Long hot summer, no Gossip Girl Part 1 – Uninspired FF Writer Edition

Thanks to Je t’adore (be sure to check out her list as well: Je t’adore if you haven’t), now I have a real reason to browse through old GG fanfiction, instead of just for the heck of it. So I miss the older stuff from time to time. Plus, I got to decide which ones were my favorites or fics I thought you’d enjoy reading or re-reading if that’s the case.

I, along with many of you have read some really good GG fics and some decent fics. I try not to think of story being “bad”, just poorly edited aka un-beta’d. I mean with a little spit they’ll be good as new, so to speak.

And because I’m a total nerd, I might add some of my other fandom fics, then again I might not because I don’t want people to feel like I’m forcing a fandom down their throats. I know some might not share my opinions on what fics to read. Especially since the fandom is Glee and the relationship might involve a certain show tunes nerd and a certain lovable bad boy.

But this list is mostly consisting of completed Chair fics with a couple of exceptions. Honestly I wasn’t being too picking on the order of the fics for the most part, but if I did have to pick this would be the order I would place them in.

Chair FF: So how am I doing this you ask? I’ll just do them in numerical order because…   Idk why, but enjoy the reading selection.

1. My Saving Grace by believin’inluv

Summary:  Blair Waldorf: perfect, rich, and no longer living. The result of an accident, Blair finds herself not crossed over and devastated. That is, until she realizes that her destiny in the afterlife is bigger than she ever could have thought. CB; TV based. Spoilers: It takes place after the episode “The Blair Bitch Project,” in other words before the SATs and before Georgina comes back.

Amazed. I think even after all this time; I still believe this was one of the best GG fanfic out there. No offence to Isabelle or Catheryne or any other amazing GG writer, but seriously a remarkable writer and a wonderful story. I mean you can argue with me, but that just means you haven’t read it yet. It was emotion, but not tacky. It was the compelling story of love after death and still in-character (for the most part). It was one of those fics that left you breathless, in awe, and in tears (it was sad, people! And yes, I know it wasn’t ‘real’, but it was an incredible fic). If you haven’t read it then stop what you’re doing and read it right now (like stop reading this post and go read it. Please and thank you). Plus it’s only six chapters long, granted very long chapter but still only six chappies.

#2 Love and War by Isabelle 

Summary: Post 1.13. Chuck Bass left New York after he lost Blair and Nate in one day. Years later, a deep economic crisis has left the world broke and the only family in the UES with money left is the Bass family and its sole heir: Chuck Bass. Eleanor convinces Blair to marry Chuck for his money, but all the feelings Blair left buried a long time ago start to surface when she realizes he’s not the man she thought he was. CB. NV.

I think this story balance itself out. There was the futuristic vibe in the beginning and then moves towards periodic and throw in love/war in the mix and you’ve got yourself a hit fic. The thing with Isabelle’s fanfics is they don’t disappoint and always leave you wanting to read more. She’s good writer and this fic alone proves it. Enough said.

#3 My Love, My Enemy by Noirreigne

Summary: Forced into an arranged marriage by Queen Victoria, Duke Charles Bass was determined to make his new wife miserable. What he didn’t count on was falling in love with her. In a gamble for her heart he will do anything to woo and win her.

Yes, historical fics are uh-freakin’-mazing, especially if they have a CB twist. What I love most about this ficlet is the love and hate relationship that CB us to embellish in this stroy. It reminds of CB at their best and it does help that this story might have some smut.  Someone once told me, with historical romance novels, comes smut scenes. Hehe some of the best stories have a smut scene or two, but if you get easily offended then I suggest you skip it.  If you read an like this one please check out her other historical CB fics.  Ok she gets an extra brownie points for being awesome.

# 4 “My Gossip Girl Trilogy” series by amomentintime3 [Try Honesty, You Can’t Forget Your First, & Fumbling Towards Happily Ever After]

Try Honesty: Chuck struggles with the new emotions that his relationship with Blair unleash. He is at a crossroads between who he is and who he pretends to be. He lies to perserve his who he was, and that lie spirals totally out of control. By the end he will need all his friends, but do any of them still care enough to help?

You Can’t Forget Your First: Georgina returns to wreak havoc in the Van der Bass household. This story is three interwoven stories told from the point of view of the three Van der Bass children as they struggle through the return of Georgina. Eric – meets the guy of his dreams, but will he be able to keep his sexuality a secret with Georgina on the prowl? Serena – feels the pull of her old life. What will she chose: the outrageous and dangerous, or the predictable and comforting? Chuck – is adjusting to his new position as King but when Georgina returns is she harbouring more than just revenge for the former playboy?

Fumbling Towards Happily Ever After

Summary: The end of senior year is approaching. The future beckons but where will our favorite six spend it and, more importantly, who will they spend it with? Who will stay on the straight and narrow and who will meander off the paths they were destined to? It is a time of turbulence and tragedy where some will find love and others questions. Friendships will be tested, families pulled to pieces, lovers found and lost but in the end everyone will discover one simple truth. Some people were meant to enter our life for a moment and draw from us a lesson, others were meant to take root forever.

Spoiler: Must read both TH and YCFYF once you’ve reached the last story. I know it seems kind of redundant for me to say but the second one can almost stand on its own.

Oh dear, where I do I begin? With these series you have to know to three things…

1) It is angst on overdrive

2) Multiple-couples are included (Beware of certain couples, you have been warn)

3) It is a CB fics

There are reasons for the last one. I won’t spoil the ending because what kind of reader would I be I just told you what happened? Enjoy 🙂

#5 Turning Back The Hands Of Time by enunciiate

Summary: Blair knows about Elle. When Chuck tells Blair he loves her, she refuses him. What were the consequences of her harsh decision? The future she has carved for herself will be revealed soon enough. Can Blair turn back the hands of time? AU. Post 2×18.

Yes, it is the same girl who did the GG discussion on YT. If you haven’t check out her fics you really should. This story was another that had me tears. For one the story was just so down and then Chuck was so… Yeah, it’s that time again. It’s time for me to remind you dear reder that I can’t give out spoiler other than: READ IT. I suck, it’s the best I can do because I know once I get to talking there’s no stopping me than I’ll end up giving you a play by play of what happened.

There must be something I can say about this story without hand over spoilers. Oh you’ll love Georgie. Actually, I think everyone is pretty likable in this fic. Maybe not Vanessa, but she doesn’t count lol Darn it she does. Boo.

# 6 It’s Not Over by SimplyShelbySJL

Summary: Blair and Chuck have children, but she’s divorcing him. The trial only has one more day and it’s the night before. So what happens when her soon to be ex-husband shows up to take back what’s his, even with her new boyfriend/lawyer living with her?

At this point I could just chosen any story from Shelby because as Je t’adore mentioned she is really an amazing writer. I love her stories, plus she has very distinct point of view. This story stuck on me because when all is said and done family stay with you and they are the only people who matter (for the most part). At least that’s what I got from it. Fanfic that make me all philosophical are ok in my book.

#7 Chasing Butterflies by Lady Knight 1512

Summary: After 19yrs of marriage, Chuck and Blair are bitter and angry. So for their 20th wedding anniversary their daughter, Mia, sets out to get them the perfect gift: each other.

If I’m being honest here people this is more about Chuck and Blair’s daughter and her quest to find her parents happiness. It reminds me a little of the Butterfly Effect by Isabelle (without the time travel and dead Chuck). This is really about what Mia learns and how she grows from this experience. Plus the fact that she has a Jack on her side doesn’t hurt either. Jack or Jackson is a Humphrey, but he’s a COOL Humphrey. A Humphrey you can root for. There’s the prequel: Seeing Blair Waldorf  and  sequel to this call the Flying Sparks, check it out.

#8 Between the Shadow and the Soul by Courtney Belle

Summary: Chuck and Blair. Together, they ruled the Upper East Side. Bass and Waldorf. One lives in exile, the other mourns the life they used to have. What changed? Elle Waldorf wants to know. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

So this story is pertaining to a Miss Eleanor ‘Elle’ Waldorf and the search for her missing father, Chuck and the things that get in her way. I just have to make one quick note about her name: The author wrote the story before the “Eyes Wide” whatever storyline on GG. I have to admit; in the beginning I really didn’t like her character but you kind of want to root for because she’s the link to CB, or is she? Hehe, if you haven’t read it then consider it.

#9 If Only by TheMusicLives

Summary: How would things have been different if Blair had spent the night in Chuck’s suite instead of going home after their infamous limo ride? Season 1 slightly rewritten from “Seventeen Candles.” CB, TV Universe.

Sometimes, I want FF writers to be actual writers for the actual TV show because they would do a heck of a better job than these current writers. I honestly love this stories direction, it makes for great CB loving and CB angst. They balance each out perfectly well. Ok, people this is where I have to brutally honest. This is the only story that I have stuck by for the last two years and I really want her to finish this fic but I doubt that will actually happened. Amazing story though for what it’s worth.

#10 Pride and the Upper East Side by ender.wiggin0.0

Summary: Loosely based on Pride and Prejudice. Blair and Serena Bennet are modest, hardworking girls. Mother Eleanor schemes to marry them off to rich, elite men of the Upper East Side. Chuck Darcy and Nate Bingly appear, can they swoop these girls off their feet.

All I have to say is Pride and Prejudice with a Gossip Girl Mix is an incredible idea. Everyone is in-character and it does follow closely to the actual story. An amazing interpretation of P&P. I mean what more can I say?

I don’t want to keep saying ‘amazing’ or ‘awesome’ to describe a fic because by this point I have overused and apparently my vocabulary only goes so far.  And I’m also pretty sure by this point that I haven’t done these stories justice and the respected writers. But read them if they sound interesting to you.

This is still not finish? Geez, I realized that you might be annoyed by my long tangent rant about fanfiction, but I promise I’m almost done. I swear.

Next Up: Book. Ok I had to slipt each cateorgy for a couple of reasons. The book one was far too long (with reasons, that and I had alot to say. Eh when don’t I?), but I’ll get update today or tomorrow at the very least.

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14 thoughts on “Long hot summer, no Gossip Girl Part 1 – Uninspired FF Writer Edition

  1. BlairanoidFreak; says:

    Duh but damn i read all of them! That’s not fair XD lmao
    I know i’m a loser! I’m a FanFictionBitch baby!
    What can i do? I love FFs!
    But thank you for this BIG&FANTASTIC POST! ❤ Love it!
    FanFictionsPOWER XD

  2. kjewls says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to sort through, rank, rate, and summarize all of these C&B fan fictions! They sound truly amazing. Would you believe that I have never read a Gossip Girl fan fiction before? (Hangs head in shame.)

    Between your list and Jet’adore’s, I may never leave my computer all summer, with all the reading I have to do! 🙂

    Of course, I will be searching for your fan fictions as well, M. I am sure they are awesome! I can’t wait! Thanks again!

    • it’s np, FF is in my blood (or at least it’s second nature to me now) lol Been reading them for too long. And it’s nice to know I got someone to read them especially because some of these writer are amazing and honestly deserve the amout of reviews they receive. 😀 Yeah I know the feeling of never leaving my computer but i have to come up for air sometimes.

      On my fanfic, Beware of the the before GG fics (Twilight and OTH). Please don’t read them or even acknowledge them. That’s all I ask lol

  3. Laís says:

    in the past I didn’t like FF only b/c they weren’t
    the real story… I don’t know, it seemed to me
    a waist of time to read them. But… I started to
    read one of C&B just by curiosity b/c the sinop. was
    interesting, talked about blair being pregnant o.o
    And I started and just couldn’t stop! It was so well written, and the story was really good, like C’s and B’s characters really would act in the show.
    so I started to like and admire the writers of FF!
    Thanks for this post, I’ll certainly read at
    least one of the FF’s! Here’s not summer, so there’s
    no vacations :/

  4. maedy says:

    the number one seems so good.. tonight i’m gonna read it. thanks for the recommendation. i can find something to do with my spare time.

    i only have ever read 2 and 3.. so.. i’m gonna buried my self in FF tonight!

  5. Je t'adore says:

    I haven’t read some of them so thank you for recommending them. I’ll read them and let you know. Hope I’ll have time for all of them.

  6. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Thanks I’m going to read all of them, I check the trilogy but the link of the first two doesn’t work for me. Does it work for u?

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