Leighton being adorable on the set of “Monte Carlo”

We know darling, hes not Ed 😉

Leighton Meester and Luke Bracey share a passionate kiss on the set of their new film together, Monte Carlo, on Monday (June 28) in Monaco.

The duo were joined on set by co-stars Katie Cassidy and Selena Gomez.

Leighton and Luke have looked pretty flirty throughout the film shoot – now do you think they’re together?

Pics Source


So my answer is NO! -.-

God only because she’s friendly with him doesn’t mean that they’re together!

Isn’t she cute in that helmet?! And on the Vespa ❤ Love her!


7 thoughts on “Leighton being adorable on the set of “Monte Carlo”

  1. LOL @ Leigh on the Vespa!
    and the scene where she kisses him I agree with your pic on tumblr hahaha

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      “He’s not me, He doesn’t have my name, He’ll never have what I have It wont be the same” u.u
      Madge rulez lool

  2. Leighton’s gonna have helmet hair… booo lol.

    The Luke guy doesn’t look like much of looker, but Im probably saying that bc of Mr. Westwick lol Or heck even Mr. Stan

    • Jennifer says:

      Dang mo, when is she gonna get rid of that dress? I hate it already 😆

      BTW – Leighton suits Mr Stan much better than Mr Westwick. I just see Leighton and Ed having “onscreen” chemistry together, but off screen, its a different matter – also the issue of compatibility comes into question – Leighton’s a workaholic, whereas Ed seems more family-orientated. I actually don’t see Leighton and Ed happening if you get my drift.

      Also they seem more like “good friends” than anything else

  3. Je t'adore says:

    I still find that guy super creepy, still reminds me of Spencer Pratt. FAIL!

    Leighton has got to get rid of that dress, she wore it one too many times. Blair would not approve.
    Thanks for posting bb.

  4. Maedy says:

    leighton is not with luke. i read some girl comment who had met luke in hungaria. she said that luke already has a girlfriend. leigh is just being nice to everyone..

    and also i kind of still rooting for leigh and stan.

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