SPOILERS: Stephanie Savage & Eric Daman interviews

    Gossip Girl creator Stephanie Savage spilled season 4 secrets with HollywoodLife.com

    So what other secrets did Stephanie spill?

    • Well, Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) may be doing the nasty, but there’s a good chance they’re NOT getting back together — this season, at least. “Happiness does NOT generate a lot of story,” she said, adding, “Blair and Chuck will very much be in each other’s stories and are very much working out their issues with each other. As Serena (Blake Lively) says to Blair in the second episode, ‘You don’t have to forgive him.’ They’re a long way from reconciliation and peace.”
    • There are cameos galore! “We’ve been lucky with our cameos – we have two episodes that focus on Fashion’s Night Out, including a party at the Boom Boom Room hosted by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Tim Gunn also appears as himself. Blair has a big 20th birthday party too and there are some fun cameos there!”
    • Gossip Girl plans on jet-setting! “We had so much fun doing the Paris episodes, but now that we’ve done it we’re pretty fearless and ready to do it again. We want to take the show on the road, to Tokyo or somewhere in Italy or Buenos Aires. World travel is pretty organic to these guys!  We’d love to do a spring break episode where they go skiing in Aspen or Whistler.”

    Exclusive Style Spoilers fromGossip Girl‘s Eric Daman, Plus Head-to-Toe Designer Details

    InStyle.com: How did the Paris setting influence your fashion choices for Blair, Serena and Chuck?
    Daman: I wanted the girls to feel like they were beamed from planet Gossip Girl to Paris!  A heightened sense of style, couture and glamour. High fashion with more glitter and overstated silhouettes, plus hats, hats and more hats. In contrast, Chuck is having a traumatic life experience and trying to change his identity. Gone for now are the dandy days of Chuck Bass  and in turn, his threads are now more work to wear than made to wear.  I wanted to keep him stylized, and was very inspired by James Dean in East of Eden and Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront and Streetcar. But after his existential crisis, he will find solid ground and newfound happiness and his wardrobe will reflect that—think a constant barrage of boutonnieres!
    InStyle.com: Clemence Poesy comes in as Blair’s nemesis/Chuck’s new love interest. How did you decide on her character’s style?
    Daman: Sensual with European ease and confidence. Soft and chic, beautiful, but not too overtly fashionable: think Bardot in And God Created Woman. I wanted to retain a subtleness to her style—she is the only character ever in the show to always carry the same bag, wear the same shoes and repeat her favorite Catherine Deneuve-inspired trench. Tres French, tres nouvelle vague!
    InStyle.com: Will Blair’s style evolve as she transfers from NYU to Columbia? We recently spotted her filming in minimal pieces from Victoria Beckham and Celine…
    Daman: Blair in Paris was meant to be a fashion Blairgasm. Upon her return she definitely goes more sleek and ladylike: clean lines and structure, like a modern-day painting. Staying true to her style sensibility there will, of course, be girlie gown moments, but B is growing up and so are her clothing choices.

      13 thoughts on “SPOILERS: Stephanie Savage & Eric Daman interviews

      1. Nichole says:

        Thank you for the spoilers, but I do NOT trust anything that comes from that woman, show runner or not. She is full of foolishness that I just can’t deal with. Ms. Salvage has a “history” of not being too forthcoming in the GG spoilers.

        Yeah, I know I should be happy she is spilling, but I don’t like what she is saying. LOL

      2. shirleychen says:

        WTH about not getting back?? huh?? Im crying right now

      3. OK, the part that the will not be a couple again THIS SEASON maybe, makes me sad. and happy can make good storys. bleehh hehehe

      4. Je t'adore says:

        Thank you for posting bb, you’re the best. But this is a total piece of shit of a SL. GTFO off Jesh and Stephanie, you just admited you’re not capable to write a decent SL with CB as a couple. You suck at life.

      5. Jackie says:

        Well at least we know for certain that they she is an idiot with no talent. Although I will admit she pretty much confirmed what I was thinking (in terms of CB not getting back together for awhile), at least now I know for certain that I won’t be watching the show (just select scenes on youtube).

        And she thought this was a way to promote the season *shakes head*.

      6. Summer says:

        I’m sick of it…it seems like C and B will never really get back together!

        • Chair fan says:

          they don’t understand that if Chair don’t get back together they’ll lose the show, nobody will watch GG without Chuck and Blair!

      7. Sara says:

        Tbh, maybe Chuck and Blair don’t get together is a good thing. We can watch the things more interesting between them. But of corse, I want CB as a couple so much!!! ❤

      8. Jacs says:

        I am the only one who kinda of likes the fact that C&B won’t be getting back together? If they did, it would be forced, rushed. No one likes to see that. Maybe they’ll have us in suspense like Season 2, with, say, a proposal at the end of the line? C&B aren’t ready to get back together, they’re just ready to be in each other’s lives again. Frankly – they weren’t in Season 3.
        *Although like everyone else, I don’t completely trust S&J…

      9. Chair#1fan says:

        gosh.. this is depressing.
        okay i understand CB need some time, but come on, like they obviously have to get back together. they can’t stand to be like apart for that long.. a whole season. that’s seriously bull crap. not kidding. like i would love a kind of love-hate relationship, and like both of them being single for a while, for like half the season, playing games and stuff, like the season 2 and season 1 CB, but the other half should be dedicated to them being a couple again, being happy, not exactly like season 3 like a little more steamy :), and like working out their problems, idk about you guys, like what you think and all. but for me that would probably be the best season, if the writers really step things up, and not be like complete douches and mess up CB. they should know about 99.9 % of the viewers are watching for Chuck and Blair.
        C and B obviously still love each other. so you guys should have faith i guess..
        i wouldn’t 100% trust these spoilers. but what do you guys think?

        okay so i like im thinking this will happen, idk i was thinking about it yesterday lmfao.
        so you know how blair gives the prince her shoe, im thinking hes going to come back near half the season, maybe on blair’s bday :O and like find her and like tell her he wants to be with her, maybe that he loves her, right, then basically blair and him are a couple, for a while, then chuck finds out, and steps it up to win back blair for good, and then blair ends up choosing chuck after a while with the prince, and tells the prince she still loves chuck and she can’t really be or love anyone else. and then Chuck and Blair are back. LMFAO. OMG, idk about you but i find that a perfect story line. it could be true, there is like a possibility. right? LOL.

      10. leslie says:

        I don’t really trust the spoilers from her. There were SO many last season saying how Chuck and Blair would be together last season but it wouldn’t be a bunch of roses and guess what? They broke up. I don’t think Chuck and Blair being together has to be a bunch of happiness. Relationships have issues but I don’t see why their issues always have to end in them breaking up. There are other shows where couples are married and have issues and can carry the show on that. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be watching season 5 (if it happens) if Chuck and Blair are just going to be how they were in season 2. The point of shows like this is to watch characters grow and change, not revert back to the way they were.

      11. Amanda says:

        so much WORD, leslie!!!

        I just can’t bring myself to believe ANYTHING SS has to say. Really I can’t. She is an effing LIAR!! Last season, she said Chuck and Blair were going to be a couple all season, and i’m not a math genius, but they were apart 5 episodes from a total of 21 (like almost a quarter?) so WTF SS???

        and remember this? http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b169496_gossip_girl_boss_promises_great.html

        so the “Indecent Proposal” was a great, emotional storyline????? ummm yeah…

        so this is what i’m thinking: They’re gonna keep CB apart for the first half of the season, and if they don’t get an early pick up for S5 (due low ratings) they’re gonna be forced to give us a LOT of EPIC CHAIR scenes *coughSeason2cough* and maybe a proposal for the finale… that’s if they really want to keep their jobs, because let’s face it, Chuck and Blair are the heart of GG and I don’t think GG writers are talented enough to keep this cat and mouse game for two more seasons (S4 and probably S5?) without affecting it’s fanbase, I mean, how much can a Chair shipper take?????

        *taking deep breaths*

        ok, sorry for the long rant girls, it’s just that i’m so damn frustrated with this show right now!!!!! oh and please ignore my terrible, terrible english lol

      12. maria says:

        I believe that they will not reunite until next season. Ther will be a get together a proposal and a flashforward to wedding if its the end. if not then they will be engaged and get married after graduation

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