Ed outside his Soho Hotel in London… With company

Stalker. He’s adorable.


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16 thoughts on “Ed outside his Soho Hotel in London… With company

  1. I love Ed, I do. I don’t even know where to begin. First that hat. Like it’s got to go. I’m telling you he’d shower with that hat if he could. And then hoboEd back on? You know what if he’s back with her or if he’s still friends with her, honestly, idc anymore.

  2. WaldassAddict says:

    what on earth does that cheater doing there?she will keep stalking him.bitch.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Well, dumb do as dumb does.

  4. A says:

    They are not back together according to a friend of his that posts on the boards, she said they got picked up in the same van to go do interviews, but that they didnt even hang out at night.

    I hate thinking badly of people, but I think she likes getting her picture taken with him so people still think they are together so she isnt labeled a cheater. She looks directly into the camea all the dang time, and he looks like he could care less. LOL

  5. danielle says:

    he looks adorable (minus the hat). can we photoshop that creeper out of the picture ? 🙂

  6. Jackie says:

    Seriously in the picture she (yes I’m talking about the Hobo) looks uncomfortable. It looks like she’s some between “Yes that’s it take my picture next to him” and “this is going to be a looong trip, awkward”. Meanwhile his there legs crossed away from her (bit of body language reading) and on his phone, like he really doesn’t care.

    • Je t'adore says:

      omg, yes, you’re right. He crossed his legs and looks like he’s about to climb the door, just so that he doesn’t touch her.

      Serves her right, cheater. And now stalker.

      And I see she still doesn’t like water, or soap, or hair brushes.

    • A says:

      Yeah the body language from him is pretty standoffish, and he probably was thinking “why did you sit next to me?”

  7. jenny says:

    gosh i dun even know what to think when i saw that picture of ed with her. a picture worth a thousands words so i’m gonna stop interpreting what the picture represent to save my own heartache seeing those two together. i hope it’s true that they were being picked up by the same transportation to do interviews (boy, must be awkward huh, the exes). and thats about it. at this stage, i dun really care whether they are together or not. all i care is ED and of course, leighton haha

  8. Leah says:

    I hope they are not back together. Obviously I think Ed is super hot and I also think Jessica is pretty (I know, I am in the minority). But what bugs me about them is that they just don’t look like they “go together” if that makes sense.

    He “goes with” Leighton. 🙂

  9. vince says:

    he looks really good in that hat.

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