GG Couples Throughout the Ages: Serena Edition (Part 2)

How is it possible that a simple character so difficult to write for?

Serena’s character frustrates me, as I previously stated (or may have stated). Maybe it’s Blake [Lively] and her portrayal of Serena, but something about Serena that irks me. It’s not as bad as a certain Miss Brooklyn or Lil Jenny Humphrey, but it’s almost there.

It’s not even the lackluster love life; it’s just everything as a whole. She is she all over the place. She can be either a) bubbly, b) overdramatic, and c) a bad schemer. Plus she goes through guys like they’re newspapers. Only good for a couple of minutes before you have to throw it in the trash. (Unless you like reading the newspaper then I’ll try to find another analogy).

Ok, so most of that mini-rant was my continuation of a previous rant of the underdevelopment of Serena’s character. I demand that something be done about this! Please? Oh, another season of Serena and will-they-wont they with Nate or Dan and I will seriously lose it. There has got to be more guys out there that Serena hasn’t hooked up with… Anyone else out there?

So, here’s a mini-confession Serena has basically been with every guy on this show (minus a few exception) this list is compose of anyone who was left for the picking. Even those who really didn’t need to be on this list (I’m look at you Lord Douche)

Serena/AU pairs: Oh Chuck’s on the list, just not in the first category.

–          The Rest of the Leading Men:

What? They could work! Just ask Jo-- and CO.

  • Eric: So sick right? It’s called incent and totally gross. Oh the plus side they both have self-esteem issues and have daddy issues that will last them through the ages. And they know that they will always be there for each other. Ugh…

–           Leading Ladies: (I know)


Well theyre sort of in-character 😀

  • Blair: Saying as I did a mini-analysis on the girls earlier I’ll keep it simple. The girl-like Nair couple for GG, not quite as epic, but still they have their moments.
  • Vanessa: Are these two even speaking to each other? Correction, are they even friends? The only way I see them working out is in a AU world where Serena wears non-designer clothes and listens to Vanessa blaring about some how much the UES sucks. Actually I would personally never see them as friends so that rules out a “relationship” that might never be forming.
  • Jenny: Hey they both hate each other and Serena is always b*tching about Lil J. A 3-some for Serenate/Nenny in the works… See it! No, not really. After the way they handled the last 3-some on this show I’m pretty much staying away from that topic.

Funny enough I found the pics after the post was written, talk about good luck.

 –          The Older and More Experience Club: I’m embarrassed about this one 🙂

Theyre old and wiser but its still rather gross. UFFW presents: The Old People

  • Eleanor Waldorf: She did always like her more than her own daughter and… I’m gonna stop before I hurl.
  • Cyrus Rose: Serena didn’t get a chance to get with Senior Rose after dumping the younger one in Buenos Aires. But with GG you never know!
  • Bart Bass: Oi vey… well she did hate him and was somewhat flirt-y with him (Please don’t make me go back for reference).  She also needs a strong, boorish male in her life… Too bad he’s dead.
  • Jack Bass: He’s hot and she’s pretty. If you want shallow love, here you go.
  • Elizabeth Fisher: They had what two whole scenes together?  Yes, well moving on.
  • Dr. William van der Woodsen:  Here comes daddy to the rescue! Ok so in all seriousness this guy was hitting on his daughter and looked like he wanted to do a lot more than scold her. Eww mental…Ew And who’se to say that GG doesn’t love a good daughter/father relationship?
  • Lily van der Woodsen: I’ll leave that one to you dear readers because I can’t fully comprehend it in my head just yet.
  • Rufus Humphrey: Well he did play the “daddy” card quite a bit with her this season and Serena needs a lot of discipline. Plus she’s Lily’s daughter, hello jack-pot!
  • William van der Bilt: I’m not even going to go in that direction.

–          Guest Stars Who We’re Made to Be Forgotten: (Since we don’t need to reminded of these guest stars or their appearance I’ll just leave it you your imaginations 😀 This was also me being lazy and looking for pix on the characters , forgive me?

  • Scott: What half-sibling don’t get a scene together? As far as I know, this guy is gone and I don’t want him hooking up with Serena because he’s so Dan-like. One Dan is bad enough.
  • Lord Douche: Again has no purpose of being here other than to have more males on this particle section.
  • Maureen Vanderbilt: Another one of those Love-Hate, Serena’s a whore relationship. Never would have worked out mainly because Maureen is Jackie O. and Serena’s Marilynn. Bummer…
  • Olivia Burke: So they are friend right? Or was Serena just her PR? Anyways Olivia too Hollywood and the only people who actually care that Serena exist are the socialite in Manhattan.
  • Rachel Carr: Serena walked around like this lady was god’s answers to the UES. That was until she found out about Dan flirting with the young Miss Carr. They could have worked if Dan didn’t get to her first (that and the whole Serena not being gay)
  • Poppy Lifton: She came and went and amused Serena. Hell she even let her married than date her con-artist mate. If that isn’t friendship (or love) than I don’t know what is.
  • Cameron? Use your imagination. If Carmaon was more into ditzy blondes with a shitload of issues instead of problem-fixing Blair, they could have made a hot ass couple who  would have bored me too tears.

–          Maybe and Possibly Club: They guys or gals who were almost there…

So it looks like a triangle, its not.

  • Damian: Bordering School you say? Well there was a lot of hearsay on what Serena may have done while away in Connecticut. Damian is basically the gateway to unleashing some of Serena’s whore-ish ways. Damien might have done something, some unfinished business. After all he was more than eager to get with Serena when she dumps Nate at that one party. Then again he may have just wanted the drugs.
  • Chuck: Oh date rape Chuck is soo first season. But wait statutory rape count? Anyways a topic for another time. He was close, I mean all Serena had to do was sit back and let Chuck do her. Wait what am I saying if that had actually happened then there might not have been Chair. Thinking back these two are brother and sister. Like with or without the LEGAL bidding document.
  • Georgina: Well we know Georgie is down for anything and so Serena. Remember the would-be sex tape had Dead!Pete not crooked. Yeah it sounded like these two may have done a lot more than drink. And what did happen when Georgie split the roofie?

Well that’s all folk all Serena long lost loves… Well till next season of course. Wasn’t this short? Not my favorite of the last couple posting.  Thanks for all the support on these couples posting.

OH dear! I forgot someone, darn it! If you can tell me who I missed I’ll give a chance to pick the next person on GGCTA :). (Hint: Vanessa and Serena we’re friends in this episode. Come on they’re weren’t too many eppies to chose from lol. Another free hint: It’s sort of AU but they went out).

Later folks 😀  


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9 thoughts on “GG Couples Throughout the Ages: Serena Edition (Part 2)

  1. Je t'adore says:

    lol, this post is hilarious. I don’t know who you forgot… maybe Jonathan? No, it’s not him cause she didn’t went out with him. 😦 I have no idea but it’s killing me.

    I think it was hard for you to write this AU post cause Serena has dated or hooked up with almost every male character on the show, age appropriate male. I don’t know if this is the reason I can’t take her relationships seriously but I really do. I don’t even take her seriously, Serena is a joke.

    But the AUs are hilarious and the way you wrote the post makes it even more hilarious. You crack me up and I can’t wait for the next character. Who will it be?

  2. Je t'adore says:

    The lifeguard? lol

    • Lol The lifeguard was mentioned 🙂 I dub Lifeguard/Serena: Serena’s Drowning. Not that clever but it’ll have to do. At least it was a step up from DeadSerena.

      You know I’m surprised I even remember that this certain someone. I was honestly gonna move on but i did mention I would include even those who were seen. Sadly this guy was seen.

  3. ronan03 says:

    cannot think of his name but the guy working with poppy to steal all their money. she has been with countless characters so who could keep track. you did very good work here and i hope that they do give us some character development instead of just yet another love interest for her. good post.

  4. Okay, I agree on what you say.
    I think that maybe in a weird weird world Bart/Serena as a sick story if he wasn’t dead could work.
    Have you looked on fanforum? I saw plenty of ffs about them O.o
    And Rufus/Serena too.
    And in this edition, I can’t see other men that could hook up with her for a fast love story.

  5. Nichole says:

    Aaron Rose?
    The Director of the school’s production of “Age of Innocence?”
    The guy from North Carolina or as Blair called him, “The North Caroliar?” Wait, no you said not him…hmm…who could it be? Did you mention Carter Baizen?

    Oh, I give up. LOL She has had too many men.

    • Yay! You got it! It was the The Director of the school’s production of “Age of Innocence”. For the likes of me I cannot remember his name, I would go back and check but the episode was pretty bad. 🙂 He was the only guy who had a date with her and not be charmed by her looks becasue he was gay.

      • Nichole says:

        LOL, I would go back also, but that episode had Blair bested by Miss Carr yet again and I didn’t like that. LOL

        Not only was he not charmed by her looks, but he was turned off by her lack of movie knowledge. It wasn’t until Vanessa started ‘projecting’ movie knowledge onto Serena that he agreed to help her with her lines.

        That episode was all over the place. LOL

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