosity2 says:

    @mizz OMG! thank you so much! ahhh, episode 7, the ending!
    sorry guys 😀
    hmm, but that’s confusing.. i thought Josh Schwartz tweeted they’d beat the 4×02 station scene in episode 8… ?
    And Blair looks so pretty in these pics!


  9. shadowplay_ says:

    BLAIR WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY???????????!!!!!!!!!! MAKE HIM FIGHT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Although I am happy that Chuck seems to have given up on the war against Blair, I wish she made him pay.

  10. Nichole says:

    I don’t know. I have faith in our Blair. I think she will make him pay after she gets what she wants too, if you know what I mean. 😉

  11. Jacs says:

    Yes, both of them need to compensate for everything they’ve done. But I have a strange sinking feeling that while I’m going to love episodes 7 (ahhhh! YES) and 8 (epic?) C&B are too damaged and too far gone to ever go back to the way they were before. I loved Season 1 – I can watch the limo scene 50 times over and never tire of it. Season 2 was awesome as well, and then Season 3… Just fell flat.
    Right now, although I love the fact that Chuck and Blair are (going to) have a lighter storyline, they need to show some vulnerability. Especially Chuck. That’s the only way I can see myself being satisfied. I was just listening to Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All the Rest,” and I thought, “Wow. This is Chuck and Blair.”

  12. Mizz says:

    Okay, this is actually insane. Tuscany again?

  13. Chair#1fan says:

    lmfao. hopefully.

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