New Leighton’s Set Photos – July 7 + More LeightEd Pics

As someone commented earlier, we wonder what happened in that van that escorted EL to the hotel. When he got in the van, his hair was in it’s place but when he got out of the van…well, that’s another story. Let’s see more “infamous” van/arriving @ the hotel images:

Entering the van. Look @ his hair

Exiting the van, lol. What happened to his hair?

She looks so proud. Is it because what she did to Eddie?

So what do you think? That Purple dress is Beautiful!!! Maybe she was filming a dream sequence 😀

And God Yes thank you the HEADBANDS are back!!!

Thanks to for the pics


6 thoughts on “New Leighton’s Set Photos – July 7 + More LeightEd Pics

  1. Je t'adore says:

    Sorry bb, I’m such a moron. I posted some of the pics after you did. I’ll erase my post. lol, my bad.

  2. ronan03 says:

    love the purple dress and all the shopping bags. didn’t notice the headband until i read your comment. yes! so glad. i love leighton all dressed down,too. haven’t seen this before and thank goodness that i found this site. thanks as always.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Yes, the headband is back. Long may it reign supremely.

    Also love the first pic – that haute couture dress is fab – Leighton really does have a tiny waist – envy

  4. Anon says:

    LOL! They could’ve been messing around in the van since the windows are blackend out. If so, life immitates art for sure! 😉

  5. mimi says:

    the headband bitches is back! and hopefully more awesome than ever!!

    and i love the purple dress. so avant garde….. it’s so leighton. not blair. =DD

  6. I like the purple outfit! lol
    the other one is weird… but I like the fact that the headband is back.
    And everyone wonders what happened there… haha remember there was the driver too (but maybe there was a separation between the backseats and the driver seat)… Okay, I’m using my imagination too much!

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