First set pics – Leighton with Blake

Other pics are H E R E

I honestly don’t like Blair’s outfit. It would have been cooler without all the cherries.

Thanks to gossipgirlworld for the pics!


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10 thoughts on “First set pics – Leighton with Blake

  1. Jennifer says:

    Leighton – much props to you. Love her outfit – very french, and the beret is an added bonus.

    Leighton really has this “cute look” vibe thang going on. She really is adoborable, and a great actress to boot.

    She’ll have to re-dye her hair though!

  2. ronan03 says:

    wow. great to see some set pictures. i know that you didn’t like blair’s dress but at least it was something that made you react. most of the clothes in season 3 were kind of dull,imo. thrilling to see the new photos. thanks so much.

  3. I love Leighton, and I’m super glad to get GG back 😀 Plus, I love Blair’s outfit IMO. I like most the things that Leighton gets to wear as Blair.

    Can’t wait to see more set photos and the videos!

  4. Jackie says:

    I love Blair’s outfit! It is very busy but Leighton pulls it off. It’s very fun and girlie.

  5. Maedy says:

    Oh my gosh leigh!
    why are you being super adorable?? ughh.
    and also some didn’t like leigh’s outfit coz it’s too crowded.
    well i like it. it’s so girlie and not boring i think.

  6. Je t'adore says:

    Leighton is so beautiful and I love her outfit. I know you didn’t like it but I think it’s Parisian, it suits her. Thank you so much for posting. Btw, do you know who’s the guy with “Blair” in some of the pics?

    • the outfit is cool, the only thing I can’t bear are the cherries.
      if the skirt would have been with cherries too it would have been better.
      btw I guess the guy is some kind of summer fling.
      Blake too was seen shotting with two different guys, so I guess they’re only pointless people because nor Ausiello or Kristen ever mentioned their existence.

  7. mizz says:

    I’m hoping that the guy in these is a contant for a few eps but i get the feeling he is just a fling.
    did anyone else get the feeling that in some of the pictures it looks like Blair has seen a ghost
    *hint hint*

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