Welcome to Australia Mr. Sexwick

“English actor Ed Westwick, best known as Gossip Girl creep Chuck Bass is arriving in Australia this Tuesday, June 29th, and there will be opportunities to touch his exceptionally well-heeled person if you can act composed enough to get past security before you start weeping hysterically and pawing at him like Chuck Bass might do an underage high school girl.

Ed is officially in town to spruik Virgin Mobile’s new Smart Cap plans – which will include an autograph session in the brand’s flagship store (Pitt Street, Sydney) on Thursday afternoon; however, if hysterical teens and middle-aged creeps aren’t your thing, it also happens to be Ed’s 23rd birthday today so he’ll probably be fitting in some partying as well, which will definitely create better opportunities for pashing chatting to him.

The best way to follow his movements while he is in Australia is the same way you would stalk any other normal person: facebook. According to Virgin, “Ed, a self-confessed social media and text-a-holic, will be glued to his smart phone (as always) while he’s here, posting pics, video and comments on Virgin Mobile’s Facebook page so fans can share his Australian experience.”

To follow go to the Virgin Members’ Lounge facebook page otherwise just go to Taronga Zoo and hang out near Mr Shuffles enclosure. That baby elephant is a celebrity magnet.

Chuck Bass / Ed Westwick is single last time we heard.”

Jet-lag suits him 😀



12 thoughts on “Welcome to Australia Mr. Sexwick

  1. ronan03 says:

    much better hat this time. hope he left the other one home! he is so cute. thank you for posting this.

  2. WaldassAddict says:

    he is cute and hot as always.I love him.
    yummy Ed…<3<3

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      Team YummyED lol
      A BIG Yay for His Hotness!
      Image and video hosting by TinyPic
      Seriously how can you hate a guy like him!? ❤
      I can't understand the haters really -.-

  3. he look so sleepy lol
    love him with the beard!

  4. 😀 Ed looks tired lol I love him either ways, and I’m excited for his new hat, yay!

    Because the last one sucked, I do hope this doesn’t become his thing though. I love Hat-less Ed. 😀

  5. Je t'adore says:

    How can he be so hot? Hot..but he still looks like he needs a shower. I’d be happy to give him a hand. Yea, I am that nice. lol 😀

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      BB!!! You’re such a selfish B**** Like seriously!?!
      Leave the dirty job to us please…..Remember that you’re not free anymore! DUH! u.u

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