Translation Part II

Even if I made this post, I haven’t made it…not really. Don’t get it? Let me explain. I posted what you’re about to read but the translation is not mine. Two of our readers have been so kind as to translate the scans for you (you know I’m always busy with work). So, thank Jess for the translation of the aricle, and thank Christina for the translation of the EL interview. They made it possible for you… because if you’d waited for my translation, well, you’d still be waiting. lol

The JS and SS interview is not translated because it brings no news or spoilers, it’s not interesting, believe me, I’ve read it.

Alexandra asks if we have bodyguards on set. They say “yes”, there are bodyguards for the actors. Look, it’s Bees.

10.08 pm : Appearance in real of Clemence wearing a trench. She’s pacing while talking with the director. Across the street, paparazzis are shooting.

10.29 pm  : Suddenly, loud screams : Ed quietly shows up  on the set. I get my worldwide scoop : Chuck is not dead. Since he’s here. But he has a cane, because of his wounds. Alexandra straightens her sunglasses and says quietly “he’s not bad”.

10.45: A paparazzi hidden behind a flowerpot is crawling towards the set, at about 10 meters from us. An assistant nicely suggests him to approach.

11.00 pm: Silence. Action. I’m introduced to 400 people on the set, they call me “THE journalist”, I feel too much like one of them/ like a member of the group.. But the others have a badge, the key to go everywhere. I want one.

11.09 pm: Scream x1000. She’s here. Blake Lively is casually walking in our direction under an umbrella. You can’t miss her, she’s naturally radiant. And also she wears a royal blue pant, a golden jacket by Pucci and a 46-teeth smile. And a pair of gorgeous 6 inch heels.

11.09:10 pm: Alexandra and I have our eyes riveted on her shoes, green with envy. Little laugh behind us, from Eric Daman. He’s THE star designer of the show, he whispers : “Brian Atwood, Loca pumps, out of stock”

12.00 pm: Alexandra checked. Our own shoes cost 625 dollars. We feel slightly better.

12.12 pm: An assistant brings me water, I ask him a badge instead. He smiles and says ” good try”. We’re heading to Charenton Street, where 250 fans are waiting. Blake and Ed have to shoot in the little courtyard supposed to be chuck’s apartment in Paris.

12.40 pm: Everybody is really surprised: Blake and Ed have been plagued by fans while trying to rejoice us. So now, they’ll drive, even to do 20 meters.

01.00 pm: Here I am behind the monitor screen between the director, the script supervisor and Stephanie Savage, creator, producer and scriptwriter of the show. She gives me a big smile : “You are the journalist ?”

01.08 pm: Ed Westwick is taking a break and texting.We are officially introduced. British accent and big smile “So it’s you the journalist- Kamileu” Ok , he’s not bad. He butchers my name, but he’s not bad.

01.35 pm: Lunch. I’m told the whole team is eating together, actors included, kind of summer camp atmosphere. Ok, right now, there are no actors here, but it’s a coincidence. I hate the chicken.

01.49 pm: Fits of laughter at the next table: the journalists write on the internet that Blake and Leighton walked the day before on the Art Bridge with Ladurée Macaroons and eccentric outfits. The director jokes: Do they think it was a private walk ? Don’t they know it was a scene? I immediately laugh with them: These journalists…they’re so dumb. Everybody looks at me.

02.00 pm: My friends, I laughed and I got my badge. I’m not the journalist anymore, I’m CREW. I’m crazy with joy.

02.19 pm: Live drama of fame. Ed W goes out in the street in order to take place and the hysterical herd runs on him, overwhelming assistants. I see Chuck Bass in his brown chocolate suit steps back into a defensive posture, a bodyguard catches him as a bundle/bag, drags him and throws him to safety.

02.20 pm: Ok, no one is laughing anymore, they’re gonna call for help. Crazy French girls have scared everybody.

03.00 pm: Arrival of Leighton. We are introduced and she says she looooooves my dress. Isabel Marrant, she’s the desigener. She shows her own dress, a pink one: Marc Jacobs.We are friends.

03.08 pm: Sprawled on a chair (Serena’s one), I’m chatting with Leighton and Ed. Chuck has to say “sit down” in french, I purpose “Asseyez-vous”, Ed is pretty annoyed, it’s been two hours since he was working with “Assis-toi”

03.18 pm: Leighton is eating chips. An assistant goes by us and can’t believe it : “What? YOU are eating chips?”

03:19 pm: Second cry of surprise from the director: But Leighton, You are eating chips ?

03:20 pm: The make-up artist is appalled when she sees chips. Leighton sighs. Ed grabs the pack and finishes it. Queen B looks at me, new sigh, “I don’t eat chips very often”.
I love their life.

04.00 pm: Big event. Some planes of the French patrols are passing and flying low. They have to stop the shooting. All Americans are freaked out. Is it a war?

04.10 pm: I’m reassuring everybody: it’s just a rehearsal for Bastille Day. Then, everybody takes pics. I’m indispensable.

05.00 pm: End of day, everybody packs up. Appearance of Josh S, the other creator-producer-twriter of the show who just arrived from NYC. Everybody rushes to him, no one move a lash without his approbation. We’re introduced, I’m a fan. He created my favorite show, the OC when he was only 23.

08:00 pm: I’m sending a bunch of emails: I have a date at the Edouard VII hotel with Chuck Bass tomorrow. Maybe in his own room? And probably naked…

08.05 pm: All my female friends officially hate me.

03.00 pm:  I work  on Gossip Girl set. I get my bearings. No more date at the hotel, I’ve been punished, Ed will “find me directly on the set”. Cristal Room Bacarat Restaurant, United States square. 500 people in a trance are in front of it/are feverishly waiting in front of it. I show my badge and enter.

03.30 pm: I come across Leighton who tries a “Salut Jamilleu (hi jamilleu), comment vas-tu (how are you)?”. She was surprised not to see me on the “Channel stuff” yesterday. Yes, she loved the fashion show, but her favorite moment was at the Orsay Museum, closed the whole Monday night only for them. And her pics of the painting Déjeuner sur l’herbe. (The lunch of the grass, by Monet)

03.42 pm: Ed shows up on the set. He gets lost while wandering. I ask him where. He laughs “As I was lost, I can’t really say”. Yes, of course. Stupid question. Now I’m confused by a 23 year old kid !

04.00 pm: Candlesticks, waiter, white gloves, extras in formal suits. The scene is a dinner with Serena, Blair and their Parisian lovers. Lovers that they are not going to bring back in theirs luggage, apparently.

04.02pm: Lou Doillon arrives. Is this new guest has lines? 3 assistants rushe on the script to help me.

04.08 pm: Blake is wandering on the set, she talks to me almost shyly: “It’s hot here, isn’t it?”, looks at her cell phone “Journalists start writing on the internet I’m wearing flip flop with evening dress and that is gonna be a new trend; she laughs. They shoot in American style, we won’t see their feet.

04.20 pm: 3 assistants come back with no information. They still don’t know if Lou Doillon is going to talk or not. I’m annoyed. Can I cry?

04.35 pm: I’m seated in a meridian, lazy, between Leighton and Blake. The pretty brunette is dying because of the heat in her black sequins dress  and her lace tights. I say to her that Maxime Simoens, the designer of her dress is a rising star in fashion world. Desperate glance from L: it’s his fall/winter collection, isn’t it?

04.36 pm: We all wave our fans…Even the gorgeous Piaget’s jewelry worn by Leighton keeps her warm. I’m not sure she would lend it to me them though. I don’t even ask.

05.30 pm: Interview with Leighton and Ed. They are good friends, focused and very professional. However I’m slightly distracted by the fact that Chuck Bass’ shirt is closed with only one button. The middle one. But I keep my self-control…I just repeat three times the same questions.


11.00 pm: Edouard VII hotel, Entrance Hall. It’s a crush this morning; round-tables with journalists, the poor ones will have only a few minutes with my new friends. I’m feeling like Queen C.

11.03 pm: Ed comes, talks to me about football. He watched the semi final yesterday. And he would like to take a walk in peace. Buttes-Chaumont or Luxembourg? He wants my opinion. I say he should stay in his room if he really wants some quiet time.

12.30 pm: Blake needs a cab right now, she has to meet John Galiano for lunch. Fully dressed in Dior, she strides along the hall, she’s very late. Leighton wants a cab right now, she wants to do some shopping. Ed wants a cab right now. He has chosen Luxembourg. The doorman is all green, totally on the verge of a heart attack.

12.35 pm: Still no cab. We explain to the girls the concept of patience. Ed has found refuge at the bar and sips/drinks champagne with Le Parisien (it’s a newspaper)

01.00 pm: The actors finally left. Nobody is happy with the idea of knowing them all alone in the city. I say: the police will let us know if something happens to them.

03.00 pm: 40 degrees Celsius. Coffee shop Louis-Philippe, next to Hotel-de-Ville. A scene where the girls have lunch, Blair and Serena arrive. The crowd is hard to keep in line, the police have a hard time with them.

03.08 pm: An assistant demand 3 bodyguards for a Harry Winston necklace that Leighton will wear tomorrow. The assistant examine me when I get close and here comes Leighton’s supreme phrase: “It’s good, it’s a Chamilleu!”

04.00 pm: Interview with JS and SS. The 2 creators of the show are surprised that I know

the series. Every journalist there, have no idea about it.

04.03 pm: No news about Ed, I say we should look for him. They tell me “no”. I pout.

05.19 pm: An assistant walks with a dozen of tapes that are going to be send to the US. The 2 ep. shoot in Paris will alternate with NY scenes.

06.00 pm: Group hug with the team. A real “au revoire” (goodbye), in American style, like I’m part of the team.


07.00 pm: In front of my computer, I think of their last scene from tonight, gare du Nord (North train station). They told me I could stop by but I can’t abuse the good memories. Leighton must have on the necklace, the Oscar de la Renta dress that she told us about all week. Ed will give a hug to C. Poesy. I wish it was the 13th of September to see that. I hope you too!

GG in Paris, did it surprise you?

LM: No, in the end of season 3 Blair and Serena went to Paris but it could have been a ellipse. We could have found them in NYC. I asked myself;”So! They take us(in Paris)or not?” And when it was official I was ecstatic. At least! It’s been a long time that I thought we should come here. This city is the perfect extension of New York and the spirit of Gossip Girl.

EW: Paris, fashion, love, sublime natural scenery, it was obvious for me too. And then we come for season four. It is good to change air and renew itself. It is also symbolic of a fresh start, away from their world and their codes.

How did you get the role for Chuck and Blair?

EW: For me, in the classic way, I went to Los Angeles to take the audition. They talked a lot about this project, the character was very motivating and they choose me. Almost 4 years later, now the series is a success, we realize what luck we had in the start.

LM: I read the script and they asked me which character I liked the most. I immediately said Blair, she inspired me and I find her interesting with a lot of different sides. Lovely destiny that it’s me who plays her.

Do you imagine yourself playing another character?

LM: Honestly, no. Because I don’t want anyone else “try” Blair!

EW: Too bad, because I’d like to play Blair. I will have amazing clothes, I’ll do the pout and I’ll be an incredible travesty.

Playing the ‘villains’ it’s always funnier, more rewarding and paying toward the public, what do you think?
LM: Of course Blair is the bitch of the show, I can’t say the contrary! But she’s not diabolic, like evil incarnate. I defend her a lot because she reacts with the thing that happened to her: her mother is really hard on her, her father leave her
and never keep his promises, her best friend slept with her boyfriend. It’s a lot, isnt it? And she’s funny and very sensible. This spirit of permanent competition I think it’s touching. It’s proof of her lack of confidence in her.

EW: I agree. Chuck has also many layers. The most interesting for me was to explore it. Family level, he’s served: her mother is dead, his father is a monster! What people like is, of course, the shade and at the same time keeping the ‘too much’ line in the manipulation,
and is good to play and I hope people like to watch! And chuck has changed a lot because of his love for Blair.

LM: This couple always plays with fire. Only drama! It’s what I don’t like in real life but on tv is a different story, we do want to see people be happy non-stop They are adults in their relation for 17 years old teens. They accept themselves like who they are without conditions. They find each other but they don’t admit it. Plus, they have this sensual chemistry, which we play a lot with. Blair was the ‘good girl’ for a long time: virgin, polite, brilliant at school, faithful, etc. Her night with Chuck change everything and reveal her to herself.

Your characters have stylish looks. What is your relation to the fashion?

LM: Fashion is a very important character in the series, it’s obvious! Blair is what she wears! When I wear the clothes, I feel like her100%. It’s when I start the show that Ii fell in this fashion world: we have access to an amazing wardrobe and of course it’s became a passion! But for me, Ii wear frequently jeans + T-shirt, clothes that Blair doesn’t find proper. She is the symbol of the preppy, chic, sexy, over-exaggerated trend. I have fun wearing high fashion clothes for a brunch of scene. For the Paris episode, we go further with a lot of new brand and French classic: Dior, Saint-Laurent, Louboutin. I’m in heaven!

EW: For me, it’s the same: It’s funny to be this elegant, in suits, always impeccable. For Chuck, I heard some reference like ”young Oscar Wilde”! For the only Englishman in an American TV show. That’s classy. I’m 23 year old, and in the real life (He show us his jean, his shoes and his checkered shirt) I’m more relaxed (laughs).Like for Blair, Chuck’s wardrobe is an extension of his personality. He affirms his social position, his superioty, his infinite egocentricity. He dress like a man that feels powerful. Everything about him says: Attention, I’m chuck bass!

Ed, where does “I’m chuck bass” comes from?

EW: It’s an idea from the scenarist; this is the label

of the character. Each time, he says it in a particular way with a different intention: it’s
a way to justify with irony, but to convince himself of his power. At the end of the Parisian episodes, he will say it again but this time with sadness and objectivity. He becomes lucid of himself and it’s not easy. I worked a lot on the physical characteristic of Chuck, on a general way: I swallowed my British accent and slowed down. He talks very slowly, with a raucous and mocking voice, eyes half-closed, like the world must wait for him permanently.

Both of you have other career in parallel. What are your project?

LM: I did 3 movies this year, The oranges with Hugh Laurie, a thriller, The roommate, and the last one I did in Monaco, Monte Carlo! I did two feature songs too, and my first album will be out soon. It’s another way of expression. I’ll do the show, cinema and music as long as I can.

EW: I had a hyper classic formation (he went to national Youth theatre of London, ndlr), I stared in English tv shows, and in a movie with Jude Law ad Juliette Bioche in Breaking and Entering or Clive Owen and Julianne Moore in Cildren of men.  I did a guest in Californication last year and Gossip Girl is doing well. Everything goes well for now, I have all the time and many desires.

Can you say something on season 4?
EW: Nothing!
LM: Absolutely nothing.

OK,but make an effort!

LM: Between Chuck and Blair it’s gonna pitch(?not it’s gonna move/shake between them)like never it will be very intense and really ..
you’ll see!
EW: Chuck will have a questioning phase, in Paris. Like redemption. Back in New York and return to his world with this new perspective is not easy.

At last,how do you imagine your ideal life in 10 year? And how about Chuck and Blair’s life?

LM: I’ll be 34, I think it’s so old. Sorry, so far i mean! It’s hard to tell because the last years have been projected in a accelerator of particle! I’d like to have a family, I think. I see Blair as a lawyer. She can help anybody in trouble, I’m sure.

EQ: In 10 year, I can be a total different person and maybe I will have different aspirations. I’d like to have a family too and a boat. Old dream! Chuck, I wish he would relax. To calm his demons,and find a balance in his life. In fact, to grow up!

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    • Je t'adore says:

      You’re welcome. I loved the “chips” part too. I love that Leighton eats like a “normal” person, if you remember those set pics where her and Ed were eating junk food and you could really see they loved it… while the others were eating their little salads. I don’t think eating junk food all the time is healthy or good but c’mon, everybody eats it from time to time, right?

      And I liked when L said she wants a family and Ed said he wants a family too. I started to talk to my computer: “Than, make a family together!!!!” lol, I’m crazy

      • shirleychen says:

        Just like me girl!!!! When I read it, I think c’mon guys… lets be a family together haha

        and everytime they comfirm that they are living or deep in their role. I thik may be they want to be Chuck and Blair b’coz they want to be together, sharing 60 hours a week together.

        so fuuny Ed when he said he want to be Blair =)) he loves Blair’s clothes. so I can explain why when he is Chuck Bass, he always want to “steal” all of clothing that Blair’s wearing from her :)) =))

        and they replied the question about 10 years, they also still want to be Chuck and Blair, Can we wait for the season… 13 from now???

      • Je t'adore says:

        See? We think alike, we’re both twisted CB/EL fans. lol And season 13, oh my! I’ll make my children watch. hahaha

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    Thank you! This is an awesome site. You all have put together a beautiful, friendly, safe place to indulge our Chuck and Blair love. Thank you! Keep up the wonderful work. I, too, check back here a few times a day. 🙂

    Ed and Leighton seem like the most down to Earth people. I like that they understand their characters and therefore can add a layer or dimension to Chuck and Blair that rings true to the characters even during the worst of storylines. 🙂 The are truly talented and I wish them and the rest of the cast much success!

    • Je t'adore says:

      awww, thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving such a wonderful comment. *hugs* You’re so sweet.

      EL seems so such fun, friendly, donw to Earth, smart people (I loved how he outsmarted the girls when she asked where he got lost and he answered “As I was lost, I can’t really say”) . I’d love to meet them one day.

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      It’s more than fine, we don’t mind. Just don’t foregt to credit the ppl that did the trasnaltion. They were so nice and we don’t want to upset them. Keep spreading the CB/EL love.

      Btwe, it’s nice to meet you. And I checked out that site, it looks good but I don’t understand the language but you can tell all your CB friends there, that are welcome to visit our blog and discuss CB here if they want to.

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