Leighton Cosmopolitan Cover and FHM’s Sexiest List

Leighton is #10 in FHM’s Sexiest Women List.


It’s not that bad but in what universe is Blake sexier than her (Blake is #5)? Don’t even get me started on Lea. I’m sorry but people need to realize Lea is talented but not sexy. Don’t mean to offend anyone.


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10 thoughts on “Leighton Cosmopolitan Cover and FHM’s Sexiest List

  1. Jackie says:

    I can’t really see the pictures for Cosmo (I’m on my phone) but if its the Australian edition I have a bit of info.
    You could go and vote for who you wanted on the cover and it was between Lady Gaga, Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr.
    So (if it is Australian) looks like our girl won.

    • Je t'adore says:

      I think this is the one because I know people had to vote for the cover girl. I don’t know who the others were. Thank you for the info. I’m so happy Leighton won, good for her.

  2. Jackie says:

    I’m happy for her too. Let’s face it, she was up against Gaga, not many people would win against her. Especially when Gaga was touring Australia when the poll came out.

  3. Remember they put Kfugly at #3 if I remember…
    Obviously most of the people that voted were teens.

  4. michi says:

    i think lea is not sexy for me. leighton is far more sexier and prettier.
    and that kstew..
    that bitch. she doesn’t deserve to be there. she never shower for god’s sake.
    blake.. she is bland and borind. yep she has great
    body. but that’s all.
    who is the best kisser in GG?
    me of course !

    oh leighton. what a great confidence. i like it.

  5. C. says:

    I think that Lea is really talented,but that is she’s not sexy or beautiful. Leighton is hot,but i agree that Blake is sexier 🙂
    Anyway i love her interview

  6. Since my phone has decided to be a total douche AND not let me log in. ill just comment like this. boo… Anyways here’s My two cents: both Lea and Leighton are beautiful. I couldnt choose even if i wanted to. Yes, i do believe that lea is beautiful, i feel like a minority lol . k stew is disturbing to even talk about and blake is pretty bland. Im not a fan of gaga So im not gonna talk about her. rachel bilson dont really care for her and hobojess is scary. thats just a really quick look on how i see things.

    My phone hates me, as it turns out. Boo lotus elite!

    • Je t'adore says:

      lol bb, your phone sucks. Kfug, is, well, fug and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks this. It’s annoying that this lists care more who’s the most famous, rather than who’s sexier.

  7. Maedy says:

    who is the best kisser in GG?
    me of course.
    Gawd i love her and i love her confidence.

    and about that list. yep it’s not sexier contest. it’s the list of who is more famous.
    kstewart doesn’t do me good. please cut that bitch off from the list.
    she said fame is raping her. well then GTFO kristen. many others would replace you for being bella.
    ungrateful bitch.

    and for GAGA. i don’t dig her beautiness, so i don’t comment. but she is very famous for sure.
    and for lea. i don’t dig her face also.. her face structure is kind of bit weird for me.

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